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2011 NFL Lockout Issues

Posted on: May 26, 2011 1:03 pm
Edited on: May 26, 2011 5:44 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Because you need reminding, there's a lockout going on. Just kidding -- we did think it'd be helpful to break down all the lockout-related issues for you.

Revenue Sharing: Surprise, surprise, but money is the biggest issue between the NFL and the NFLPA. Imagine you and your business partner have a really large pie that’s worth $9 billion. Would you have trouble figuring out who got how much pie? Probably.

Size of the ‘Pie’: The owners have proposed taking $2 billion off the top of revenue -- as opposed to their current $1 billion -- thus shrinking the pie. The smaller the pie, the more contentious the debate to divide it, unless the players are satisfied with a chunk being taken out before anyone starts slicing it.

Financial Information from Owners: The players want to know what the owners are spending all their money on, since they say that the NFL’s profits are declining. The owners don’t want to offer them. This isn’t a dealbreaker ... if the owners are willing to take less pie.

Rookie Wage Scale: Remember when JaMarcus Russell got $60 million in guaranteed contract money? Well, no one on the owners' side wants that to happen again. Repeat: NO ONE. The problem is, the players don’t want to hamstring themselves too much in terms of earning potential and don’t want this to affect veterans either.

18-Game Schedule: Well, it’s an “issue” in that the NFL wants it. But the NFLPA says it won’t even consider the addition of games without boosts to player safety, and maybe not even then. The NFL appears willing to concede 18 games for the immediate future. Players do NOT like the idea unless it means increased paychecks.

Salary Cap: The NFL proposed an 18-percent rollback of the cap during pre-lockout negotiations. You won’t believe this, but the players didn’t really like that idea. Naturally, this is a pretty big point of contention, because the less teams are allowed to spend on players, the less the players can actually get paid.

Player Safety: A sticking point for DeMaurice Smith, player safety is naturally pretty important. The NFLPA doesn’t want players’ careers shortened any more than they already are, and while the NFL does often talk about keeping players safe, there’s a certain hypocrisy with trying to tack on two more games at the same time.

State of the Union: This is actually the lynchpin for both sides in terms of their legal argument. If the courts believe the NFLPA has truly dissolved as a union, they have to lift the lockout. If they don’t, they will not be very likely to lift the lockout. 

Semantics: You will hear NFL/owner-folk use the phrases “negotiate” and “collectively bargain” a lot as we continue down this path. You will not hear NFLPA people saying stuff like that. This goes back to whether or not the union actually exists (it does not, technically). The players will take special care not to say anything that could make them appear to really be a union that is collectively bargining. 

Longevity: This isn’t mentioned as much, but it might be the most important point, because no one wants a “band-aid deal” that gets the NFL, the NFLPA and the fans back into this position in another five years. A fair deal that spans a decade would be stupendous.

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2011 NFL Lockout Issues

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2011 NFL Lockout Issues

Sorry for the misspells in my previous post, I typed it in a hurry, lol.

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Posted on: July 23, 2011 12:10 pm

2011 NFL Lockout Issues

Ok, this is getting rediculous and more and more obvious that this is more like a battle of egos and greed cloaked in a translucent concern for the players' safety, the success of the NFL, and "getting back to football" for the fans (you know, without them, you can forget about your money talks). 

Just a thought for ach of the 'issues' on the table...

Revenue Sharing:
Its supposed to be a team game, there is no revenue without the players or the owners. Even the league minimum is a nice living, the owners seem to be financially well off, call me crazy. At what point does this sound like just a pissing match to see who can get more cash in their posckets? How about three weeks ago? 

Size of the ‘Pie’: 
See above comment

Rookie Wage Scale:
A rookie is unproven. Period. You hear it all the time, the NFL's pace is so much faster than college. Even the best college players have a problem adjusting. This is simply the players being greedy. The owners are correct on this one, the players need to see the reality of this issue, agree to it, and move on. 

