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Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

Posted on: April 23, 2011 9:51 am
Edited on: April 23, 2011 4:20 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit
B. Marshall (US Presswire)
UPDATE 3:30 p.m. EST: Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Marshall is out of the hospital but has defensive wounds on his hands. Those wounds are not believed to be serious, but they could certainly impact Michi Marshall's claim that she stabbed her husband in self defense.


Brandon Marshall is expected to be discharged from a South Florida hospital Saturday after spending several hours in intensive care following a stabbing from his wife during a domestic dispute. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Marshall underwent surgery late Friday night for a stomach wound and is expected to make a full recovery in 2-3 weeks.

Meanwhile, Michi Nagomi-Marshall, who married the Dolphins receiver in 2010, remains in Broward County Jail on one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Her bail is set at $7,500.

There is thick cloudiness regarding exactly what happened Friday night. Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that Michi has admitted to stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife, but she says she was acting in self defense.

There are reports that Marshall is claiming he slipped and fell on a vase. (Doctors have determined that Marshall was stabbed.) ESPN reports that Marshall was driven to the hospital in a car after whoever called 911 declined a dispatcher's offer to provide of an ambulance. 
Marshall's agent, Kennard McGuire, issued a statement to's Jason La Canfora: "This is a very difficult time for Brandon and family, thankfully he will make a full recovery. We simply ask that his privacy is respected."

Brandon Marshall

As the Denver police came to find out during Marshall’s career as a Bronco, domestic disturbance is not uncommon in the Marshall household. There were countless issues from '06 - '09; in '08 Marshall served a one-game suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy. Marshall was involved with a domestic issue with Michi in Atlanta two years ago, but all charges were dropped when the couple refused to testify against one another. It's worth noting that the 27-year-old wideout has not been in trouble since signing a four-year, $47.5 million contract with Miami last season.

Despite the lockout's rules prohibiting contact between players and teams, the Dolphins are allowed to be in touch with Marshall to send well wishes (we learned there can be exceptions to the “no contact” rule a few weeks ago when Bengals’ defensive end Antwan Odom’s house burnt down).

Albert Breer of NFL Network was told by the league that Dolphins team doctors are also allowed to see Marshall and consult with his doctors.

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Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

One of only the two good things Josh McDaniels did in Denver...GET RID OF BRANDON MARSHALL . You're not missed dude

The other good thing??......


....that's right.....I said TEBOW!

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Posted on: April 25, 2011 6:22 pm

Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

Funny how all the reports indicate the wife was the agressor, yet most commenters talk about how Brandon is a bad person and should be out of the league.  Is it really his fault his wife attacked him?  I'm not a huge fan of the guy, but this one doesn't sound like his fault (or at least not solely his fault).

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Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

Best comment in weeks on here.

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Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

What I find amazing is that the knife could penetrate those stone hands of his....

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Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

Is anybody reallly surprised this happened?  Come on Man!!!

It's sad knowing their are so many stupid & ignorant people in our beloved country. If i were a terrorist, or any foreigner at that, i would most definitly hate you also.

You have now been placed on the Terrorist Watch List.

Now that was a stupid and ignorant move by you almighty perfect one.

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Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

Race should'nt be brought up in commentary. This is a story about a football player who has serious issues with domestic violence, look at his history. The Dolphins need to seriously consider cutting Marshall, and the rest of the league should not pick him up. He had his chances, it's time for jail before someone could get "Caruthed".

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Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

Whoaaaaa!!! This is way out lf line buddy.  "The ownerss have to expect when they draft players from this upbringing ".  What upbringing is that?  This is the sort of racial trash that keeps the fuel on the flame.  This is about one player and his dirty laundry.  There are plenty of non-black players in the NFL getting into trouble.  Ensure that you leave a post on their articles about their upbringing you moron!

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Posted on: April 24, 2011 10:25 pm

Brandon Marshall out of hospital after stabbing

Ring, ring- B Marsh here leave a message, kind of sewn up right now. Hey Brandon, Marvin Lewis here. How would you like to join our cell block, uh I mean team. I think your character fits in with our philosophy here in Cincy. McD didn't do a lot right in Denver but thank you for this move

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