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Could Willis McGahee be done in Baltimore

Posted on: February 21, 2011 6:29 pm
Posted by Andy BenoitW. McGahee

Willis McGahee’s days in Baltimore could be numbered. The team will make a decision about what to do with the running back after the Combine, but Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times says McGahee must slash his salary in order to stick around.

McGahee is due $6 million in 2011, which is too much for a No. 2 running back. McGahee might only be worth the veteran minimum given that the Ravens could easily fill his role with fullback Le’Ron McClain. McClain is bigger, stronger and, surprisingly, more agile than McGahee. He plays lighter on his feet and changes direction with better fluidity and quickness.

If McClain, who rushed for over 900 yards in 2008, did fill McGahee’s role, the Ravens would only have to find a No. 3 running back or No. 2 fullback, either of which could be filled on the cheap.

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Could Willis McGahee be done in Baltimore

McGahee was on the trade block last year and no one bit. He counts as a 6 million dollar hit to the cap this year, way more than a backup running back is worth. The best thing they can do is just part ways with him. They always have the ability of bringing him back with a different deal. He is probably worth only about 2-3 million per year.

I believe that the Ravens need to put alot more effort into McClain. He is the bruiser back you need in the 4th quarter and also could fill in as the goal line guy.

Although 6 million is not a large sum it could help fill some gaps in key positions we are lacking such as WR and DB.

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Could Willis McGahee be done in Baltimore

McGahee is under contract for 3 more years.  Rice earned the Baltimore RB starting job in the early-mid 2009 season, and he won't lose it any time soon.  I believe Willis could still be a starter on almost half of all other NFL teams...  He came out of college with so much hype, but never produced for Buffalo as much as expected.  When he badmouthed Buffalo, they decided to shop him around (At the time they had rookie Marshawn Lynch, another RB with so much hype).  Buffalo was smart and dumped McGahee when they had the chance.  Baltimore is stacked with offensive talent.  If they're smart they'll do the same thing and trade (ahem, dump) him elsewhere for something in return.  Maybe not immediately, but if they have salary cap room, hang on to him for now; when some other team reaches out (or their starter goes down), he'll be prime trade bait.

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Could Willis McGahee be done in Baltimore

I would rather see McClain in that role then McGahee.  McGahee had happy feet last year - reminded me of Jamal Lewiis's final season here - too much sideways dancing and not enough running.   Then the Ravens can pickup a FB either in draft or sign one in free agency - whenever that happens. 

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Could Willis McGahee be done in Baltimore

6 Million is way too much to pay for a backup running back. The Ravens will either do 1 of 2 things. Cut their losses and send McGahee packing giving them money to re-sign McClain who I believe has  alittle more upside than McGahee or resign McGahee to a much smaller 2-3 million dollar deal and let McClain walk.

The Ravens have used McGahee as a goal line back....a place he doesn't belong. McGahee has not grasped that title very well in my opinion as he still believes he needs to try and get 3-4 yards per carry when he only needs 1 yard to score. In goal line situations the Ravens need a power runner, one like McClain who can bull his way over people and into the end zone.

I personally would let McGahee go and pick up someone in round 3-4 of the draft. hope to find that diamond in the rough of the likes of Danny Woodhead, or even Starks or Kuhn from Green Bay. Unfortunately the Ravens have some more pressing needs that need priority in the draft. We need wide Receiver and Defensive Back help first and formost.

Currently it is projected that the Ravens will take Torrey Smith at #26 in the 1st round by some experts and some having us take Cornerback Jimmy Smith by others. I would love to see the Ravens pick up Prince Amukamara but it appears that Dallas has their sights set on him at #5. I have faith in Qzzie in his draft prep and feel that he will again receive high grades in this years draft.....if we have football. 

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