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NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

Posted on: April 12, 2011 4:38 pm
Edited on: April 13, 2011 12:10 am
Posted by Will Brinson

Thanks to the current super-awesome labor situation, there's a good chance that these preseason games will be even more meaningless than ever before, but you know what?

I'm not wading through a 45-page legal document and you guys aren't reading about boring proceedings, so it's all good. To the (kind of) real football!

The preseason will kick off with the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday August 7, 2011, which will be aired on NBC at 8:00 PM EST and feature the Chicago Bears against the St. Louis Rams.

After that, well, how about a handy table? Feel free to print it if you like. Just note that I'll fill in the times here shortly, but only current times/networks are indicative of primetime games.

HOF Hall of Fame Game, Canton, Ohio Time/Network
Aug 7 Chicago v. St. Louis (Hall of Fame Game) 8:00PM EST/NBC
Week 1 Date Week 1 Matchup Time/Network
Aug 11 Seattle at San Diego 8:00 PM EST/ESPN
Aug 12 Tampa Bay at Kansas City 8:00 PM EST/FOX
TBA Arizona at Oakland
TBA Baltimore at Philadelphia
TBA Buffalo at Chicago
TBA Cincinnati at Detroit
TBA Denver at Dallas
TBA Green Bay at Cleveland
TBA Indianapolis at St. Louis
TBA Jacksonville at New England
TBA Miami at Atlanta
TBA Minnesota at Tennessee
TBA N.Y. Giants at Carolina
TBA Pittsburgh at Washington
TBA San Francisco at New Orleans
Aug 15 N.Y. Jets at Houston 8:00 PM EST/ESPN
Week 2 Date Week 2 Matchup Network
Aug 18 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh 8:00PM EST/FOX
Aug 19 Atlanta at Jacksonville 8:00 PM EST/FOX
TBA Arizona at Green Bay
TBA Buffalo at Denver
TBA Carolina at Miami
TBA Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets
TBA Detroit at Cleveland
TBA Kansas City at Baltimore
TBA Minnesota at Seattle
TBA New England at Tampa Bay
TBA New Orleans at Houston
TBA Oakland at San Francisco
TBA San Diego at Dallas
TBA Tennessee at St. Louis
TBA Washington at Indianapolis
Aug 22 Chicago at N.Y. Giants 8:00PM EST/ESPN
Week 3 Date Week 3 Matchup Network
Aug 25 Washington at Baltimore 8:00PM EST/ESPN
Aug 26 Green Bay at Indianapolis 8:00 PM EST/CBS
TBA Atlanta at Pittsburgh
TBA Carolina at Cincinnati
TBA Cleveland at Philadelphia
TBA Dallas at Minnesota
TBA Houston at San Francisco
TBA Jacksonville at Buffalo
TBA Miami at Tampa Bay
TBA N.Y. Jets at N.Y. Giants
TBA San Diego at Arizona
TBA Seattle at Denver
TBA St. Louis at Kansas City
Aug 27 New England at Detroit 8:00PM EST/CBS
Aug 28 New Orleans at Oakland 8:00PM EST/NBC
Week 4 Date Week 4 Matchup Network
TBA Baltimore at Atlanta
TBA Cleveland at Chicago
TBA Dallas at Miami
TBA Denver at Arizona
TBA Detroit at Buffalo
TBA Houston at Minnesota
TBA Indianapolis at Cincinnati
TBA Kansas City at Green Bay
TBA N.Y. Giants at New England
TBA Oakland at Seattle
TBA Philadelphia at N.Y. Jets
TBA Pittsburgh at Carolina
TBA San Francisco at San Diego
TBA St. Louis at Jacksonville
TBA Tampa Bay at Washington
TBA Tennessee at New Orleans

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NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

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NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

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NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

The charger i hope will be good this yearCool

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 1:57 pm

NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

Why develope a schedule for a season that as of right now isn't going to happen?

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:09 am

NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

Now, I believe that this is the master plan of GODell to have the NFL in the spotlight 24/7 365 and that this CBA thing was a stage for them this year.
Goodell is taking a page from the book of Joe Banner (President of the Eagles).  They routinely make bold announcements, contract deals, etc etc when another Philly team does something noteworthy.  Or he makes totally ridiculous statements like "the Eagles have been better than the Steelers in the past 11 years" and puts a reason behind saying they've been to the playoffs more, and won more games or something like that.

It shifts the attention, positive or negative, towards the football team, away from the teams that are actually making noise in their sports, and grabbing attention of fans.  This is why I've practically ignored football since the Rodgers held up the Lombardi trophy. 

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 10:47 am

NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

Let's talk about ignorant statements ... "it's also about starting the process of getting kids involved and lo and behold 10 years from now half the league's players aren't from here and the owners no longer have to split with the players union.". The players are part of the union, system, whatever we want to term it regardless of where they are from! In both basketball and baseball the players all follow the same rules no matter where they are from! Also, explain what you mean by real dollars, because your 3% statement is confusing at best. Are you talking about 3% after inflation is figured in? That just doesn't sound right, but some research would be necessary on my part before even attempting to refute your claim. So, where does this information come from? Back your bold claim with some facts please ... otherwise, it's just a crazy rambling!

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:56 am

NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

I hate to turn this into politics, but instead of trying to bring the players salaries down, why don't you take part in ordinary people demanding more - wages for ordinary people have only risen (in real dollars) less than 3% for ordinary people since the 70's. And even though I think players are paid waaaay too much at the top end, the only alternative is to let the owners walk away with even more money.

I don't care how much the owners cry. Take a look at the stadium seating capacities and multiply that by the average ticket price. Then add in the T. V. revenue, and unless there are way more hidden costs than we are aware of, the owners are full of it. Those 2 revenue streams alone cover almost all of the owners' expenses.

So you support the owners making what some players say is already true - they are modern day slave gladiators. Somehow we have to get over this madness that 1 day I might be rich, so I better be on their side - because just like in basketball and baseball - they would start recruiting players from other countries rather than pay the proper percentage to the players. Why do you think they are constantly wanting to expose Europeans to football. It's not just about the added audience - it's also about starting the process of getting kids involved and lo and behold 10 years from now half the league's players aren't from here and the owners no longer have to split with the players union.

So please look into labor history from the 30's before you just toss out ignorant statements like you just did. It will eventually come back to you.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:34 am

NFL announces 2011 preseason schedule

Personally i see them publicly releasing the preseason schedule as a slap in the face to the players. Makes it seem as if its business as usual and they are not taking the lockout seriously. I can understand if they had said we have the schedule ready, but we will only release to coaches and team personell. Not go out and say here is our schedule these are the dates. I really do hope the draft is boycotted, i really hope there is no season. I am as big an NFL fan as their is, but the fact this has gotten as far as it has with the time that they have had makes me sick. Even if their is a season we still have to deal with a free agency period and mini-camps which are already going to be pushed back. Let the players not play and let the owners lose revenue. Theres still college football to watch, till both owners and players get their heads and hands off their wallets and start making some sense, the fans lose, the ones who make the owners and players rich.

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