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NFL: Report on scheduled CBA talks 'pure fiction'

Posted on: February 15, 2011 11:25 am
Posted by Will Brinson

On Sunday, a report leaked out that the NFL and NFLPA had scheduled another set of bargaining sessions for this week after the disastrous first set of negotiations fell apart last week.

While the two sides could certainly still sit down this week, hearing NFL spokesman Greg Aiello's dismissal of the report doesn't lend much hope to that possibility.

Originally, Chris Mortensen of ESPN broke the story about the negotiations gearing back up this week. Mortensen followed up Tuesday by reporting that the NFL has "not re-confirmed" the negotiating sessions.

Aiello responded by tweeting, "Mort: This is complete fiction. Someone is making it up."

Considering that Aiello will typically "no comment" anything that seems to have much substance (i.e. he won't deny something that has a strong likelihood of actually happening), this shouldn't provide much hope that the two sides are getting together this week.

Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal added some fuel to that fire Tuesday as well, citing sources who say the two sides "planned to meet at least two days every week" but "scratched" those plans when the negotiations blew up last week.

So, yeah, the negative vibes everyone's been getting from the recent CBA discussions appear to be completely and 100 percent warranted. Unless Aiello's pulling a fast one and publicly declaring the complete opposite of what's true (he's a spin guy, not a liar), then it seems pretty unlikely we'll see some positive movement from the CBA talks any time soon.

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NFL: Report on scheduled CBA talks 'pure fiction'

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NFL: Report on scheduled CBA talks 'pure fiction'

   Look at it this way, if you are an owner you are a billionaire...If you are a player you are only a millionaire---I know that sounds silly....I think the owners can and will last longer...If they don't, they will give the players way too much power and control of the teams itself, which will make them more difficult to coach and control...
   Usually an NFL team is just one of many investments by the owners...Besides, if football isn't played by the stars, the owners will still get paid by the NFL...Remember, there's only 8 home games anyway, so that's only some of the revenue they get...The tv markets ect. is where the real money is, and people will still tune in on Sunday....

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NFL: Report on scheduled CBA talks 'pure fiction'

In my opinion "they" need to take less money, and a lot less of it. When I say "they", I mean both the players AND the owners. With the super high salaries and the new stadiums, it has gotten to a point where the average family can not afford to even go to a game anymore to cheer for their team. In 1991 I remember a friend and I having season tickets for the Colts and the cost was only about $240 each for the entire season. We were about the third row up (upper deck) on the 30 yard line in the dome. Now a person would be lucky if that price would get them into two games total. Start adding on $5-6 drinks, $5 snacks, $25 parking, turn everything into a family of four and no one can go. All of these people are making millions and millions of dollars on both sides, too bad we can't get some honest to goodness fans of the game at the bargaining table... Now with everyone wanting more money, everyone better prepare for all prices to increase again.

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Posted on: February 16, 2011 9:56 am

Hold Out!

the players need to hold out for a year or more to show the owners who is boss!  The league can't operate without the top players.  after a few weeks during the season the owners will come back begging and give the players all the money and extra benefits they want---they need the money.

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