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Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

Posted on: June 9, 2011 1:53 pm
Edited on: June 9, 2011 2:14 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Kenny Britt must take some perverse pleasure in legal entanglements. Because a day after he pleaded guilty to careless driving in his hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey, Britt was -- you guessed it -- arrested again. This time in Hoboken where narcotics officers charged him with two counts of resisting arrest.

Britt was issued a summons and will have to show up in Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City on June 16, eight days since his last court appearance.

According to, the complaint says Britt "did purposely prevent or attempt to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of force or violence, specifically by refusing to open your hand when ordered to do so then pulling your hand away."

When you've just pled guilty to another offense hours before it only makes sense that you would hassle a cop at the first opportunity, right? Look, we understand that "refusing to open your hand when ordered to do so" ranks right below jaywalking when it comes abhorrent criminal behavior. But here's a thought: if you've just had a run-in with the law, and you're a relatively high-profile athlete (or just tired of getting arrested), open your hand when the police ask you to, you know, open your hand.

Instead, Britt was charged with using his body "to push away from the officers" and pulled his arm away "while not allowing the officers to handcuff" him.

To recap: the Titans' best receiver can't get separation from law officers who probably haven't played competitive sports since high school. You know, it's not too late for the team to reconsider re-signing Randy Moss.

In related news: Ray Lewis, upon hearing the latest, nodded knowingly, and continued to preach of the impending Armageddon crime spree if the lockout isn't promptly resolved. We've been warned.

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Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

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Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

One retraction on my part, he does have a prior record.  Of course not all cops are bad as I have said over and over lol, neither are they all good.

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Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

This is crazy! None of you were there, so how do you know what happened? Skreffty, not all cops are bad, just a handfull of bad ones make the press(tv, papers). Not all whites are Nazi's, not all blacks are Gangsters, not all Hispanics are illegal and not all cops are dirty. The bad ones make the headlines. You made reference that maybe the cops didn't like his skin color, where in the article did it say what color the arresting officers were? I didn't see that in there! 

What this article did say, is that Britt was arrested by NARCOTICS OFFICERS. FYI, Narcotics officers usually work in areas where narcotics are, which happens to be the same area Britt happens to patrol. Do you know who else hangs out in these "known" drug areas, drug addicts, drug dealers, people w/warrants as well as, people w/weapons and that is why the narcotics officers stopped him. If Britt was in a known drug area that narcotics officers were watching, they have every right to do a "Terry" stop on Mr. Britt. The article also stated that this wasn't Britt's first run in with the law. 

This has nothing to do with "dirty" cops or racial profiling, it has to do with a guy(pro athlete) being in the wrong place or a place he shouldn't have been(known drug area) and when questioned about his presence in this area, he refused to co-operate with law enforcement officer. That is why he was arrested.

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Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

This is Stupid  ,you get arrested for not opening your hand ........ no wonder 90 percent of the population hate cops , must have been some of those Idiot Cops on those dumb reality cop shows where they harrass people for no reason other than to get their overweight asses on T.V.

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Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

Youre welcome Sports4life....  I had to laugh at that "troll on a sports page" comment.  What are most of the great political, literary & media minds of the world if not "trolls" on some page at some time.  Because one is a sports fan does not limit the scope of their intelligence or their societal awareness.

This thing truly has regressed, but one final political commentary regarding athletes & their occasionally inevitable interaction with law enforcement.

The problem in cases like Britt's is NOT his color or even so much his notariety/fame... its his ATTITUDE!  Like Sports4life, I am no fan of the majority of law enforcement in this (or any other) nation.  Its currently run under a Socialist regime where the exact reverse of the old "presumed innocent until proven guilty" often rules the roost.  Additionally, because its a grossly underpaying profession, it is generally made up of very young men not yet in possession of either the cool or common sense to make often critical snap decisions and rationalizations.  The average suburban street patrol police force is made up of 23-31 year old males with a high school education & very little in the way of formal physchological/sociological training. The majority of them serve as nothing more than brainwashed expendable drones & "revenuers" for a local government that doesnt want to get its hands dirty while stuffing its coffers with the proceits of largely questionable "offenses". Recent published studies show that the average law enforcement officer spends in excess of 65% of his time & efforts addressing matters caused or contributed to by drugs & alcohol, another 25+% issuing traffic citations, and the remaining 10% divided between paperwork, court dates & administrative duties. Add to that with the fact that a great number of these young men approach their careers as some sort of fraternity or boys club, and youve created the perfect atmosphere for corruption, substance dependency, & a general abuse or mis-application of what is often unwarranted authority. Are most of them good people, just trying to do their jobs & stay alive?  Sure they are.  But its a difficult and underappreciated profession where the vast majority of them serve as nothing more than pawns in a political chess game. 

Kenny Britt makes millions to PLAY A GAME.  Your average cop makes 48K to RISK HIS LIFE on a daily basis.  Dont blame the cops...blame their bosses....blame our politicians and government.  But blame Kenny Britt as well, as people perpetuating the attitude, lifestyle and demeanor of he & many of his contemporaries are the reason for the defensive, skeptical, & negative attitudes of those forced to deal with them day in, day out.

One thing that neither politicians, law enforcement, or money have the power to change is that its a "reap what ye sow" world & what goes around comes around.  No one brought Britt's problems on but Britt himself.  DO THE RIGHT THING SPIKE!

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 3:43 pm

Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

Today, I met a new hero.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 3:36 pm

Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance


Making broad based assumptions about a poster because you disagree with his assessment of a situation is truly infantile, and uncalled for.  It destroys your credibility, betrays your true motivation, and is simpy rude and un-American.  By your definition, I would have to call myself a sheep.  I attended Tulane, have a Master's degree, and believe me I pay more taxes in a year than you will in your life.  A sheep is someone that jumps when asked to jump, regardless of the situation.  If you have reached the level of education that you claim, you would have a greater of apprecdiation of "justice" and "fairness" rather than a warped worship of authority.  Just look at the wider world, what nations are better off?  The ones with supreme authority invested in the few or the ones that fight tooth and nail to limit such authority?

Lucky you that you have never had a negative experience with the police.  Being that I have left my house before I have.  Be it poor attitude, out and out hostility, and even threats, I have seen and experienced them both.  I must assume that you are much older than me, and that you grew up in a different time, because anyone with their eyes open as of late has noticed the shift awy from respectful law-abiding police of yester-year to intimidating and bullying ones, its just a fact.  It isn't all of them no, but I would bet a hefty some that these two fit that description to a T.  I am also from New Orleans, maybe you haven't heard, but we have a less than an above-the-board police force.  Could that affect my outlook?  Sure, all experience and facts do.

I'm white, so I can't possibly relate completely to what young black men must go through day to day with the police, but again, that doesn't mean I am unaware of it. Why can you not see that Britt was doing nothing wrong?  The fact that he wasn't charged with any real crime tells us all we need to know.  Rather than flinging stones, getting personal with those you disagree with, and in general acting like a horse's rear, ask yourself why you so badly want Britt to be arrested for NOT committing a crime?  Try introspection, you might find it enlightening.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 3:26 pm

Kenny Britt arrested day after court appearance

"We need less fools like arinze2q defending the police state and more posters like myself and sports4life calling out an obvious abuse of power.  To call this incident anything more than that, an abuse of power (which is what it obviously is), is to have some hidden agenda.  Period."


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