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Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

Posted on: March 21, 2011 12:48 pm
Edited on: March 21, 2011 2:22 pm
Posted by Andy Benoit

All indications suggest that the Bengals are coming to grips with the fact that Carson Palmer will not be back with the team in 2011. The veteran quarterback is said to be as sC. Palmer (US Presswire)tubborn as owner Mike Brown. If both remain stubborn, Palmer will retire.

But what if Brown gets wise and deals the former No. 1 overall pick? Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald believes it could be the Dolphins.

Salguero asserts that Palmer is not only superior to Chad Henne (and it’s easy to compare the two considering they’re both tall, strong-armed pocket passers) and better than the rest of the 2011 veteran quarterback market, which includes Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, Matt Hasselbeck and Donovan McNabb.

Salguero writes, “None of this is my opinion. It’s the opinion of folks within the Miami organization who have done the work. This comes from folks who have watched the films or crunched the numbers or done the evaluations or talked to the men who did.”


It’s doubtful Salguero heard these sentiments from Jeff Ireland or Tony Sparano. Neither is very transparent with the press. Dolphins scouts are forbidden from talking to the media, but a dirty little secret is that many of them do anyway.

The decision will be made by Ireland (or owner Stephen Ross). Ireland might be more willing to draft a young quarterback and develop him. Sparano, given his tenuous job status, would presumably love to have a proven veteran he can plug in right away.

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Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

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Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

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Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

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Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

Lets see...If your talking about Chad Ochocicno as our #1 receiver as not wanting to come back read the headlines. He does want to come back but guess what? I think the team, fans and coach DON'T want him back. He is a quitter, when the going gets tough he crys!  Andrew Whitwort had to put him in his place during a game last year. The only reason TO was on the team was because of Carson Palmer. And you can go back 3-20 years and talk about EVERY team and their draft busts. I already said that the New England Patriots front office, owner and scouts were heads and heals better than the Cincinnati Bengals! Mike Brown needs to GO! The point I am trying to get is this team is not in shambles. We are one year removed from winning the AFC North. We had a horrible season last year but EVERY game with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 we were in. I know that comes down to coaching. Marvin Lewis probably should not have been brought back. But if anyone or anything is in shambles it is Carson Palmer! His season last year was all on him. He made rookie mistakes. He let this team down, not the other way around. He led the NFL in pick 6's. He threw for 20 interceptions. He constantly put this team in bad circumstanses. I supported Carson Palmer up until around the midway point of last season. Watching him was like watching an aged non mobile Bernie Kosar.

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Posted on: March 22, 2011 5:54 pm

Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

Who doesn't want to come back? Oh let's see only your # 1 WR!!!!!
T.O. wants back because he wants and NEEDS a job and he's burned too many bridges to find work elsewhere.
Oh, ok, well since I'm limited on space I won't go all the way back to '91 when Mike Brown took over, i'll start with '09 since anyone drafted after that well they're still getting to know the league so the school is still out on them, let's see , defensive coaches for the Bengals call him soft, lacks intensity, lazy, busted for DUI, Andre Smith, completely unimpressive, injury prone, NOT the OL the Bengals thought they were getting, Chase Coffman - now on the practice squad (BTW I'm only going up to third round, space limitations and all).
Keith Rivers - 2 total sacks in his career, that's 1-2, not 12 but 2! Not bad for a first round pick huh? ahahahahahahahaha...ok.. Jerome Simpson, LOVED the 1 game where he caught 6 balls for 124 yards and 2 TD's but hasn't shown anything since...but he is promising, I will give you that one, Pat Sims - 3rd round pick '08, nothing, nada, zippo!, Andre Caldwell - third round pick '08 - playing special teams- special teams! you gotta get more out of those high picks than that!
Leon Hall - here's a bright star for the Bengals, I will say that for sure, kenny Irons - who I wanted to see do well because I liked his game when he played at Auburn unfortunately tore his ACL, was put on the pup list the next season and then waived - too bad.
You're right, injuries DOP happen, and it's a part of the NFL but it's how you handle those injuries and the back ups you have in place that counts most and the Bengals haven't shown that at all.
They have also shown that their front office doesn't know what it's doing, if Palmer was on the Pats and wanted out Belichick would've traded him, Hell Al Davis traded Marcus Allen away and Marcus still had PLENTY of years left in the tank!
Teams move big stars ALL the time but when your GM makes it a habit of being shortsighted, stubborn and says "I'm taking my ball and going home" and doesn't do what's best for the TEAM then don't you think something is wrong?
I know, people will say "Players have too much power, how dare they try to tell me where they'll play" yeah, it sucks but ya know what, if a guy doesn't want to be on my team I don't want him around, move him, believe me if Palmer pulled this in New England, Philly or any of the NY teams the fans would be screaming to let him go and if the GM was saying & doing what Mike Brown is saying & doing you can bet they'd raise holy hell and he would HAVE to move the guy.
The Lions tried that stunt with Barry Sanders and said "the heck with you guys!" and retired, I think Palmer would do the same thing and if the Bengals wnat to be known for "taking a stand" then fine, that and a bottle of whiskey might boost Mike Brown's ego that he stood up to a player and he put the hammer down! But what does it do for the TEAM? NOTHING!!!!!!! it only hurts and does not HELP the team which is the exact opposite of his job.
I have a friend who's a HUGE Bengal fan, grew up just outside of Cincinnati, his parents have season tickets, have FOREVER and this is absolutely KILLING  him liek i'm sure it's killing other Bengal die hards.
My whole point to this is that Bengal fans deserve better and truth be told Mike Brown hasn't delivered but there's no one to fire him and unless he has an epiphany of epic proportions he's not going to replace himself.
Since he's taken over in 1991 the team has had only 2 winning seasons a .361 winning percentage (115-204-1), HOW is that acceptable? He fired the most successful coach you had - Sam Wyche, has brought in countless bad choices coaching & draft wise.
David Shula lost 50 games faster than any coach in NFL history, Bruce Coslet resigned with a 21-39 record in 2000, Marvin Lewish 2 winning seasons in 8 coaching - he has done a great job given with what he's had to work with though but really should've been replaced after last season.
They have 1 scout, 1 scout! not 5+ like most teams have, no only 1, maybe that's the reason for all the "success" eh?
If that doesn't show you a franchise in shambils I don't what will, deny it all you like but the truth doesn't lie.

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Posted on: March 22, 2011 5:23 pm

Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

Believe me, the Dolphins are NOT going to trade their # 15 pick for Palmer, if anything they would trade a low second round pick, maybe a second & third round pick OR maybe Chad Henne & the low second round pick that way the Bengals can try to get their QB of the future with their first rounder, try not to screw up the rest of their picks and have a servicable Chad Henne as their QB or at least in the mix until they develop the guy they pick @ # 4.
They have a great shot at either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert at # 4 but knowing them they'll overreach for someone like Ryan Mallett.

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Posted on: March 22, 2011 2:58 pm
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Carson Palmer is in the Dolphins' sights

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