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Report: NFL owners could survive 2-year lockout

Posted on: February 28, 2011 6:07 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

There's always reason for cautious optimism surrounding an NFL work stoppage because, at some point, one of the sides is going to need some and eventually cave.

A report from CNN Money, which cites a Standard and Poor's rating agency note, pushes that point, at least for the owners, a little further out than folks would like to hear. Just how far? Two years far.

The S&P claims to have "confidential debt ratings on various stadium bonds" and "tracks teams' finances," and the primary logic behind the 2-year timeline is that the NFL owners will continue to collect revenue from television contracts.

That revenue will need to be paid back (plus interest!) if games are missed, but saving up for that payback doesn't necessarily preclude the owners from sitting tight on the cash they're bringing in and/or investing it.

Remember too that the NFL's said teams will reimburse season ticket holders for the cost of games not played. This is pretty nice of them, but it's also a pretty smart method of generating income that can be invested and/or create interest that results in, basically, free money to offset the losses needed to pay back fans and networks for games lost. (Yes, this assumes a wise investment of said money.)

Additionally, the S&P factored in a potential $900 million fund that the owners can tap into to assist clubs in surviving a prolonged lockout in the event football isn't being played.

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Report: NFL owners could survive 2-year lockout

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Report: NFL owners could survive 2-year lockout

ba bahawkus,

You are exactly right. The fact that there's even talk about these owners surviving a 2 year lockout shows how full of crap they really are.

And to date, they have shown no real willingness to negotiate. These meetings are for the birds as the owners haven't conceeded anything. The whole idea of negotiating is that both sides be willing to yield something. I have seen nothing to indicate the owners are interested in anything but a lockout.

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 7:38 pm

Report: NFL owners could survive 2-year lockout

If these sleazeball, c-cks-cking billionaires can survive 2 years without generating positive revenue, doesn't that strike directly at the reason they are claiming not to be able to live with the current financial arrangement.  Wow, what pigs...

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Posted on: February 28, 2011 6:19 pm

Report: NFL owners could survive 2-year lockout

This could be 1994 in Major League Baseball all over again, but it could be worse.  The National Labor Relations Board will have no say in this if the NFLPA decertifies, which is almost a certainty.  There may be only one entity that could decide what happens to the NFL.  That is the United States Supreme Court.

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