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Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress

Posted on: May 30, 2011 2:02 pm
Edited on: May 30, 2011 10:58 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Plaxico Burress will be released from prison on June 6 after serving more than 20 months for, well, accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub in November 2008. The punishment may not have fit the crime, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wanted to make an example out of Burress, presumably to serve as a warning to others who might consider carrying a loaded weapon in public (or shooting themselves with it, for that matter).

At the time, Bloomberg was clear: "I don't think that anybody should be exempt from [three-and-a-half years behind bars for illegally carrying a loaded handgun]. And I think it would be an outrage if we don't prosecute to the fullest extent of the law."

Now, almost two years later, Burress will finally get his release. For most inmates about to earn their freedom, the biggest concerns about life on the outside often include finding gainful employment and staying out of trouble. The latter is linked to the former, so landing a job is paramount. Which brings us to this: What will the NFL market be for Burress' services once the lockout is resolved?

First, some background: Burress last caught a pass in an NFL game on November 16, 2008. Still with the Giants, and less than a year removed from a Super Bowl title, Burress had just three receptions for 47 yards against the Ravens before a hamstring injury forced him to the sidelines, and a few days later, a self-inflicted gunshot wound changed his life. The next time Burress suits up in an NFL game he will be 34, the age most players begin their transition to life after football.

So the dilemma facing potential suitors goes something like this:
  • After more than 20 months behind bars, does Burress have anything left?
  • How would he fit in with new coaches/teammates/scheme? 
  • Will he stay out of trouble? 
All questions NFL front offices will undoubtedly consider, and a few of them will be ready to sign Burress once we have a 2011 season. In today's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column, Sports Illustrated's Peter King lists his early front runners.

"I think [Burress will] have two or three teams very interested. My guess is the Jets, Eagles and Raiders will be involved (the Jets if they don't sign Randy Moss), and I'll tell you a team that should be interested: Cleveland. A reborn Burress would do a good job giving Colt McCoy a threat he doesn't have right now -- if Burress is in shape and as interested in resuming his career as I've heard."

The Jets have proven time and again that they are unafraid to hitch their wagon to players with baggage (apparently, there's plenty of room on the wagon for both). Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie and Braylon Edwards are the most recent examples, and they helped the Jets to their second consecutive AFC Championship Game appearance last January. Coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum know what they're doing.

There is also the possibility that Edwards and Holmes could be lost via free agency should there be a season. That explains the interest in Randy Moss, although neither Moss nor Burress offer Mark Sanchez quite the dynamism that Edwards and Holmes provided a year ago.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, intimately familiar with incarceration and second chances, appeared on Philadelphia's WIP last week and said that he'd love to have Burress on his team.

"Absolutely -- it would be a great addition for our team," said Vick, according to "With the guys we have now, I think we can fit him in and make it work. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to put that ring on your finger at the end of the year.

"I think certainly Plaxico is going to come out with a chip on his shoulder the same way I did, and he'll go out and help this football team to whatever capacity he can. I think the guys would be willing to embrace him and bring him in. If that happens, who knows? We talking about 'what ifs' now? It would certainly be a good thing."

Assuming Burress could recapture his past form, it would give the Eagles a third legitimate wideout after DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin (not to mention tight end Brent Celek). There's also a running game featuring LeSean McCoy and Vick, an offensive line bolstered by first-round pick Danny Watkins, and an already-explosive offense suddenly seems more dangerous. And let's be honest, if anybody can relate to what Burress has been through, it's Vick.

King also mentions the Browns, a team mired in futility, and on its fourth coach since 2004. The organization hired Mike Holmgren as team president in 2010 to turn things around. He drafted quarterback Colt McCoy, who played better than anyone expected as a rookie, and added wide receiver Greg Little in April. Still, Cleveland is in need of a big-play, pass-catching threat; Josh Cribbs isn't quite there and Burress could be an attractive short-term solution while McCoy and his young offensive teammates gain experience.

Whether Burress has any interest in going to the Browns is a different matter entirely, although Ron Cook, a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, thinks the Steelers should give Burress a look. Pittsburgh drafted Burress in the first round of the 2000 draft, and he was then-rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's favorite target in 2004. The Steelers chose not to re-sign him after his contract expired following the season, and Burress ended up with the Giants, where he won a Super Bowl in 2008.

