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Ward lets loose on NFL and concussions

Posted on: February 1, 2011 3:55 pm
Edited on: February 1, 2011 6:30 pm
H. Ward had plenty of interesting things to say in the latest issue of GQ. Posted by Josh Katzowitz

ARLINGTON, Texas – I spoke with players on both teams at Media Day today about concussions and about the effect they have on their personal lives. I probably interviewed five or six guys about the issue, and most of them went fine.

But I kind of wish I would have spoken to Steelers WR Hines Ward instead.

In the latest issue of GQ magazine, Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver talked to a number of players about the concussion issue and the new NFL rules that go along with it.

Some interesting comments from the likes of Buccaneers CB Ronde Barber, Ravens C Matt Birk and Browns LB Scott Fujita.

But Ward? Man, Ward was in a class of his own with these comments (FYI, the video he’s talking about is the tutorial the NFL sent out in the middle of the season to showcase what IS and what is NOT a legal hit. Seems like everybody who saw it was a little more confused afterward than they were before).

“Man, nobody paid attention to that video,” Ward told Silver. “We don't know what they want. They're so hypocritical sometimes. They came out with these new helmets that are supposed to stop concussions. If they care so much about our safety, why don't they mandate that we wear the new ones? If they're so worried about what concussions will do to us after our careers, then guarantee our insurance for life. And if you're going to fine me for a hit, let the money go to veteran guys to help with their medical issues. To say the league really cares? They don't give a f--- about concussions. And now they want to add on two extra games? Are you kidding? Come on, let's be real.

“Now that these new guidelines are in place, you'll see more and more guys lying to doctors to stay on the field. Contracts aren't guaranteed. If a guy's contract is coming up and he gets his bell rung – and if he has a concussion, he'll have to leave the game and maybe miss another one – trust me, he ain't tellin' nobody. Look at [49ers running back] Brian Westbrook. He was an elite player who had concussion issues, and he struggled to find work after the Eagles cut him. Guys saw that. I'm telling you, if you're a guy on the bubble or playing for your next contract, you're going out there and jeopardizing your life to get that payday.”

You might think Ward is crazy, but I’m telling you the guys to whom I spoke today would certainly agree.

Hines Ward discusses Ben Roethlisberger's status in the clubhouse.

And I’ll also let you read Fujita’s anger as well.

“Everybody doubts the league’s sincerity,” he said. “Quit pretending to be the flag-bearers for our health care and safety when you're telling us in the next sentence that we need to go to 18 games. That doesn't cut it. Obviously you don't give a s--- about our health and safety. Remember that photo of [Steelers linebacker James] Harrison making a hit on [Browns receiver Mohamed] Massaquoi? They fined him $75,000 for that – and at the same time, they were selling it on for $24.99. They kept it there until someone shamed them into taking it down. I was so pissed off by the hypocrisy of it all.”

Wow, great stuff in the article. Make sure to read it.

More Super Bowl coverage.

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Ward lets loose on NFL and concussions

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 11:43 am

no insure post march...

..see...our point about the league made....

WR on concerns about the expiring CBA: “A lot of people don’t understand, come March 4, we don’t have insurance. If you get a major injury in this game, you’ve got to have surgery. They’re not even going to pay for the rehab.”

...ment "not maxing out" in prev post....

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 11:39 am

Ward lets loose on NFL and concussions

Did you ever play sports??  If you did..I assume not well.
What did your parents or coaches teach you?  You should have been taught to lay it on the line...100%+ at all times, every time, every play or shot or move (depending on the sport), every game and practice to the best of your ability.   No letup, no loafing..0 laziness.
You do this with a humble, selfless is about your team or the acheivement, never about you. 

THAT is is what sports is TRYING to teach you.   Ppl that follow this prescription are not only winners in sports but winners in life.
you did not get the lesson.

