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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

Posted on: March 1, 2011 11:55 am
Posted by Will Brinson

In a year where there's a large group of teams who are quarterback-needy, a dearth of elite quarterbacks in the draft class -- see the full list here -- and no player trades allowed during and around the NFL draft, quality and experienced signal callers are at a premium.

The best example of this is Kevin Kolb, who's value has gone absolutely through the roof. Matt Flynn -- the backup for the Packers -- is another guy who's seen a spike in potential trade value.

But Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy says Flynn's not gonna get traded, because he's worth more than the pick the Packers would get in return.

"That's exactly right," McCarthy said, per Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "I'm not letting him go. I think the value of that No. 2 quarterback position went way up."

One of the reasons McCarthy cited? Concussions.

"Man, they're talking about new procedures for concussions and things like that," McCarthy said. "You better have two quarterbacks if you want to win a championship."

Now, he wasn't referring to the handheld concussion tests we discussed yesterday (he's talking about the NFL's requirements for sideline testing), but he makes a good point: having two quarterbacks ins't exactly a bad thing.

Especially if you're a team like the Packers, who happen to be the defending Super Bowl champs without too many weaknesses. Depth is critical, of course, and giving Ted Thompson as many opportunities to make selections in the draft is always a good thing.

But the Packers almost learned a tough lesson the hard way last year. Namely what can happen if you don't have more than one good quarterback on your roster: you can lose a shot at a Super Bowl title.

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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

When you're the writer of your own articles then everything you write can be absolutely perfect. I for one don't mind if someone's personality comes through into the article just a little. He didn't really abuse the english spelling or grammar too bad. So cut the guy some slack, will ya?

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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

I am getting frustrated with the ridiculous amount of grammatical errors in articles written by "professional" journalists.  I read an article for the content and constantly have to ignore three-word paragraphs, sentence fragments, and crap like "gonna" passed as actual words.  How do these guys get jobs like this?  It is definitely not thanks to their writing skills...  (yes, that was a fragment, I'm not getting paid for this)

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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

I think it a good move... With the concussions Rodgers had last year, they really need a quality back up.

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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

Good news.

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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

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McCarthy on backup QB Flynn: 'Not letting him go'

Flynn is just more proof of how inexact the NFL draft is, even though the experts continue to talk like they know it all.  JaMarcus Russell went #1 overall in his draft and Flynn went in the seventh round the next season.  Flynn still has a job, and who knows what Russell is up to these days (probably around 300 lbs). 

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