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McNabb's agent responds to Bernard Hopkins

Posted on: May 12, 2011 8:55 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

You remember how legendary boxer Bernard Hopkins got nasty with Donovan McNabb the other day, basically calling him an Uncle Tom and saying that he was only a guy with a suntan?

McNabbIt was disgusting and ruthless and, oh yeah, Hopkins has a fight coming up later this month that he wants you to watch. Even so, the comments were unfair toward McNabb.

"Why do you think McNabb felt he was betrayed?” Hopkins asked, referring to the Eagles trade of McNabb to the Redskins. “Because McNabb is the guy in the house, while everybody else is on the field. He's the one who got the extra coat. The extra servings. 'You're our boy.’ He thought he was one of them."

All of which compelled McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith, to make a retorting comment (because it’s hard to imagine “the rarely say anything controversial” McNabb standing up for himself in a situation like this).

Said Smith, via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Ill-informed statements such as the perplexing one Mr. Hopkins muttered recently are dangerous and irresponsible. It perpetuates a maliciously inaccurate stereotype that insinuates those African-Americans who have access to a wider variety of resources are somehow culturally different than their brethren.

Donovan successfully lead the Philadelphia Eagles franchise for a decade. He is the ultimate professional. On the field, he embodied confidence, hard work, assertiveness and a mutual respect for his teammates and the organization. Off the field, Donovan has been an outspoken advocate in the fight against diabetes, which has disproportionally affected the black community. He has given his time to bring awareness to this disease, which unfortunately affects 4.9 million African-Americans. Additionally, he is also involved in many other social initiatives. Donovan has always prided himself on being a leader who possesses impenetrable integrity. He will continue to exemplify the same characteristics in his future endeavors and will remain committed to serving all communities.

Donovan’s parents are proud Americans who worked hard to give their sons the best childhood they could provide. He is unapologetically proud of sacrifices they made for him. Donovan and his brother were raised to be hard-working African-American men who were taught to believe in themselves.

It is vital that we extinguish this brand of willful ignorance and instill in the minds of African-American youth regardless of the parental makeup of your household they can become anything they wish if they work hard and make the right decisions in life.

I wish Mr. Hopkins luck in his upcoming fight.

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McNabb's agent responds to Bernard Hopkins

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McNabb's agent responds to Bernard Hopkins

I can't remember any other professional athlete who has caught more flack without deserving it than Donovan McNabb. The guy has been a class act from day 1. He doesn't get in trouble off the field, he give back to the community, he has been a winner, and made chicken salad out of chickenS**t for years with subpar receiving talent around him in Philly. So the Eagles deceided they'd gotten about as far as they were going to get with McNabb and chose to move on from an aging veteran.... that happens every year. So McNabb wasn't a great fit in the offensive scheme in Washington... but in all fairness what did McNabb have around him to work with? Besides an aging Santana Moss and Chris Cooley, you have players that no one had even heard of before this year starting around him (Anthony Armstrong, Ryan Torrain, etc). Washington was not a good team last year. Either way, what has McNabb ever done to deserve the amount of criticism he draws on a seemingly annual basis. Bernard Hopkins is a great boxer, but since when does he have the right to judge a profootball player and individual of the calibur of McNabb? Hopkins should shut up and stick to boxing, McNabb is going to land somewhere when the season starts and help a team win some games (Minnesota maybe? As a stopgap/mentor for Christian Ponder & Joe Webb).

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McNabb's agent responds to Bernard Hopkins

George Bush doesn't care about black people...

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McNabb's agent responds to Bernard Hopkins

Who is Bernard Hopkins? never heard of him...

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McNabb's agent responds to Bernard Hopkins

Hopkins loves to say things to hype a fight, remember his stomping of the Puerto Rican flag in PR before he whooped  Trinindad, the anti white comment vs Calzaghe before Cal beat him up, now the anti black comment vs Mcnab....the guy needs to grow up.

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McNabb's agent responds to Bernard Hopkins

The best respond to Bernard Hopkins comment of McNabb is for McNabb not to respond at all. Who cares what Hopkins have to say anyway and he has proven to all of us that too much punching to the head can be detrimental to one's health. I don't blame him though. If you get hit on the head as often as these fighters do, all you see is stars and everything else is just a "white" blur.

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