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Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

Posted on: June 5, 2011 1:27 pm
Edited on: June 5, 2011 4:20 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

If you had to pick one NFL player who's had arguably the most tumultous individual offseason, Dez Bryant of the Cowboys would be a good candidate.

He's been sued by local jewelers, he's gotten in a tiff with mentor Deion Sanders, he's been banned from a mall for wearing saggy pants, he's been absent from team workouts, and the Cowboys have expressed general concern with what he's been up to this offseason.

So, it's gotta be good for the team to hear that Bryant's taking care of business lately.

"I have a handle on it and it's done," Bryant said in response to a question about his financial issues. "It's in the past and I'm ready to go ahead from here."

Also nice: Bryant predicts that the lockout won't affect the NFL season!

"There will be an NFL season and I think we will start on time," Bryant said. "I know Dallas will be ready to go, and I'll be ready to put on my helmet and go to work."
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That's probably a stretch, but whatever -- anything Bryant can do in order to make sure he sounds totally gruntled is a good thing. Which makes the comments about relationship with the two most-famous faces of the Cowboys franchise, Jerry Jones and Tony Romo, also optimistic.

"From what I see, my relationship with Mr. Jones is fabulous," Bryant said. "The relationship between Big Tony and me is great. He believes in me and knows what I can do. If he throws a jump ball, he knows that I will go up and get it."

Bryant, in a wide-ranging interview, was also asked about the offense under the full-time guidance of Jason Garrett, and said he envisions it being "more aggressive."

"I think we'll be more aggressive this year with (Garrett) in charge," Bryant said. "I still have a bad taste in my mouth after starting 1-7 last year, and that makes me motivated and determined for this season."

All in all, if you're a Cowboys fan, you've got to be pretty pumped up about this whole sitdown at a department store in Oklahoma. Unless you're so cynical that you think Dez might have been coached-up before he got to the interview, which, naturally, featured tons of questions about stuff that public-relations people usually won't allow to be answered during a time of heavy labor strife.

That's not me being entirely skeptical about Bryant's interview; it does sound like he's kind of gotten things together after a bad start to the offseason.

Or, at the very least, he's hired someone who's taught him not to say stupid things publicly, which is a giant step forward anyway.

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Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

There exists without doubt hardly ever previously a much better evaluate of what someone is than what he does when he is definitely complimentary to decide on.

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Posted on: June 6, 2011 11:51 am

Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

How stupid are you dicegod? You are talking about banning pro sports and whining about how much they get paid, and here you are commenting on a webpage didicated to pro sports. Does your hypocrisy know no bounds?

Since: Jul 17, 2008
Posted on: June 6, 2011 10:25 am

Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

Summer 2012 ESPN 30/30 "What happened to Dez Bryant?", this guy is a total loser and will end up with nothing and cry like a little bit#h becasue of it.  He is one of those stupid people that just does not get it and never will.  See you on ESPN 30/30 LOSER!

Since: Jun 14, 2007
Posted on: June 5, 2011 8:04 pm

Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

Not sure who the "they" is you are referring to as far as getting a clue.  Ticket prices are established by the owners who will charge the absolute most they think they can charge and still have fannies in the seats.  It has ALWAYS been that way.  Sadly, cutting player salaries will have nothing at all to do with you being able to afford to bring your family to a game once in a while, it will only mean more money in the owner's pockets.  Player salaries are investments that very wealthy people make in the hopes that the performance and name recognition of the top players will help to improve the value of their teams.  No player that I have ever heard of has twisted the arm of an owner to get a ridiculously high salary. 

Since: Nov 6, 2006
Posted on: June 5, 2011 8:01 pm

Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

Armchair GM,

Sorry it took me a while to get back.. didn't see your post.

But I agree 100% that everyone should give, owners, politicians, etc.. Nothing makes more angry that watching Bill Gates give $1 million to something and he gets tons of press but some poor soul who makes $30k per year gives $10k and never gets recognition.  When Gates give 30% of his pre-tax worth I will be impressed... same thing with Obama, etc..  

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 7:27 pm

Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

Regarding the charity talk.  I don't believe in giving any more of my money to charity than required by law.  Every second I work, I'm giving to charity.  Charity in the form of Welfare, unemployment, social security, etc.  My hard earned money is going to support those whose don't (refuse) work.  If Obama and these bleeding heart liberals had it their way, we would be living in a socialist society where I would make just as much as these piece of shit, worthless scumbags that are bleeding America dry.  If I were Dez Bryant, I would continue to buy jewelery, cars, houses and lapdances until I got bored with it.  Strippers need money too.  Who effing cares what Dez Bryant does with his money...who effing cares if Dez Bryant goes broke...who effing cares if any athletes piss all their money away.  Not me. 
We spend all this wasted energy on talking about these pro athletes and these non-stories.  Make it stop.  Nobody effing cares. 

I hope the NFL and the NFLPA DON'T come to terms on a new CBA.  Lock them out.  Strike.  It doesn't matter.  Greed is the only thing keeping us from football right now.  I am a huge football fan, fantasy football player and gambler.  I live for football season because it is very entertaining to me.  But it is so irritating to watch this BS.  I hope we don't have a season. 

I wish we could join together and ban all pro sports.  Don't go to games, don't watch on TV, don't gamle on any of it.  Maybe then, they would get a clue and cut these salaries by 80% and I could afford to take my family to a game once in a while. 

Sorry, but I just needed to vent a little.  Have a great day.

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 6:53 pm

@SEC official-Let's ask the same of the owners

can you imagine what a different world we would live in if pro athletes gave that same % of their income instead of buying jewelry, cars, dances in strip clubs for their entourage, etc.?

Why stop at asking this about the athetes/entertainers? Let's include the team owners, the Republican Party and Fortune 500 types as well. Certainly after paying 0$ in taxes GE could find it in their hearts to be charitable. Does Redskins team owner Dan Snyder actually need a private jet and helicopters? Why can't Hank Paulson, the former treasury secretary who pocketed 450 MILLION Dollars-tax free give some of his money to churches also-you never hear a word about him/them doing that.

Why are the athletes only taken to task for selfishness when there are richer people who even more selfish? Why are athletes the only actors in this morality play?

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 4:31 pm

Dez Bryant: 'I have a handle' on money situation

This guy has a really physical style to his play. One that could lead to more than his fair share of injuries and a shorter career than he thinks. For that alone I hope this kid is smart with his money?

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