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What the NFL draft taught us

Posted on: April 30, 2011 8:39 pm
C. Newton will try to make it big in Carolina (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

NEW YORK – Well, the 2011 NFL draft has come and gone. The ESPN and NFL Network sets, the podium and the big-screen TVs can be placed back into storage – along with the 2011 NFL season for now.

That being said, the draft taught us quite a few things about where the organizations are going and, maybe, why they won’t get there. Here are a few observations about what we learned.

1. The Panthers still have no idea about their quarterback situation – and about their direction in general: It feels like Carolina HAD to take Cam Newton with the No. 1 pick, and if the Panthers hadn’t, Newton could have fallen all the way until the middle of the first round. So, Carolina has taken a quarterback in the second round (Jimmy Clausen) and a quarterback in the first round (Newton) in back-to-back years. Are they any better now than they were three days ago? Probably not. Are they actually in a worse spot than they were three days ago? Quite possibly.

2. The Raiders still are too in love with speed:
Their third-round pick (CB DeMarcus Van Dyke) is really fast, but other than that, he has many way too many deficiencies. Their fourth-round pick (CB Chimdi Chekwa) is really fast, but he isn’t a great cover guy. Their second fourth-round pick (RB Taiwan Jones) is really fast, but he’s very brittle. It’s a replay of almost every other season. Which likely means Oakland still isn’t going to be much better than average for the foreseeable future.

3. The Patriots might be the new Bengals: OK, that’s perhaps a bit of a stretch, but maybe could you make the case that Bill Belichick’s arrogance of drafting players with off-the-field issues this year compares to Mike Brown’s indifference of drafting players with off-the-field issues. Either way, the Patriots took QB Ryan Mallett (you know his story well by now) in the third round and TE Lee Smith (who left Tennessee for Marshall after he was arrested on a DUI charge). Now, the Patriots will have to make sure they keep those guys in line. The Bengals haven’t always done such a great job of that, but I think Belichick can manage just fine.

4. Apparently, everything is cool with quarterbacks in Arizona, Seattle and Buffalo: Maybe those front offices forgot they’ll enter 2011 with Derek Anderson/Max Hall/John Skelton and Matt Hasselbeck/Charlie Whitehurst, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, respectively. I kid, I kid. The Bills apparently like Fitzpatrick, and the Cardinals almost certainly will go to free agency to find a QB. Maybe, though, those three teams also subscribed to the theory that this year’s quarterback class wasn’t really all that tremendous and decided to try another route to fill the needs of their team.

5.Maybe teams should look more toward the north part of the South for pro prospects:
Nine (!) North Carolina players were drafted (that’s right; I double-checked), six Clemson players were taken (and Da’Quan Bowers was only the third picked!), and, hell, even three Appalachian State players were nabbed. Why, then, were the Tigers and the Tar Heels a combined 14-12?

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What the NFL draft taught us

There exists in all likelihood not really is a significant investigate of the things anybody is always than what he is doing every time they are obviously wholly totally free in order to select.

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What the NFL draft taught us

I think the contrary is true for the Panthers. The Panthers showed exactly where they are going. They drafted the most talented prospect in this years draft. Cam Newton has more physical ability than any other QB. He will bring a face to a franchise that has been exceptionally mediocre & boring for years now. If Newton pans out and lives up to his immense physical ability he may end up being the best QB in football down the road. People act like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady & Drew Brees are going to be playing until the end of time. Eventually those guys will retire & by then Newton may be the best QB in the league. I think he is a very under-rated passer. He ran last year at Auburn because that is what their OC asked him to do. When he was asked to pass he actually showed great pocket presence, escapability & 90% of the time he hung in the pocket and passed the ball. He does a lot of things you can't teach. He also has shown to be a great leader with a strong work ethic. I have a feeling that 3 or 4 years from now people will look at picking Newton as a no brainer & wonder what all the fuss was about. People keep bringing up them giving up on last years concensus "pro ready" QB Jimmy Clausen saying the Panthers should give him another chance. If you watched Clausen play last year you wouldn't be saying that. Clausen looks like career backup material. As Jim Harbaugh said Newton is high grade plutonium raw material. His athleticism alone will make the Panthers more dangerous both in the run game & passing game. All I can say is a love all the haterade raining down on Cam Newton. he is exactly the kind of player who will take it all in, work hard on his craft and stick it back in everyone's face.  

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Posted on: May 4, 2011 12:36 pm

What the NFL draft taught us

Jimmy was their guy last year and now he is done. 

Wonder if this same statement will apply to Cam this time next year?

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Posted on: May 1, 2011 1:36 pm

What the NFL draft taught us

It teaches us every year that Mel Kiper Jr and the rest of the talking heads on ESPN are full of crap.  I'd love to make a highlight reel of Mel Kiper Jr telling us all these guys are great prospects.. guys that are out of the league in 2 years.

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Posted on: April 30, 2011 11:49 pm

What the NFL draft taught us

The Panthers were in the same position the Saints were when they took Bush. On paper it looked like a great pick, and how do you not take the Hiesman player when he is Nr.1 or 2 on almost everyones list without coming out with egg on your face.. Bush is not really what you could call a complete flop like J. Russel, but he sure has not preformed like a Nr2 pick, I just hope the Panthers don't have the same out come with Newton. Even though they are in the same division with the Saints, it wouldn't hurt for Newton to stumble a little, but I really do wish him good Luck, I think.

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Posted on: April 30, 2011 11:12 pm

What the NFL draft taught us

It taught us that speculation by all the so called experts is just that...speculation. Tom Brady was not highly thought of by the so-called experts and went in the sixth round. Shannon Sharpe was not highly thought of by the so-called experts and went in the 7th round....There are plenty more of these stories....Then there are the first round busts touted by the so-called experts but never re-examined again. If you lined up all the so-called experts and told them to pick who they thought will be the best player 3 years from now, their guess would be just as good as ours...the people who follow this speculation.

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Posted on: April 30, 2011 8:52 pm

What the NFL draft taught us

On Cam, I just do not get the pick for them.  Jimmy was their guy last year and now he is done.  Wow, I actually feel sorry for the little guy.  I can see Al Davis jumping up and down everytime his speed makes a play telling people "See, speed wins, speed wins!"  Bengals and Pats.  Hum, not yet, but the mighty Bill believes he can do anything including fly.  I love that some teams are insane to think a QB is slighty overrated and they will get one down the road.  I just hope the road is not dark and kind of creepy.  For drafting players, those are teams we get to see Saturday (I feel a 4 letter network reference here...) and I guess they are watching.  However, it was nice to see Colin and Andy (the QBS out West) taken so early.   I loved the draft, watched the whole thing and now feel like it is time for a bath.

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