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GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

Posted on: May 13, 2011 3:54 pm
Edited on: May 13, 2011 3:54 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Given the current labor climate, it's been pretty impressive to see NFL players in various cities rally around the leaders of their respective teams and start firing up some offseason workouts.

But it's easy to be optimistic when nothing's going wrong -- in a piece that ran Friday, Don Banks of Sports Illustrated talked to a GM who expressed concern about the future of these workouts once a major injury happens.

"Quite honestly, I'm waiting for the first ACL tear that happens and then we'll see if anyone talks about how great this whole workout program is for these young guys," the GM said. "I just think the potential downside outweighs the benefit. I know that's probably not conventional thinking, considering the Redskins won two championships off this kind of thing. [...]

NFL Labor

"Let someone lose their quarterback for eight months because he slipped and hurt something, be it a Drew Brees, a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning, then we'll see how fast these camps continue."

The unnamed GM is correct -- if someone who is a) extremely notable or b) angling for a new contract suffers a major injury during these workouts, they'll probably come to a quick halt.

And while freak injuries are a part of exercising (for anyone), it's worth noting that these voluntary workouts aren't exactly conducive to serious injury problems -- Brees noted that players "take a risk by being here" but also pointed out that there's "absolutely no contact."

And from the perspective of the players involved, it also helps to keep them together at a time when they appear to need unity more than ever.

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GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

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GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

It's one thing to work out in the off season but these guys get paid Millions ..... Let's get back to work ..... the fans are waiting! Get serious, and don't get hurt!!!!

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GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

Would love to see Peyton or one of the stars do exactly that. Tired of Smith and this group of players not appreciating the benefits they have enjoyed to date. How about they start "kicking back" some of that money from appearances and sponsorships (43% sounds like a good number) back to the former players and owners, the real stewards of the league. Those are the ones who made the game great. Let Peyton go to the CFL to eclipse the records of the great Warren Moon, while his offered contract (the richest in league history, that is) hits the shredder.

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Posted on: May 14, 2011 12:21 pm

GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

What you are missing is that in previous years, players were "covered" by their teams.  Any injury that ocurred would not affect their contracts. Now, any injury is "non-football" related, and the player is on his own.

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Posted on: May 14, 2011 10:41 am

GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

@jltexas - You must be too young to remember a time when the media wasn't allowed to report anything that wasn't true and verified.  Now that the media conglomerates own all of our media, they do whatever they want and why the majority of us make fun of their horrible style of journalism.

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GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

Well, if the players did not work out now to stay fit then come season (if there is one) there would be injury, after injury, after injury from not doing it. Not to mention some "rusty" football. Injury's are going to occur no matter what and doing some kind condition just hopefully helps it occur less. It's BS anyways, they shouldn't even be in this position to begin with...

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Posted on: May 14, 2011 2:56 am

GM: '1st ACL tear' to dampen voluntary workouts?

HUMMMMMMJM, unnamed sources actually brought about the end of President Richard Nixon, forcing him to resign. Folks get your heads out your azzes, the news media can report anything they wish in any mannert hey wish untill it gets ina court of law they do not have to reveal those sources.

Now for my take on it all. Basically this GM has said exactly what I have posted several times. See its real easy to sustain an injury that can take you out for a season or a career even in non contact drills.  When soome player ends up injured are the other players there participating going to pay him for his time missed? Reason I ask is that the team is definitely not going to, nor are they required to. Your are violating one of the terms of your contract in most instances by participating. The "non-union" needs to step up and end the farce they are pulling. As with 1987, when it comes down to the brass tacks of it all, that union contract means diddly to 75% of the leagues players. The only players that the union contract really proctects are the 3rd stringers, or base rate players. Any player making over base will play regardless because they are the ones that have more to lose. That is exactly why during the strike of 1987 50% of the players crossed the picket lines to play, yeah sure ya had a few stalwarts that stood thier ground and some teams actually paid thier players to NOT PLAY during the "replacement games". The facts are that when it all comes down to it the highest paid players will be there, they have too much to lose.

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