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NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

Posted on: April 28, 2011 8:14 am
Edited on: April 28, 2011 11:31 am
Posted by Will Brinson

When one of the weirdest days in NFL history dawned Thursday morning, it seemed like the NFL might have to begin the league year. But the league told its clubs to keep on keeping on with the current -- read: lockout -- set of rules until otherwise notified.

It was presumed that the NFL might cave and open up in order to avoid any potential contempt of court or collusion charges from the players, but they're going to roll with the status quo for now.

"Clubs were notified last night they should continue to follow the current rules and practices until otherwise advised by our office," Aiello said, per Albert Breer of the NFL Network .

This puts the NFL in a curious position. Their plan is to wait for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to rule on Judge Nelson's lockout lifting, which might work out fine for them ... if the Court of Appeals agrees with the NFL. (Many people, myself included, believe they will.)

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If the Eighth Circuit doesn't agree with the NFL, then they will face some potentially disastrous charges -- collusion, contempt of court? -- in relation to the Brady v. NFL antitrust case.

In the meantime, however, it probably means that you will not see any free agent signings. And you will not see any trades of players on draft day. And you will not see any signings of unrestricted free agents.

Unless some owner decides to go rogue anyway .

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NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

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NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

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NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

I agree.  I thought Goodell was a bad hire until the NFLPA replaced the great Gene Upshaw with a lawyer who started making his name under the current administration and is now trying to make a bigger name for himself at the expense of the players.  If they play another year under the old rules, the players will have played two years under rules very favorable to the owners.  Both sides need a long term CBA with no opt out options.  The NFLPA needs to replace Smith.  A lawyer is only confortable in court.  This guy is out of his element in his current position and in the long run while the deal the players get may appear better, playing two years under less than favorable conditions should be considered in the evaluation.  If both sides really want to settle, they both will replace the leadership.  It will be very difficult to settle when the players do not trust Goodell primarily due to  his dictatorship of discipline without a check and balances, and with Smith's hidden agenda and wanting to go to court for everything instead of negotiating like most unions do.  I think we will have football in 2011 but a CBA is not likely unless either significant changes or concessions are made by both sides.  With Goodell and Smith in charge, I do not see the latter as likely.

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 11:03 pm

NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

this is probly the worst post i ever seen on here where do you get your information. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AMERICAN FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER. Eliminate the draft. You must be watching foxnews. Oreilly told you that one.

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NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

It's very disturbing to me to watch millionaires and billionaires fight over billions of dollars.  Gas is over $4 here in Michigan.  The owners own the teams, the players are employed by the owners.  I cant ask my boss to open his books to see how much he's making and then say I want some more money.  I understand that this business is player driven.  But if they use replacements, I'll still drive to Ford Field to watch.  Or, I'll cancel my season Detroit Lions tickets and get season tickets to Michigan State University.  These idiots better get it together.  The American people think its pretty silly. The players deunionizing and hiring that lawyer to represent them was a bad idea.  This guy is trying to get himself a little credibility and isnt putting the players first.  It's kind of sad really.  Most players just want to play.  They will start individually approaching their owners to settle.  They need the money, the game and the fans adoration.  Figure it out fellas.

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 11:03 am

NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'


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NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

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NFL: Clubs to 'continue to follow current rules'

So here's what I can see at this point: 1. The owners locked out the players due to an inability to negotiate a new CBA. 2. The players have won in court, eliminating the lockout. 3. No new CBA exists but the owners technically have to let the signed players practise. 4. With the union dissolved and no new CBA negotiated, the owners can still dictate terms on a team by team basis.

At this point, there's nothing different from last year. The players are still in a situation where they're not in control because the owners can decide to continue with the 2010 rules...6 years before free agency and no salary caps (either minimum or maximum). Basically the owners can dictate terms (so long as it doesn't look like collusion) and the players can say nothing because no new CBA has been reached...each team is viewed as a separate corporation so they can negotiate contracts as they see fit (and obviously they're going to try and drive salaries down). Not to mention that without a union the players have absolutely no barganing power, much like you or I when applying for a new job. This court ruling, while in the short term may favour the players because they are able to collect paychecks, has absolutely no effect on the owners...the 2010 rules favoured the owners so at this point they're still in the drivers seat. If I'm wrong in my assessment then please let me know but from what I see, the players are still screwed in the long term until a new CBA can be negotiated.

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