This is just a hunch, but the Steelers will have no interest in Burress; they currently have a depth chart full of quality young receivers to go along with veteran Hines Ward. If they take a chance on any 6-4 wideout, it will be Limas Sweed, their 2008 second-round pick who has battled injuries and drops in an unexceptional three-year career.

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Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress

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Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress

U'd think Plax would never want to step foot in NY again, let alone play for a NY team after NY made an example of him?  I wish him the best but think he's done.  A team will sign him this year, assuming there is a this year.  he'll sit the bench with an injury all year and will fade into oblivion. 

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 12:07 pm

A CORPSE!!!???!!!

What?! The Browns have a WR corpse? Why in the he11 would they keep something like that around the club house? You'd think someone would notice and report it. hmmm... disgusting and odd.
Hey 8Cowgirls22, how do you figure,
 "the sentence Plaxico Burress received for shooting himself was a travesty of justice."
The dude brought a LOADED HANDGUN into a night club. You cannot do that. The law is clear. He broke the law. He also discharged a round. He could have easily killed someone! He's lucky the leg he shot was his own. If it would have been someone else's leg, Plax would be in a whole different world right now. NOBODY would be talking about what team might pick him up.
There. Had to get that off my chest.
You're right about the FEagles. They probably won't give him a real look. The Browns would be a good fit, but I like him going to the Vikings or the Raiders. 

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 8:12 am

Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress

"Shackles and Chains"

Let me tell you a story about a kid named Joey.  Now Joey was an all american kid who liked the extra money he got from his paper route and the freedom it afforded him. Every morning just before dawn he would peddle his way to the drop off point for his papers and collate them and pack them neatly into his baskets for delivery. It was was a habit of his to read the sports section every morning ,as this was the only thing that interest him other than Beetle Bailey ! He would hit the big head lines and a few of his favorites and take off in time to complete his route and make it to school on time. Joey came from a good family and went to church regularly. His passion other than spending that hard earned money was football. His dad played football and had a shot at the NFL but his knees would dictate otherwise. A fate that could have been avoided if not for an over zealous high school coach !
   Joey had visions of grandeur about being a super star in the NFL. He worked hard at his game and just knew that one day they would be calling his name out on the loud speaker and it just ran chills down his spine to think about it.

   Ten years later Joey was still serving a sentence for grand theft auto and strong armed robbery. Never to play the game, never to lead a descent life, never to look at himself in the mirror and like what he saw. When arrested, the dectective whom knew Joeys Father asked him something, Joey,, What were thinking son, what in the world was going on in that head of yours ?   Sir, Joey said with tears rolling down a sleepless face, I got together with some friends of mine that night and we drank some beer and also some other things I do not wish to talk about. We wanted to go to the Beach and needed money. My friends convinced me I wouldn't get caught and if by some chance we did get caught, Hell, the NFL would take me anyway and probably make a book out of it to boot ! I couldn't lose sir, It was a win,win situation. Don't you see mister, don't you?  Joey, what about all the people you hurt, what about them ? People don't matter if you got money and a NFL contract! Joey, whats the matter with you, how in the world did you get these ideas in your head ? The sports section sir, the sports section.

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 7:12 am

Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress

First, let's say the sentence Plaxico Burress received for shooting himself was a travesty of justice. Also, it was a mayor seeking votes for re-election. Before we can speculate, which of theams mentioned above(Jets, Raiders or Eagles) will try and sign him, let's remember he has been in prison for 20 months and he has not played in quite some time.

Remember, it took Michael Vick at least a year before he became productive after his 2nd year back. I expect it will take Burress the same amount of time before he can be productive in any system. I'm a bit surprised the Eagles would give him a look with so many other weapons. The Browns would be a better fit, because they basically have a train wreck of a team and WR corpse.

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Posted on: May 31, 2011 7:25 pm

Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress

I think that the Eagles will take a shot at getting Plax,followed by the Jets,then the Raiders. Even though Plax been out of the league for close to two years he's going to still consider himself as a #1 receiver whether it's the Eagles,Jets,or Raiders. With that being said,problems will arise if he was to sign with the Eagles and Jets due to the current receiver corps. His best shot to be the #1 receiver is to play for the Raiders or the Browns.

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Posted on: May 31, 2011 4:04 pm

Several NFL teams might have interest in Burress

gmen should take him back ina heartbeat...another run at a ring with the best wr group in football wooo go gmen!@

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