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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox

Posted on: February 3, 2011 9:28 pm
Edited on: February 4, 2011 9:27 am
Posted by Will Brinson

DALLAS -- Tim Tebow's been fairly low-key throughout the end of the 2010 season. He dazzled Denver fans with strong performances against Houston and San Diego (513 passing yards, 121 rushing yards and five total touchdowns), but he hasn't been seen or heard from in the media too frequently since.

Perhaps that's because the Broncos organization has been busy either tweeting or hiring John Fox as their new head coach.

On Thursday night, Tebow did speak with a slew of Dallas-area high school athletes at Nike Victory Dallas. (He, Ndamukong Suh, Marshall Faulk and Joe Haden were answering questions from the athletes in attendance and discussing the Monday release to the public of Nike's Zoom Alpha Talon cleats.)

I caught up with him following the event to quickly inquire about the coaching change in Denver and how much he felt it would affect him.

Tebow, always the optimist, seemed especially enthralled about the possibility of working with Fox in Denver.

"I like [Fox's hiring]," Tebow told "We had a really good relationship leading all the way through the combine and leading up to the Draft.

We had dinner a few times together and and I really enjoyed being able to get to know him. It's really cool how things can sometimes work out, you know? Who knew after I got drafted by Denver that he would be my head coach?"

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Fox certainly didn't know either, even if his fate in Carolina was sealed before Week 1 began. His challenge now becomes maintaining a system that will allow the Broncos' first-rounder to continue to develop as an NFL quarterback. Tebow believes the transition will be fairly seamless, and that Fox's retention of several Denver coaches from the Josh McDaniels era will lend an aura of familiarity to the 2011 rendition.

"It's exciting for me, because we're going to have a very similar offense," Tebow told "Some things will change, but a lot of it will be the same because we're going to have the same offensive coordinator. There's a different quarterbacks coach but he was the wide receivers coach so I know him already.

"That's going to make it easier as far as the transition, because I don't have to learn a whole new offense," Tebow said. "Pretty much the core of it's going to be the same so that's going to be really nice."

Again, that's the Tebow the optimist talking. But maybe it makes sense to expect a smooth transition. After all, while people have pointed to the possibility of Kyle Orton starting next season, Tebow talents might actually make more sense in the type of system that Fox feels more comfortable running.

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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox

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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox

Perfect blog. Various vital computer data proper. I was shifting the item to many pals!

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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox

I am happy for you and your never ending love of' GATOR JESUS' ,I will never like him ,he is the enemy of hognation and forever will be loathed in my heart as will his ex-coach .I bleed cardinal red!

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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox

First of all, Mel Kiper, Jr. & Todd McShay are both idiots in their assessments of college QB's going to the Pro's.  Of the two, Todd McShay is much better and much less arrogant.  As far as Tebow goes, I personally love him and the way he plays football.  I am prejudiced as I have always been a Gator fan, but I do not understand why some people hate him.  I hate Ohio State and Notre Dame, but if Tebow had been on one of those two teams, I would have still had to have liked him just for the way he plays and competes.  He was not only good, he made his teammates (on both sides of the ball) better.
Now, I think Denver's Fox and Elway will make the right decision as to who starts at QB.  Of course, I am rooting for Tebow as Denver has become my 2nd favorite team after the Tampa Bay Bucs.  I do hope he starts, has sucess and shuts up all of those naysayers.
One cannot coach "heart" and no one has a bigger heart than Tebow.  Plus, he is one heck of a nice guy.

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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox

The news media needs to get there heads straight.  All during his college years he was tauted as the superstar because Florida won.  Then comes the draft and all of a sudden he can't play the position.  Same with Montana and Flutie and they both proved you wrong.  Let the kid go, he produced last year, he is going to be Denver's starting QB period.  He is one of the few NFL palyers who actually puts the team before himself and will do ANYTHING to help the TEAM win, so shut up and let him.

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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox


Too much Texas on the brain, fixed.


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Tebow discusses his transition to Fox

I must have missed the Texas game. Guess that made new Gator coach Muschamp look pretty bad, to be shredded by Tebow like that?

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