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Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

Posted on: April 18, 2011 7:11 pm
Edited on: April 18, 2011 9:31 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Thanks to the economic principles of supply and demand, there's a common perception that someone will want Donovan McNabb on their roster in 2011. One of the top contenders, based on general speculation, common sense and maybe even the quarterback's own interest, for McNabb's services are the Minnesota Vikings.

But on Monday, Mike Jones of the Washington Post gave new life to this theory, by citing sources who say that the Vikings "are indeed interested in McNabb."&

Jones also mentions multiple "teams" when discussing the interest in McNabb; ironically because of the low value that McNabb has for the rest of the league.

That's partially his skill set (it's declined, duh), but mostly because the way in which 2010 ended. Mike Shanahan, when benching McNabb for Rex Freaking Grossman, made it pretty clear that he'd have some sort of change to begin 2011.

Teams realize this and, as such, aren't going to overpay to get McNabb from the Redskins when there's a significant chance they can land him via free agency as soon as the Redskins cut him, which they likely will.
Washington Offseason

One problem with that, though, is that there's a strong -- in my opinion -- chance that Shanny won't cut McNabb until the minute before he's owed a bonus, which could take him into September (after the first regular season game) on the Redskins roster. Jones points out, though, that "it's believed" McNabb would pay back $3.5 million worth of signing bonus if he was released.

That goes to show not only that both sides don't care for each other, but that there might be an amicable way of settling this issue, once a labor agreement is reached.

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Posted on: January 9, 2012 3:42 am

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 1:54 pm

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

After reading a few of these other comments i think everyone needs to relax. This article was about weather or not he could wined up as a viking. Not whether he has won any rings or his stats. And having a ring and doesn't make u a great QB. Just ask Trent Dilfer who has more interceptions than TD's but he's got a ring. And its not about how his WR's were or are. And its not about whether Brady or Rothlisberger had recievers that were average too. Which i might add they both had some serious talent with them for years. ( Hines ward,leading steeler reciever of all time. and take your pick wit brady! Moss, glenn, brown, branch, welker). Its about whether or not he would be a good fit in Minnesota. And look at who the vikes have and ask your self who u would rather have. A guy that, sure has come up short at times but still made it to the top of the montain and has the abililty to go back there again as well as mentor the next up and comer or a some random nobody. Lets not make this about what he did and didn't do lets just ask ourselves if he is a good fit right now that comes with little to effort or money.

Since: Aug 9, 2009
Posted on: April 19, 2011 1:33 pm

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

I dont believe that Mcnabb has declined that much. I will say he's been battling injuries and was stuck on a dismal offense last year with very few weapons and less than stellar protection. Given the right system I think he can go right back to his winning ways when he gave defenses fits. Plus the major upside to this guy is he has always been a true professional on and off the field and has always been a good voice in the locker room. He's a savy vet that could have a few more solid years in him. Minnesota does seem like a nice fit for him as well. Solid running game and young WR's to go with a strong defense. Could be a deadly combo if these two come together. Now the Vikes will just need to fix the roof. lol

Since: Nov 20, 2009
Posted on: April 19, 2011 12:29 pm

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

Why not, it's just following our long tradition of bringing in washed up veteran QB's instead of developing our own. To me, this only makes sense of they also draft their future franchise QB this year. Use Donovan strictly to mentor (as much as he can, considering the fact he's barely above average anyway) the youngster in the ways of the NFL.

Since: Apr 12, 2011
Posted on: April 19, 2011 9:42 am

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

Please Skramblin...  He's a choke artist.  The "bad receiver" argument is total BS. Tom Brady and Big Ben haven't had great receivers. They seem to have won 5 SB's.  Where is McNabb's hardware??  Losing to Carolina and Tampa at home in NFC Championship games is on him...not his receivers. The Eagles success early in his career was due in large part to a weak NFC and an even weaker division.  You don't throw up in the Super Bowl if you are a true champion and leader.  Brian Westbrook bailed McNabb out repeatedly with his screen and swing passes.  Totally inflated his numbers.  Bottom line is, he's just not a winner.  You would never look at his career as a great one had he not played in Philly.  If he were the Dallas QB that never won anything, you'd rag on him unmercifully.  Quit being a homer.  He never got over draft day.... What a big crybaby!

Since: Dec 15, 2008
Posted on: April 19, 2011 9:00 am

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

Wow! You are delusional.  McNabb for the majority(96%) of his career, had no receivers to throw to and was a Pro Bowler. (Todd Stinkston, Fred-Ex).  The one year they got him a great receiver (T.O), he lit it upa nd they went to the Superbowl.  He has always had to carry the team he was on.  His surrounding cast in Washington was worse than anything he ever had in Philly.  Give him a couple of playmakers and he makes it happen.  If I were the coach, i would be thanking him for "burning the grass" instead of throqwing the pick to those horrid receivers he has.  Give me a break.

Since: May 31, 2007
Posted on: April 19, 2011 8:26 am

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb


And yet, sadly, he's still far better than anything Minnesota currently has on their roster at the QB position.

Since: Apr 12, 2011
Posted on: April 18, 2011 11:03 pm

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

McNabb is a waste of money.  He's a choker, a crybaby and never has the stones to admit that he ever does anything wrong.  The media portrays him as a great leader....what a joke.  Leaders don't throw teammates under the bus or pass the blame.  His accuracy is average at best and the stats he produced in Philly are deceiving.  Westbrook made his stat line significantly better by catching screens and swing passes that ended up going for huge yardage.  I've watched far too many games of his that he hung receivers out to dry or burnt the grass at their feet with low throws.  He's just another Philly flop....just like Iverson.  Big stats and no rings.  Neither one was a true winner. 

Since: Jan 24, 2009
Posted on: April 18, 2011 8:34 pm

Report: Vikes 'one of teams' interested in McNabb

This seems like a no brainer, unless they make a run at Kolb.

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