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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

Posted on: April 29, 2011 10:57 pm
Edited on: April 30, 2011 12:05 am
Posted by Will Brinson

NEW YORK -- Well, the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft are under wraps. The lights are off at Radio City Music Hall, the boos and screams have subsided, and now we make knee-jerk reactions about who did well and who did poorly on Friday.


Ryan Mallett: Unbelievably, while in the middle of living out a Tom Petty song, Mallett caught a miracle branch extended by Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and now finds himself in the only situation in the NFL that could really get people excited about his potential.

Washington Redskins: Dan Snyder must have been hogtied before this draft started, because the ‘Skins actually traded down during the second day of the draft. Four fifth- AND seventh-rounders won’t win you a Super Bowl tomorrow but it’ll help strengthen a roster.

Denver Broncos: The Broncos took advantage of San Francisco’s desperate hankering to nab Colin Kaepernick, moved back and picked up a bunch of draft picks. Then they got a guy who will be one of the biggest steals of the draft in Nate Irving, added Rahim Moore at safety and picked up Orlando Franklin to help the line.

Buffalo Bills: They drafted defense in the first round. And then they drafted defense in the second round. And then they drafted defense in the third round. There’s really no reason to stop until the seventh ends.
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Cincinnati Bengals: They called Carson Palmer’s bluff for the second-straight day, and they did so in a way that could be teachable for some other first-round reachers, like the Titans and the Vikings: let the arguably-indistinguishable quarterbacks like Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder and Jake Locker fall.

Cleveland Browns: They’re stacked with picks for the next two years and they’re making great selections all over the place. Greg Little gives Colt McCoy a weapon and Jabaal Sheard can slot into their new 4-3 as an end.

Houston Texans: They jump back on the good side during the second day after grabbing a linebacker who can help out in the 3-4 shift in Brooks Reed and then trading back up to into the second to grab the talented Brandon Harris from Miami.

Randall Cobb: Cobb had to hang around for the entire second round in New York City, but it was worth it, since he went to the Packers (he actually said he would have waited ‘til the seventh to end up there). Just a case of Ted Thompson looking far enough ahead. Again.

New England Patriots: I don’t know why Colin Cowherd is stealing my line about the Patriots owning every single first-rounder in the 2030, but it might not matter if it actually happens -- Pats already have two first- and second-rounders in next year’s draft.

Sam Bradford: The Rams went defense in the first round when Julio Jones and A.J. Green didn’t fall, but went out and got their franchise QB some nice weapons with great hands in TE Lance Kendricks and WR Austin Pettis.


The NFL: It was the second day of the draft and in the middle of the league trotting out veterans -- both of the league and the military -- and a score of fans to announce draft picks and huge new NFL players, the Court of Appeals ruled that the lockout was back on. It just felt dirty.

Ryan Mallett: He plummeted in the draft, falling all the way to the middle of the third round. And it looked like he was going to fall out of the third, with no one really expressing interest in the Arkansas quarterback. Then Belichick came calling.

Carolina Panthers: Said it before the round started, but it remains to be repeated, because they had no second-rounder. Hard to win on Friday without one of those. On the bright side, they took their medicine and used their two third-rounders on defensive tackles.

Da’Quan Bowers: Don’t get me wrong -- I like his spot in Tampa, and they’ve got a shot to hit an absolute home run with him late in the second round. But there’s no denying his health cost him a big old pile of money.

Atlanta Falcons: The Browns, using a pick obtained in the first-day trade for Julio Jones, grabbed Greg Little one pick after Torrey Smith went. Neither’s better -- or even close to better -- than Jones, but is Jones five draft picks-worth better than either of them? I’m not sure about that.

Marion Barber: The Cowboys drafted DeMarco Murray and it looks like Barber’s book is just about closed in Dallas.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Sssshhhhh. Do NOT tell Jacksonville, but they actually were horrible on defense in 2010. Actually, no, wait, tell them, because they’re only drafting offense for some reason.

Detroit Lions: I actually like the guys they got in the second day -- Titus Young and Mike LeShoure will help make the offense more potent -- but who’s going to protect Matt Stafford? If Jim Schwartz thinks the guys he’s got can do the job, they’ll be fine. But if not, 2011, meet 2010 and 2009.

Derek Jeter: Not football-related, but a certain sportswriter who was monitoring the Yankees game during the draft tells me he’s “terrible.” What? It was a theme!

Marvin Austin: The big fella out of Carolina was taken by the Giants, which would be fine, if the Giants didn’t play in New York City. The guy who single-handedly unearthed an agent and academic scandal at Carolina (still ongoing!) via his own Twitter account doesn’t need the bright lights of the Big Apple.

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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

FAILBLOG on the Lions there buddy need to do your home work-The Detroit Lions offensive line was tied for the 6th fewest sacks allowed in the NFL, but they were the 5th best when you account for the amount of pass attempts they had. The Lions allowed a sack on only 4.2% of their pass plays, bested by only the Colts, Giants, Saints and Falcons.

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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

Here is a pretty good take from Boston on the Pats Mallett pick.


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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

How can CBS allow such rubbish to be posted.  Brinson obvioiusly has no clue at all as to what is happening in the NFL Draft.  His complete and total blunder regarding Cincinnati's pick in the second round destroys any credability he may have had.  He says that Buffalo is haveing a great draft because they drafted defense in the first three rounds.  I guess that Mr. Clueless did not do his homework.  If he did, he would haave known that Buffalo had one of the worst offenses in the NFL last season, being held to 17 or fewer points in their last 6 games, and in 11 out of their 16 games.  THeir defense held opponents to under 20 points 6 times.   He praises theWashington Redskins for trading down, basically eliminating any chance of them getting to a Superbowl.  i thought the objuct of the game was to get to the Superbowl.   The people who read the garbage on CBS are the biggest losers.  Between Brinson and Freeman, CBS gets a D- for their coverage.

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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

I'm sorry, I was unclear. I saw videos of LOCKER nailing passes 40 and 50 yards downfield and LOCKER has a great work ethic.

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NFL Draft day 2: Winners and losers

Any fan who says Locker is too inaccurate doesn't get it. Accuracy is one of the most curable things in the world. What dooms a quarterback is a poor mental attitude *coughcough*Mallet*coughcough*. Even with VY the Titans were able to correct his throwing making him much more accurate. I saw videos of him nailing passes 40 and 50 yards downfield. The most important thing is that he has the WORK ETHIC to get in there and fix what needs to be fixed. His work ethic, arm, and mental toughness are what will make Jake Locker a good if not great NFL QB.

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