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A closer look at Marshall and his wife

Posted on: April 23, 2011 11:57 am
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Posted by Andy Benoit

If he could, Brandon Marshall would probably set his Facebook relationship status to “married” AND “it’s complicated”. The Dolphins wide receiver was hospitalized late Friday night/early Saturday morning after being stabbed by his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall. Michi was in jail Saturday on one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.Michi Marshall (

This was not the couple’s first domestic dispute. On March 1, 2009, Marshall was arrested in Atlanta for disorderly conduct after allegedly being involved in a fight with Michi, who was his fiancée at the time. (Marshall had multiple domestic disputes while in Denver, but they were with a different woman.)

Marshall and Michi met when Marshall was at Central Florida. They married in 2010. Marshall said in an interview with the Miami Herald last year that Michi, a psychology major, was helping him learn to deal with his quick temper.

"She is turning my life around. I am a very passionate, emotional person, and she is teaching me to channel that,” Marshall said. “My life is so much calmer now.”

Marshall admits that calm, collective thinking is something that doesn’t always come naturally to him.

"From the time I was 6, I was taught to react on the field, not to think, to make decisions in a millisecond, and the problem is, I was doing that in my life, too,” Marshall said. “I was reacting, never taking a moment to step back and think things through. And I had a temper. Someone made me mad, I'd fight back. I wanted to win every argument. Now, I realize it's OK to step away and lose an argument."

It will be interesting to hear what Marshall has to say next time he’s asked about Michi.

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A closer look at Marshall and his wife

They desreve each other

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A closer look at Marshall and his wife

Not to intrude, but if Brandon wants to deal with his quick temper, he should seek help from a medical professional.  Thre are professionals wo are trained in mental illness and anger management and he has the money to help himself navigate a course of therapy.  There are psychiatrists who provide help with medications and he could seek counseling.  Don't worry Brandon, there are other people who have varying degrees of depression, schizophrenia and bipolar illness who have control over the lives by professional help.  THese patients as they continue their therapy become productive people and do not instill anger in loved ones.  It's worth a shot, unless you want to turn out like Lindsay Lohan.

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A closer look at Marshall and his wife

If he goes back to her, he's even MORE nuts than we knew.
I worked on the factory floor with a pair like these two more than 30 years ago. One day, she took a knife to all four of his tires in the plant parking lot. Another time, she was observed bringing a .38 into the plant in her lunchbox. A third, she strolled into our work area about 15 minutes after shift start, where the foreman and several of us, including her beau, were just decompressing from the usual mad cluster f*** that started most days. (It was an assembly plant.) 
She walked up to her guy, reached inside her jacket, and savagely slashed him across the arm with a large hunting knife. So, she was fired. NOT the end of the story. Management, mistakenly, considered the matter closed, so they never gave her a proper exit interview. Four months later, she's avoided felony time and is back on the job. Why? Because he swore an affidavit that it was self defense. Since no one ever bothered to take statements from the hourly witnesses at the time, the rest of us had to walk on eggshells until the fruit cases transferred out.

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A closer look at Marshall and his wife

He's nuts

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