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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

Posted on: February 15, 2011 10:21 am
Edited on: February 24, 2011 4:45 pm
Posted by Will Brinson's NFL columnist Pete Prisco already broke down who's expected to get the franchise tag from each team in the NFL. We're here to make sure you know exactly who DID get tagged, with our Franchise Tag Tracker. Tag salary numbers are the average of the top-five at each position for the franchise tag -- or 120 percent of last year's salary, whichever is greater -- and top-10 at each position for the transition tag. 

Team Franchise Tag Tag Salary Analysis

Logan Mankins, LG $10.73 million Mankins probably isn't thrilled by the designation -- he held out much of 2010 in a contract dispute. But at least now he'll be making "market value." For the Pats, they get to keep one of the best guards in the league, and are at least placating his camp with the possibility of a long-term deal.

Michael Vick, QB $17.10 million Getting Vick locked onto 2011's roster was priority numero uno in Philly. The tag, though expensive, gives the Eagles options on their long-term plans with No. 7 and Kevin Kolb, at least for the moment.

David Harris, LB $10.19 million Defense is kind of a big deal for the Jets, and since Harris was their leading tackler and made just $550K last year, getting him paid is crucial. But the Jets won't do a long-term deal without a new CBA so this will suffice for the moment.

Vincent Jackson, WR
$11.93 million

Here's another guy who's probably just thrilled to be franchised. Given what he made in 2010 combined with a hefty tag, V-Jax is a steal for the Bolts. He won't necessarily be thrilled without long-term security but at least he's getting paid like he wants to for a season.

Haloti Ngata, DT $12.38 million The Ravens want to get Ngata locked down, but they have some interesting history of double-franchising players before they do that. Ngata's price -- heavily inflated by big DT deals last year -- might not make that as feasible though.

Peyton Manning, QB $23.12 million Same as it ever was: the Colts tagged Manning in 2004 to make sure they could extend long-term contract negotiations and that's what's going on here. Price tag might as well be "infinity."

Kamerion Wimbley, LB $10.19 million Oakland originally appeared to be franchising TE Zach Miller, but when the final year of Wimbley's deal voided, they bailed and ended up giving the linebacker a $6 million raise from what his buy-back clause should have been.

Tamba Hali, LB $10.19 million
Hali's breakout season meant he was a top priority for KC, but the general feeling is that this is a "true" franchise-tagging in that both sides want to make a long-term deal happen ASAP.

LaMarr Woodley, LB
$10.19 million

Woodley finished the final year of his rookie contract in strong fashion, recording 50 tackles, 10 sacks and two picks. The Steelers seem likely to lock him down for a while, but this was certainly expected.

Chad Greenway, LB $10.19 million Minnesota tagging Greenway is particularly interesting because it means Sidney Rice isn't guaranteed to stay on the roster. That's not to say Greenway's a bad choice, just that the courtship of Rice by other teams should be fun to watch.

Ryan Kalil, C $10.51 million The Panthers not tagging DeAngelo Williams will surprise some, but Khalil probably presents the most irreplaceable value for Carolina if he hits free agency. Jonathan Stewart's on the roster and the Panthers think they can reach a deal with DE Charles Johnson. Khalil would have drummed up a ton of interest on the market.

Phil Dawson, K $3.26 million There will be jokes and jokes and jokes made about franchising a kicker, especially in Cleveland. But it's not as bad as it seems -- they just don't have anyone good in a contract year.

Marcedes Lewis, TE
$7.26 million

Lewis and the Jaguars are reportedly both interested in a long-term deal, so there's a good chance we're talking about a new price for the tight end by the time the CBA ends March 4. Either way, he's in Jacksonville next year.

Paul Soliai, DT
$12.38 million


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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

I was wrong 2 years later there back in the toilet with no sign of improvement. Being a Raiders fan definetly hurts.

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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

Because his name is Peyton Manning and he is the greatest NFL player EVER.

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Posted on: February 17, 2011 4:00 pm

Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

I see now, so Vicks is obviously the average because I know he didn't make 14 million last season.  That means Manning made roughly 19 million last season right because his 23 million dollar tag is 120% of last years salary.

Since: Nov 24, 2010
Posted on: February 17, 2011 12:05 pm

Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

Very good move by Oakland resigning Seymour to a 2 year deal to Franchice tag Zach Miller. Miller could be a star if Campbell can get the ball to him more. Also resigning Wimbley is big now gotta concentrate on resigning Asomugha, and Bush this team finally might be going in the right direction after 8 years of being toiletbowl dwellers.

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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

Thanks! ;)

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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

So what your saying is....the steelers won't be using their transition tag.

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Franchise Tag Tracker: Who's your team holding?

the reason vicks is lower is because its the average of the top 5 or a percentage more than last years contract which ever is the greater amount that is why mannings is higher.

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