18-Game Schedule:
Boost in player safety? What a painfully obvious stall tactic or ploy to break down negotiations. Players safety is a concern the moment they get on the field. They are conditioned athletes, they can play a couple more games, unless they a just little girls. Increased paychecks to play 2 more games? Yeah, this doesn't sound like greed at all!

Salary Cap:
Again, player greed seems to be the hurdle here. The salary cap is an effort to help level the playing field and add some parity to the league, not shrink the players already inflated bank accounts. Hey NFLPA, think of this, if this salary cap is agreed to, maybe the ownres would agree to share more of the revenue? Buncha freakin geniuses this NFLPA. NOT! 

Player Safety:
Player safety is important, but short of wrapping players in 3 feet of buble wrap, there's always going to be a risk. This to me is a lower priority ecause of two reasons,
1. The risk is always there regardless of advancements in safety technology
2. This seems more like a side project, an ongoing one, where R&D is supported for developing advancements in player safety. The shortened careers thing seems pretty weak of an argument when you look back on players from the Otto Graham/Jim brown era. It makes today's players seem like, well, again...babies.

State of the Union: 
So far, from what I can see, the NFLPA players union is a nice gig, not too much work until the contracts need revised, and its becoming more and more obvious that intelligence isn't a prerequisite. From my view, it seems that the NFLPA union is more of a problem than a piece of the solution. 

Give me a break, can the NFLPA even spell this word correctly???

Ten years seems like a nice long contract. The the NFLPA can go back to their golf courses and BBQ decks for another 10 years. The longevity was offerred in the last contract the owners ratified, the NFLPA just kept tripping over their egos. Nice work NFLPA, if you want a vacation for a year, why don't you just say it. If not, grow up, swallow the greed issues and ego, and get back to work, this is bigger than you believe it or not. 

In Summary, if I haven't made it clear above, is this. The NFLPA needs to get a deal done now. I know the owners are greedy too, but they at least have had the awareness that none of this matters unless there is a football season. They weren't trying to corner or steamroll the NFLPA into a decision, they just wanted to get the season rolling for the sake of all involved, including the fans. From what I observed, the NFLPA has issues with the owners that should be left at the door, the egos were obvious when they stated that the owners were just trying to turn the fans against them. Really? Give me a break, so far, the NFLPA doesn't need any help from the owners in doign that so far.

Half of the issues meantioned above should be able to be resolved in an afternoon of dsicussion with the right meditation.

Hey NFLPA, I hate to burst your bubble, but the owners have more skin in the game and always have. They have a right to certain things, check your arrogant selves. Enough is enough, quit the boardroom games and start the gridiron games already, the fans aren't paying you to putz around in an office. 


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2011 NFL Lockout Issues

YES Jamarcus is now the poster child, and we in San Diego are very grateful that baton has been passed to our friends the Raiders

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2011 NFL Lockout Issues

Ok, so the above are the issues.

It's seriously rumored we're close to an agreement, so what do your sources say is the resoluion of each of the above?  In other words, have some of them been resolved and how?  And, do others remain open?

Tell us something important!


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2011 NFL Lockout Issues

The idea that this class will simply sign off on a new labor deal without having individual circumstances addressed isn't being embraced by the NFL Players Association, and some sources on the players' side believe these legal matters could linger into next week given the opposite stances at play.

These plaintiffs weren't chosen haphazardly, and the lawyers realize that Mankins, Jackson and Umenyiora all have owners who are on the NFL Management Council Executive Committee and directly involved in negotiations. The players also want language enforced that would prohibit teams from franchising a player more than once.

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2011 NFL Lockout Issues

Jamarcus is the poster child, huh. Not Ryan Leaf? Alex Smith?

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Posted on: July 18, 2011 3:10 pm

2011 NFL Lockout Issues

Are you kidding ? Who owns the Packers ? You don't need owners to play football but I think you need players. Would you go to watch owners count they're money ? You probably would.

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