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L.A. group has talked to five teams (POLL)

Posted on: June 10, 2011 10:08 am
Edited on: August 22, 2011 10:02 am
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

All along, it’s been assumed that if AEG in Los Angeles – desperately trying to entice a team to L.A. – succeeded, it’d come at the expense of the Chargers

But in this Orange County Register report, AEG president Tim Leiweke says the group actually has been in talks with five teams in order to convince them to move to downtown Los Angeles. AEG is short for Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns or controls sports and entertainment properties around the world.

Those teams include the Chargers, the Jaguars, the Raiders, the Vikings and the Rams.

Most of those potential franchise moves wouldn’t be a huge surprise (especially San Diego and Minnesota, which most likely will keep the Vikings in a Minneapolis suburb but has talked to AEG within the past week – Jacksonville, meanwhile, seems to have stymied much of that relocation talk), but a potential move by the St. Louis franchise is something that hasn’t been discussed much lately (if at all).

More from the Register:

“St. Louis, Jacksonville, not extensively, certainly Oakland, San Diego, Minnesota are still in the mix," Leiweke said listing the teams AEG has met with before adding: "We're not packing any (moving) vans right now."

Leiweke also said AEG is prepared to pay the cost of for an NFL franchise to get out of a current lease so as to relocate to Los Angeles.

"Just as an example, if it's San Diego, they would have to pay $24 million under their agreement to get out of the lease," Leiweke said. "We would pay that."

AEG has been aggressive in trying to track down a team, and eventually, it probably will succeed. A couple weeks ago, I spoke with long-time Chargers beat writer Jerry Magee (now retired from the San Diego Union Tribune), and he said fans in San Diego were worried about the team moving a few hours up the coast.

I can’t say I blame them. They’re right to be worried. Because AEG means business. And eventually, the group will find somebody willing to relocate.

UPDATE (3:21 p.m. ET): If you have an opinion (or a guess) about which of those five squads could end up in L.A., take the poll on our Facebook page.

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L.A. group has talked to five teams (POLL)

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L.A. group has talked to five teams (POLL)

WHY would anyone make such an asinine statement that the Rams were always considered not an LA team?
They played in the Coliseum and did so for most of their existence.
On top of that when Barron Hilton tried to add his AFL Chargers as residents of L.A. he only did so for 1 year then moving them down to San Diego ceding Los Angeles to Carroll Rosenbloom & the Rams if THAT didn't cement the Rams as L.A.'s team maybe it was 33 years in the L.A, Coliseum or maybe it's the fans who didn't hop onto the gangsta silver & black bandwagon back in the 80's who are TRUE Los Angeles football fans who also know the Rams moved to Anaheim for a better stadium deal but their roots were then and always will be in Los Angeles!
If the poster had ANY clue about the NFL, the AFL and football history in general they would understand the contribution the Rams & Mr. Rosenbloom made not just to the NFL but to professional sports in general.
I would suggest you go back and read the history before you go spouting off on subjects you clearly have no knowledge of.
Remember just because you LIVE in a city doesn't make you an automatic fan of that team nor does buying their jersey or tickets, LEARN what makes your team what it is today but studying it's past.
Even if Georgia Frontiere had never moved the Rams to her hometown of St. Louis after Mr. Rosenbloom passed and they were still playing in Anaheim they would still be thought of as a Los Angeles team that's just a fact.
The Angels were originally conceived as an L.A. team and did play their games at Wrigley field in Los Angeles in 1961, they then played in Dodger Stadium until 1965,  In 1966 they changed their name to the California Angels &It was Disney that changed their name in 1997 in part to put the focus on  the city in which their biggest attraction was - same for the reason they bought the Ducks and gave that team the awful name they did again all self interest moves.
L.A. sports can be complicated, remember that Al Davis used you to try and get back at the league and the city of Oakland for not giving him a new stadium, he went back to Oakland for a new stadium right? Oh no... that's right he didn't get a new stadium he left L.A. after not getting his free stadium so yeah loyalty to the city that embraced and supported him? That doesn't exist, at best you were just a bedouin camp site for Al & his Raiders until he felt it was time to go back to Oakland.
If a team does come to LA support it, embrace it, love it like you've loved no other team in your life, it'll be the right thing to do and will give you something tangible you can cheer for instead of just the teams whose games you get to watch on TV every week.

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 6:20 pm

L.A. group has talked to five teams (POLL)

How they are technically LA's only team?
Where did the Raiders play?

 LA 46-79 and then were in Anaheim from 80-94
I can see you've never been to Los Angeles in your life. No one from Los Angeles consideres the Rams an LA team and they have always been considered an outsider to most (real) LA sports fans.

Seems like its 3 to 1 sucka. And you know the Raider are going to win another one before the Jets do. I know you've got some decent pieces but Sanchez is a clown and has not idea how to win the clutch (or call plays without runnig to the sideline like my 8 year old cousin).

Jets suck and always have.  

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Posted on: June 14, 2011 10:35 am

L.A. group has talked to five teams (POLL)


I would counter that Pittsburgh Pirates ownership would trump Rams ownership.

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Posted on: June 13, 2011 1:50 pm

L.A. group has talked to five teams (POLL)

Geez you are so confused. How they are technically LA's only team? They there were for just over a decade. Went to 1 Super Bowl there, compared to 3 in Oakland. I guess you forgot the Rams were in LA 46-79 and then were in Anaheim from 80-94, but at least they were still in the region. Davis headed back up the coast. Once again, go learn your history before you run your mouth.

I just love it. When someone doesn't like they are wrong about their team, they go attack another, but since you are so in obsessed with the LA Raiders, seems like it is tied to me. LA - 1, NY - 1.

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Posted on: June 13, 2011 1:24 pm

L.A. group has talked to five teams (POLL)

Are you retarded?

How are they not LA's team, when they were the most successful football team and technically LA's only team?

How may superbowls to you guys have? How many do we have?

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