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Ryan: Gholston improved but others did better

Posted on: April 10, 2011 9:07 am
Gholston Posted by Josh Katzowitz

One of the biggest – or, at least, most highly-publicized – draft busts in the past few years was Jets DE Vernon Gholston’s inability to turn his talent into anything resembling even a journeyman career in the NFL.

As’s Tim Graham points out, Gholston, a No. 6 pick in 2008, started only five games in his career and recorded exactly zero sacks. In fact, we wrote about it in Hot Routes last month when it was discovered he could have unlocked a $9 million escalator bonus by simply recording a sack, a fumble recovery or a forced fumble. He didn’t, of course.

All along, Jets coach Rex Ryan thought if anybody could develop Gholston, he could be the coach to do it. When talking with Graham a few weeks ago, Ryan apparently got a little defensive talking about the fact he couldn’t mold Gholston into the player Ryan wanted him to be.

To be fair, Gholston was a 4-3 DE at Ohio State but then moved to the 3-4 LB position under former Jets coach Eric Mangini before moving to the 3-4 DE spot in Ryan’s defense. So, yeah, he moved around a little bit. But still …

"I think Vernon improved," Ryan told Graham. "Last year, I thought he gained strides. Unfortunately, I never knew this when we picked up Trevor (Price) and he played well for us, but that took a little away from Vernon. We had Shaun Ellis, so it was kind of hard to get [Gholston] more reps.

"But the guy is an excellent teammate. He did what was asked and he got better.”

Graham then asked if Ryan had failed with Gholston.

"Well, then I failed as far as the numbers go," Ryan said. "But I thought he got better, though. We'll see what happens to him. He's not done playing.

"I think I've had a long list of guys I've developed in my coaching career. Some guys develop faster than others. But I'll put how I coach up against anybody in this league when it comes to defense and technique."

Gholston likely will get another chance in the league. But obviously it remains to be seen if someone other than Ryan can unlock the talent that apparently lies in Gholston’s body.

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Ryan: Gholston improved but others did better

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Today's coaches are overrated

One more point-back in the days, if rushing the passer was all that you did well,  the coaches of yesteryear would have been fine with that. I seriously doubt that Charles Haley, Pat Swilling,Jacob Green, Derrick Thomas, Chris Doleman, Kevin Greene, Leslie O'neal and Lawrence Taylor, Corneilus Bennett and Karl Mecklenburg could have succeeded on the level they did in today's game.

Some coach would have the BIG idea of having them chase RBs and TEs instead of rushing the passer, wasting their talent. Mecklenburg, Bennett, Clay Matthews, and Greg Lloyd could do it, but even they were better at rushing the passer.

Only the Steelers have been able to consistently run a 3-4 defense, but then the Steelers have a remarkable 35 year run of acquiring linebackers that fit what they do.

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Late 90s


I don't know if any team in American Pro Sports has been able to hit on one position for about 35-years like that, it's remarkable.

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Ryan: Gholston improved but others did better

I wonder how different Gholston's career would have been if he played at his natural position-defensive end. Too many teams are followers, just because one or two teams are successful running a 3-4 defense doesn't mean that the rest of the teams will be.  These coaches are outsmarting themselves taking 4-3 DEs and forcing/wedging them into LB spots. As a Skins' fan, I have the displeasure of watching Shanahan waste Brian Orakpo's and Chris Wilson's-two 4-3 DEs-talents by forcing them to be linebackers. They were DEs for a reason-it's what they do well. The NFL knows it has these players by the balls-they can't complain about an involuntary position switch w/o being turned into "Albert Haynesworth" by the media and fans, so they go along with it to the detriment of their career.

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