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Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

Posted on: March 15, 2011 11:32 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

It's pretty obvious, regardless of what the two sides may say, that there's no love lost between the owners and the players in this labor dispute.

Still, a story that Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated relayed from the Wednesday mediation session, paints quite the ugly picture of Jerry Jones' behavior during what was supposed to be a time of sincere negotiating.

To set the scene: mediator George Cohen invited each owner, sitting across the table from the union's executive committee, to speak. Eventually, things came around to Jones.

"I don't think we've got your attention," Jones said to the players, per Trotter, who says several of them recounted the incident. "You clearly don't understand what we're saying, and we're not hearing what you're saying. So I guess we're going to have to show you to get your attention."

Jones then proceeded to "tap his fists together for emphasis," stand up and walk out of the room (Jerry Richardson started to leave with him, but Robert Kraft apparently kept the Panthers owner from bolting).

This went over -- as you might expect -- really, really well.

"I think everybody in the room thought it was overly dramatic, almost hilarious," one player told Trotter. "It was like a Jerry Maguire moment. You know, 'I'm leaving. Who's coming with me?' I know it didn't scare any of us."

And it subsequently led to a standoff-ish 48-hour period where it seemed like there wasn't any reason to be optimistic towards the labor talks (Thursday night was the worst of things, the actual lockout itself notwithstanding).

That non-negotiating attitude from each side, of course, led to a lawsuit and a lockout and the pretty depressing possibility that their might not be football in 2011.

Does the Jones' story shift all the blame to the owners? No. But it's pretty clear that they -- just like the players -- were prepared for this scenario and willing to go through with it if they didn't get what they want out of mediation.

That's especially problematic because it means that there won't be a solution to America's professional football issue until both sides hash out their personal problems.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 9:38 am

Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

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Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

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Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

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Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

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Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

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Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

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Did Jerry Jones' speech to NFLPA spur a lockout?

I don't think anyone who can't even run his own team could spur anything.  I like Jerry because he does have his teams best interests as his top priority.  What he has done, for anyone to give a rats ass on his thoughts to shift anyones thinking, boggles my mind.  I would guess that at least half the owners giggle when they hear his name.  I don't think they completely look away from his input, but to alter negotiations, hell no!  He has about as much NFL street cred, as Richard Simmons did for "shaping up"!  He is the Barry Manilow of singers.  I'll stop now, I think you get my point! lol 

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