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Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

Posted on: June 8, 2011 8:00 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Perhaps it was a Freudian slip or wholly intentional. Either way, we chuckled at Jordan Palmer's comments Wednesday about his brother Carson, who had been the Bengals' starting quarterback the last seven years before proclaiming this offseason that things were so dysfunctional in Cincinnati that if he wasn't traded he would retire.

Meeting Wednesday with the local media for the first time this spring, Jordan was asked about Carson.

“The route I’m taking is I’m focused on the Bengals and myself. I’m getting myself prepared to be the guy and if I’m not I want to get this team as prepared as they can be. I’m separating myself from what Carson is doing. He’s my brother but he’s a former teammate going a different route and I’m focusing in what is front of me.”

Hear that, Carson? Former teammate. That shot across the bow came from your own flesh and blood. 

Actually, we're guessing that Jordan and Carson have discussed their NFL futures, and it's no secret among the Palmers or those with just a passing interest in football: Carson is serious when he says he'll retire if the Bengals don't trade him.

(That said, we were convinced that Carson quit midway through the 2010 season and was secretly replaced by Jordan, who was stuffed into a No. 9 jersey and assumed the starting role with predictably disastrous results. It would certainly explain Carson's steep fall-off from legit franchise quarterback to noodle-armed has-been.)
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Other than referring to Carson as a "former teammate," Jordan's comments were about what you would expect from a backup competing for a starting gig. Even in early June, during the middle of a lockout, Jordan is a long shot. The Bengals selected Andy Dalton in the second round of the 2011 draft and they sound like it will be his job to lose once the labor situation is settled. That possibility, however, hasn't changed Jordan's mindset.

“I definitely want to be the guy, I’m preparing to be the guy," Palmer said, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I’ve also told him (Dalton) that if he’s the guy it’s not because I’ve helped him out too much. It’s going to be because he’s more ready and better. When Carson came here he had Jon Kitna here to help him be a pro. I’m going to help him be a pro. I’d love to help him get there as fast as he can.”

During a normal offseason, Dalton's youth and inexperience would make Jordan the early favorite. But labor issues, and having to learn an entirely new offense (the club fired offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski after the season and hired Jay Gruden) means that everybody's behind. Veteran guard Bobbie Williams still feels sorry for the rookie.

“I don’t know. I’ll just say, God help the young man. I mean, he’s placed in a challenging position. But you know what, in this profession you’re always placed in a challenging position, it’s up to you how you (react) to it.”

If recent Bengals history is any guide, Dalton's in for a long season.

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Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

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Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

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Posted on: June 22, 2011 8:05 am

Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

Our entire country is founded on legal principals. Standing up for the Constitution and people's liberties is a pretty big deal.
Id agree with that.  Only everything is now based on case law, not the Constitution.   

I get it, you are a lawyer and think you are super important.  Gotcha.

Since: Nov 17, 2006
Posted on: June 14, 2011 12:52 am

Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

lawyers have doctorate degrees, they go to school and bust their asses, often going in debt hundreds of thousands of dollars. They sacrifice 3+ years of extra college years and several months of bar study. Sure there are some bad apples in the legal profession, but there are some good people out there doing real work that actually means something in life. Trivilializing the law is the sign of a person who lacks intelligence. Our entire country is founded on legal principals. Standing up for the Constitution and people's liberties is a pretty big deal. I see the work of organizations like the Innocence project that are saving innocent people from injustice- yeah that's amazing work (using DNA evidence to get wrongfully convicted people out of jail)...far more valuable, far more emotionally difficult, and far more redeemable than throwing a pigskin around the yard for millions of dollars. When people have a chance at the lottery ticket like Carson Palmer was handed you give your entire life to the endeavor....that's what the money is for. To see people who probably wouldn't make it in the real world "taking their money and going home" it makes me sick to see someone who was so lucky in life sh*t on the people who blessed him. So yeah, he sucks and so does everyone who defends him.

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 7:14 pm

Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

I can't believe some of the things people are posting on here.  Carson Palmer gave the Bengals and their horrible management much more than a lot of others would have.  He had every reason in the world NOT to come back after that horrific injury a few seasons ago, but he went out and did what he could with the game plan he was forced to run.

Some of you seem to forget that Carson Palmer was not the one calling the plays, nor was he the one responsible for putting the group of players on the field that he has had to endure.  In fact, until this "trade me or I will retire", all he is done is go out season after season and do what he could to try to win.  I am not a Bengals fan, and I really could care less about how bad their seasons have gone, but Manning is allowed to run the show in Indy.  Palmer has never had that luxury, and the cast of criminals and crybabies around him that Carson Palmer has.

The man is tired of losing, tired of taking a physical beating.  He wants a chance to win, or he is going to retire.  I honestly don't think that's at all being a primadonna, certainly not to the tune of #85 has.  They let his other good receiver walk, and despite a lack of success, the coaching staff remains there. 

It IS the same as Barry Sanders- Sanders was tired of losing and taking the beating.  He walked away and never looked back.  The team should cut him loose or trade him.  If he goes somewhere else and stinks it up, then people can say "hahahaa...the grass isn't always greener".  If he retires or goes somewhere else and plays well, it would be shutting some of you up and proving his point- the NFL IS a team game, and it takes more than one guy to win.  Especially a guy who has to run the plays that are called for him

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 5:35 pm

Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

Hmmm, would I rather be a Primadonna or a jealous bitter hater who thought "if coach had just put me in we would have taken state and I would have gone pro"! Here's an idea, take the money out of the equation and analyze your arguement. The fact is, Palmer doesn't set the market price, people such as yourself do by watching, attending, and purchasing merchandise!  Here's the deal Goober, if you are working for a company that is satisfied with being in the bottom half of their industry and not putting a total effort into achieving more, with an owner who hires over the hill or flunkies on the cheap from the other companies in the industry which in turn creates more work for you and could care less what input you have, would you stay there? Year after year? Apparently you would, that is why you are a bitter hater! Every company has its slackers, as does the NFL, however, stating that these athletes don't deserve the money they work for, and Palmer to be a pompous ass because he sees the culture the company he works for will not change under the current ownership is moronic and a reflection of your own bitterness and jealousy because of your own shortcomings!

He's not winning legal cases!
<span class="Apple-style-span" style="color: #333333;">WTF? I once read about a lawsuit where a burglar won a large sum of money because he hurt himself while trying to flee the scene of a crime he was committing! I guess the money that lawyer made is equal to his worth in actual life???

And Barry Sanders did quit the game for the same reason Palmer wants out of Cincy! He said it himself after the fact!


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Posted on: June 9, 2011 11:04 am

Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

I am happy with what Jordan said about his brother.  Now I only wish his brother would fill out the paperwork to retire.  He made it clear either trade me or I will retire.  Well the Bengals aren't trading you, so it's time to go.  The interesting thing is Carson has never stated in front of a camera or a reporter that he wants out.  I believe however this is the type of guy he is.  He has never been a rah rah guy or a look at me guy.  He has never been much a leader and does not have the personality to do it.  He could say I am going to stay here and help turn things around.  Instead he says I am going to take my ball and go home.  Enjoy the wife and kids Carson because you are going to be bored for years to come.  And there will always be the "What if" creep in.

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 10:46 am

Jordan refers to Carson as 'former teammate'

Yea he's running away from the team because trying to make the team better would require more work on his part! He is what they call a quitter! He's not as good as everybody thought he could be. He's a turncoat and is using Mike Brown as his escuse.

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