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Ryan Williams will enlist Beanie's help

Posted on: April 29, 2011 8:57 pm
R. Williams will try to take carries away from B. Wells and T. Hightower (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

NEW YORK – Only a few minutes after the lockout was reinstated by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, new Cardinals RB Ryan Williams, drafted No. 38 overall in the second round, was talking about how much he likes to study the playbook and how much he’ll need to do so in order to beat out Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower for playing time.

So, I asked him: now that the lockout has been reinstated, how much is that going to hinder your development since you won’t be receiving a playbook immediately?

“When the Cardinals told me they were going to pick me, they gave me Beanie Wells’ phone number,” Williams said. “I didn’t use it, but now I might give him a text for some help.”

You think he will help, considering you’re trying to take his job?

“I hope so,” Williams said. “I heard he’s a good guy. He’s a team player, and I’m part of the team. Hopefully, he’ll be willing to help.”

I imagine, even though Williams will be trying to take carries away from Wells, Williams is probably correct.

And for his part, Williams says he has no problems sharing the ball. He’s had to do it every year but one since he started playing at 14 years old – the only time he was THE guy was when Virginia Tech teammate Darren Evans tore his ACL in 2009 – and he’s used to making the most of less opportunities.

With Wells and Hightower – assuming the Cardinals keep both of them – that could be an interesting RB trio.

“I was part of a three-back rotation last year, “Williams said. “I’m all for it.”

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Ryan Williams will enlist Beanie's help

The Cardinals drafted running backs because Beanie Wells did the two things that get you sentenced to bench sitting, no matter how talented you are. 1- Talk like you have talent and you are the person who can help the team get better (the "You Insulted Whisenhunt's Giant Ego" infraction), and 2- Criticize management when you don't get enough playing time as a result of infraction #1 (the "Managers and Owners Are Gods" infraction.) These backs were not drafted because the Cardinals have changed their minds about running -- they were drafted to replace the talented Wells who made the mistake of speaking the truth. Whisenhunt has never played Beanie the amount of time he should get. 
For all you critics of Wells, don't worry -- any other coach in the league already knows of his talent: he will be a pro-bowler for a winning team in the near future. And the Cardinals' management and ownership will be sitting in last place deciding if they should find a new replacement coach. 
Unfortunately, our #1 pick, Mr. P from LSU, did the same thing. He said he expects to start, that he has always been a starter, and that he would be the one to "turn the program around" in Arizona. For this, he will play little, and be gone after a couple of unhappy years. 
Hopefully Mr. Williams will remain quiet and be a success for the Cardinals.

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