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Heimerdinger, Fisher concerned for Britt

Posted on: June 14, 2011 10:00 am
Edited on: June 14, 2011 10:43 am
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Kenny Britt has been busy this offseason, but for all the wrong reasons. While most of us have little trouble staying on the right side of the law, Britt struggles to go more than a week without some sort of legal entanglement. He's been arrested six times since the Titans drafted him in April 2009. We're starting to think that the frequent cuffings and stuffings aren't much of a deterrent.

Let's be clear: Britt isn't committing armed robberies or shooting up malls. But repeated arrests for marijuana possession and reckless driving adds up. He's not Hannibal Lecter, but he also struggles to follow the same basic rules the rest of us manage to do without really thinking about it. At worst, Britt could end up in the slammer; at best, his employer can't count on him. And it's not like he's a practice squad scrub -- he would have long been released if he were. Britt's the second-best player on the Titans after Chris Johnson. He's sort of important to what they're trying to do.

Back in April, several arrests ago, Kenny's dad, Jack Britt, told the Newark-Star Ledger that “I’m worried about [Kenny] all the time. … “But my concern is not with Kenny, per se, it’s more with Kenny’s friends, and he knows that. He has too many friends with too much free time. He needs to be around more positive people.”

We don't want to be that guy but, well, that sounds like a job for Kenny's father.

Former Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, who's currently battling cancer, told the Tennessean Monday that “Kenny can be as good as anybody, but eventually you have to grow up.” And even though it's no longer Jeff Fisher's problem, Fisher still keeps up with Britt's off-field issues.

“I didn’t get the call but I am following it closely and it is not an easy thing,” Fisher told the Tennessean. “Somehow, deep down, you kind of still feel responsible or still feel like you want to help. I hope he can get things sorted out.”

Last season, when Fisher was still coaching the Titans, he benched Britt after the wide receiver was allegedly involved in a bar fight. These problems now belong to the new guy, head coach Mike Munchak.

“You have to be very careful to jump to conclusions until you get all the facts, and I think that is probably what (Mike) is doing right now, he’s gathering the facts,” Fisher said. “The difficulty is you can’t have contact with him and that is hard on Mike and his staff for sure.”

Maybe the Titans should have someone on staff at the Nashville Police Department. Just to be safe, they might want to include the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and for a national presence, the FBI.

Finally, here's something lawyer and proprietor Mike Florio wrote about Britt this spring:

"We’ve mentioned once or twice the connection between the lockout and players being locked up. Though we’re not excusing bad behavior, the fact remains that the arrest rate for NFL players tends to go down when they have the structure that comes from being with their teams."

We hate to keep going back to this because it started off as a big joke. But, you know, Ray Lewis wasn't wrong.

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Heimerdinger, Fisher concerned for Britt

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