Slackers need not apply.  Think this is not achievable?  I don't, half the guys on the Steelers don't, hall of famers don't.  I have a daughter that rose from not being able to swim two laps 3 years ago to, as a 12 year old, being a nationally ranked swimmer who already could swim at a D II school and post seasons best top 40 league times.
She does not know the meaning of loafing, taking a practice off or maxing out every event.....and she does not grind on it or think anything of just is.     &n
bsp;     This is a TAUGHT mindset.    Most just never "get" it.

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 11:24 am

Players are right...NFL cares about image...not

the actual protection of players.  They are also concerned they will be sued by hundreds of former players.  THAT is what is really behind this.
In my opinion it is dispicable.

I am TOTALLY on the players side in the coming lockout and ALL fans should be also.  I had assumed these guys got post career medical benefits..they should (tied in to what they get in a future job or social security).

You know..all this crap is about protecting the image and product of the NFL....well you know what...if Goodell and all these numbnuts at the NFL offices were upstanding people...they would not HAVE to protect an image.  An image just not need to be promoted or just is.  It comes from the being of the people involved.   Perfect example  ...Steelers ownership and organization..they are what they are, which needs no just is.   The NFL needs to take a lesson.

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 10:27 am

Ward lets loose on NFL and concussions

I agree with mjb19642000 - Nothing prevents players from wearing the new helmets if they want to.  Nothing prevents players from taking some of their millions and buying disability/health insurance to protect their future.  And, frankly, nothing prevents the players from lying to team doctors if they are worried about losing their job.  All the power is with the players to make decisions that are best for them.  Hines complains that the owners should be doing all this for the players, yet at the same time he criticizes owners for the video they released to try to reduce concussions.  Maybe he should take personal responsibility on the field to try not to give another player a concussion as well.

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 10:02 am

Ward lets loose on NFL and concussions

I disagree that Ward and Fujita made a lot of sense. They are the poster children for those who will not take personal responsibility. Millionaires that fail to plan for their future so they can squander their money on cars fathering children out of wedlock and alcohol and drugs (PED's and illegal). Ward, crying because the NFL won't mandate use of the concussion helmet. So Hines, are you saying that you won't protect yourself unless someone makes you do it? Are you that stupid? Maybe that's why Cromartie won't wear condums, resulting in nine children with 8 different women. I personally don't feel sorry for you spoiled, selfish professional atheletes...I pity your inability to realize that you have had the world given to you on a silver platter and fail to take advantage of the doors that have been opened for you because you cannot do the common sense things that the rest of us have to do...plan for our futures and take care of ourselves without someone else doing the mundane things for us. The only message I have for Fujita and Ward is GROW UP and act like men instead of spoiled children.

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 9:53 am

Ward lets loose on NFL and concussions

He is right about the hipocrisy of the league, but I agree that with the money they make they can pay for their own insurance. But, these are big name players that we are talking to that have made millions. What about the guys like Austin Collie who are making a few hundred thousand a year, and may have residual effects the rest of their lives after 1-2 years of playing. That is who should get the benefits. A fund should be set aside for players like that, not a limitless insurance policy for all.

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 9:47 am


These guys are their own problem. He even says it himself: " if you're a guy on the bubble or playing for your next contract, you're going out there and jeopardizing your life to get that payday.” So now its the leagues fault that your so dang greedy you risk your own life to play? Idiots ! On a side note - These labor discussions are between greedy millionaires and greedy mega-millionaires, the average joe could care less. Get it settled so the rest of us can watch football.

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Posted on: February 2, 2011 9:36 am

Ward lets loose on NFL and concussions

He is complaining that they don't mandate him wearing a certain helmet?  Come on man.  They made the thing available to you to protect you and you are more than welcome to wear it.  Either take care of yourself or don't complain.

Worried about insurance?   Set aside some cash and pony up for your own insurance like the rest of us.

They know football is dangerous when they start playing.  That's why they get outrageous money in the first place.  Now he wants big money and gauranteed insurance.....

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