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Brees is paying for the Saints' extra workouts

Posted on: May 5, 2011 12:20 am
Posted by Will Brinson

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Drew Brees and 37 other Saints were working out voluntarily to try and gain an edge for the 2011 season.

But there's an even more fascinating twist to the story: Brees is paying for the workouts. The former Super Bowl MVP is footing the bill for "most of the expenses," according to Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, including the Tulane staff to work the players out as well as lodging and insurance for some younger members of the team.

And he doesn't appear to concerned about the possibility that the bill for the workouts could approach "five figures" because of the lockout.

"Who knows," Brees said. "We'll see. But it's worth it."

Brees' leadership role is clearly having an effect on the players.

"When you have a leader like that on your team, it makes it easy for guys to rally around and understand what's available to us," right tackle Jon Stinchcomb said.

Stinchcomb's right -- as I said in the previous post about the Saints' workouts, it's pretty obvious that leadership is going to show itself with these offseason workouts through the way that various teams workout sans structure from the clubs.
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"I feel like the more organized you can be as a team and the more that you can communicate during this time ... I think the better off we'll be once the season does come around," Brees said.

He's right. But how many guys will actually (and literally) put their money where their mouth is in a situation like this? Answer: probably not many.

This is why Brees is a respected leader in the league, a Super-Bowl champion, and the most vocal of the named plaintiffs in the current antitrust suit against the NFL.

In a time when players are supposed to be saving money and worrying about their future, and when many of them are being derided by fans for fighting over a large sum of money, the example Brees is setting is almost bafflingly impressive.

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Brees is paying for the Saints' extra workouts

Drew Brees has a contract to renegotiate with the Saints very soon.  He already makes north of $10 mill per, so forking out $10-20K to pay expenses for team workouts during the lockout makes perfect business sense.  Any advantage he can purchase that cheaply that could give him a leg up on pulling down a $18-20 mill contract after next season is easily worth the investment.  I'm not saying anything negative against Drew, I love the guy and I'm a big Saints fan.  I'm just saying there is a strong business mo
tivation to do what he's doing, as well as the solid character, team leader stuff.

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Brees is paying for the Saints' extra workouts

The first post is hysterical, really!  Reggie Bush s*cks.  Big ups to Brees, but really, this is just Drew Brees being Drew Brees.  How many people are really going to be floored when they hear about this? Exactly.  Who dat, who dat, who dat der gonna beat dem Saints?!

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Brees is paying for the Saints' extra workouts

Well i can be sure for one thing, i bet Reggie Bush isnt paying for jack....... He probably wouldnt show up even if President Obama was footing the bill. Because he knows he is gonna get passed up by Mark Ingram just like all the others did before him. Brees might have not even invited him.

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