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Hot Routes 4.12.11: Brady weeps ... over 'Idol'

Posted on: April 12, 2011 2:03 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

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  • Tom Brady, as you will see about 5,000* times over the next few hours, is going to cry on television soon. A certain four-letter sports network got him to weep on camera about his sixth-round selection back in 2000 and, well, it's a heart-wrenching story about how tough his life's been. Or maybe he just likes to cry a lot? After all, the gents over at did happen to catch a montage of him sobbing over the recent booting of Pia from "American Idol."
  • According to Tim Leiweke, the CEO of AEG and therefore a primary investor in the downtown L.A. stadium effort, the NFL will "double" its rights fees in the next television contract negotiations. Yowza.
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Hot Routes 4.12.11: Brady weeps ... over 'Idol'

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Hot Routes 4.12.11: Brady weeps ... over 'Idol'

Why is the guy crying about the day he got drafted?  That was the luckiest day of his life!  He could have gone to Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, or a bunch of other places and got pounded into hamburger.  If he did not go to New England, chances are he would have been out of football in four or five years.  Geez!

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Hot Routes 4.12.11: Brady weeps ... over 'Idol'

What is the world is wrong with Tom Brady.  He is becoming a girl right before our eyes.  I really can't take much of the guy any more as he gives all football players a bad name.  Hanging out with models has turned the guy into the football version of Michael Jackson. 

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