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Man, the NFL really comes off poorly here

Posted on: March 1, 2011 10:03 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Let’s explore a little more into the decision made by U.S. District Judge David Doty and why he ruled the NFL had violated the CBA by entering into a deal with the networks that would pay the owners $4 billion next season even in the event of a lockout.

As the Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand points out, the networks seemingly didn’t want to go along with the NFL’s idea to create a war chest that would be, for lack of a better term, lockout insurance in case there was a work stoppage.

Even though the networks didn’t want anything to do with it, that didn’t matter.

As Ourand writes, FOX didn’t want to pay during a work stoppage, but the NFL said the provision was a deal-breaker.* NBC believed it was getting “hosed,” so the NFL gave the network one additional game for the 2010-2013 seasons. The NFL also told ESPN a digital deal and the lockout provision were tied together.

*It can be scary just how powerful the NFL perceives itself. And is perceived.

But the craziest portion is the NFL’s deal with DirecTV.

From Doty’s ruling: "NFL's DirecTV contract provides that DirecTV will pay a substantial fee if the 2011 season is not canceled (and will pay) up to nine percent more, at the NFL’s discretion, if the 2011 season is canceled. In the event of a canceled season, 42 percent of the fee is non-refundable and the remainder would be credited to the following season.

Forty-two percent is non-refundable? For real?

More from Doty: "Typical work- stoppage provisions (in TV deals) anticipate a strike by players, not a work stoppage created by the NFL itself."

Not only did the NFL lose this decision to keep the $4 billion (for now, anyway), but it’ll be interesting to see how badly it suffers from the NFL fans' perception of this new informations. At this point, it’s really, really hard not to believe the owners were planning for a lockout, and that they knew they would profit mightily off it. In fact, it appears that the owners would have been better off if the 2011 season was lost altogether.

It’s almost hard to believe.*

*And if it is too hard to believe, here’s the complete ruling.

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Man, the NFL really comes off poorly here

The players are becoming more like the teachers in Wisconsin everyday.  The NFLPA and their personal Jimmy Hoffa (DeMaurice Smith) are holding the owners and the fans hostage. This is why I despise labor unions.  They hold their employers hostage when they don't have everything handed to them on a silver platter.  They already make more money than anyone who posts on here will see in multiple lifetimes.  They complain about when players retire them not having enough money?  If the players would practice fiscal responsibility, not live in mansions, drive noraml cars or pick-ups and get themselves a financial advisor they would be just fine.  I say scrap all labor unions because all they do is drive up the cost of everything.  You want to know why a ticket to an NFL game is so high, look no further than the labor union.  The players can cry a river that will flood everything and I will still side with the owners.  They are just trying to run a business and make a profit.  Put yourself in their shoes, would you want your employees holding you hostage and wanting to put you in the red just because they don't make an 8 figure income and have every perk and then some?

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Man, the NFL really comes off poorly here

Well, I'm starting to lean more towards the players.

I hope the NFL loses all appeals, and badly.  If they lose this money, they lose a lot of their position.

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Man, the NFL really comes off poorly here

wow thats pathetic....this is an embarrasment, the league is retarded..they already have the luxury of voiding players contracts, yet, can hold great players hostage to a small deal if they are overperforming.....the owners and nfl have way to much leverage.  The nfl is going to look  like a complete fool when this is all said and done.  lets see how quick the deal is reached once they fat schmucks realize they dont have their money to fall back on.......the owners will deserve everything they lose in this new deal.  I hope they change the deal....if a player signs a contract...he cant ask for more money, but his contract also should not be allowed to be voided....tit for a middle class person...this reeks of big money wanting to get more and more....stingy fat POS.

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