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Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

Posted on: June 19, 2011 6:15 pm
Edited on: June 19, 2011 6:52 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

This much we know: once the lockout ends, the Dolphins will be adding a veteran quarterback. Whether the veteran will also be a starter is largely up to incumbent Chad Henne, who has been inconsistent the previous two seasons spanning 27 starts.

No word on who the Dolphins will target to push Henne; it could be Vince Young, but with the obvious "concerns about maturity" caveats. Earlier this month the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson wrote that "(One) official who has spoken with the Dolphins said there’s concern about whether Young would be happy as a backup if Henne beat him out. Remember, Young wasn’t happy when he lost his job in Tennessee. Speaking about no one specifically, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said, 'You can’t guess about' a quarterback’s 'accountability and dependability.' Those have been issues with Young."

At this point, with the labor negotiations ongoing and free-agency rules uncertain, the list of possible candidates to challenge Henne is up in the air. When asked recently if Henne would be the starter, coach Tony Sparano said, "We'll see." Not exactly a vote of confidence, but it's all relative

Jackson, writing in Sunday's Herald, adds context.
If Cincinnati trades Carson Palmer — the Dolphins are pessimistic — or if Denver takes a midround pick for Kyle Orton, then everything changes. And it’s possible any of a number of free agents could beat out Henne, though ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said it’s unlikely Miami will sign Vince Young.

“The one thing we’ve had time to do is a lot of homework and study,” Sparano said from his golf cart at a team charity event. “And I would tell you when you put Chad’s numbers up against some of the better quarterbacks in our league, his numbers are pretty impressive. They hold up. Now what has to happen? We have to cut down the impulse throws, the interceptions that happen late in the fourth quarter.”
There were times last season when Henne looked like a perfectly competent NFL QB, and other times he looked like the next coming of Kyle Boller. That's what's so frustrating for Sparano, and clearly what he's talking about with "impulse throws."

Henne ranked 26th in passer rating in 2010, but according to Football Outsiders, he was 17th in total value and 22nd in value per play, ahead of Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick and David Garrard.

As for what Sparano's looking for next season, Jackson writes, "…better accuracy on deep balls (he was 10 for 40 on passes thrown 20 yards or more); higher completion percentage in the fourth quarter than last year’s 58.6; and better production in the red zone, where 'we have to get into a mentality,' Sparano said, 'where you’re thinking about the big play first' and not a field goal.'"

Ireland says, “Chad has had some really bright moments for our franchise. I’m anxious to see him continue his development and see how it goes.”

Whatever happens in the coming weeks, one thing is guaranteed: Chad Pennington won't be in the running to supplant Henne. Not this season, anyway.

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Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

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Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

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Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

give the guy a break, There are some really bad qb's in our league but i believe he will be a lot better qb. He just needs time to develop. What people don't understand he got thrown in to be the starter when pennington went down. Give him two more years and he will be a great qb. til then i do think they need to bring in palmer or maybe even bulger if they cant get them to then dont worry and we will see what henne brings to the table

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Posted on: June 19, 2011 9:15 pm

Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

The chance of any of those comin in are 0..Bulger, delhomme and McNabb are all too old, they want a relatively young guy in and Moore if he doesn't start will back up Routin Toutin Newton, at leasr for this year..

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Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

Listen I am a die hard fan and he has a strong arm,, but he refuses to throw the ball deep..I think he's afraid of throwing the INt,,,He's afraid of makin that mistake..3rd and 17 for example he'll look down field and instead of throwing it and letting your receiver go get it he'll checkdown to a RB..If you throw an INT its as good as a punt..He MUST throw the ball down field more..2 options at this postion either trade for Palmer or throw philly a 1st rounder and get Kobb..have to take that risk with Kobb..No risk no reward..

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Posted on: June 19, 2011 8:20 pm

Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

I want for Chad Henne to succeed as a starting QB(being a Michigan fan)in the NFL,but I will say that this will be his last time to "make it happen" for the Dolphins or he'll either be benched,traded,or released. I think that he needs to have that extra push at the QB position by the dolphins bringing in a QB that will put pressure on Henne for the starting QB position because I do think that he feels that there's no one after him that causes a threat to him. Also he needs to cut down on the INT's and make better decisions with the "pigskin" as well as produce some "W's" in order to keep the starting position.

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Posted on: June 19, 2011 7:23 pm

Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

This is it for Henne. Its time to put up or ship out. Henne has shown signs of being competent, maybe even good, but if he tanks this year its time to pack your bags. I really want to see him succeed. No more excuses, time to put it all out on the table.

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Posted on: June 19, 2011 6:42 pm

Sparano on Henne starting for Miami: 'We'll see'

Henne hasn't impressed not lived up to any expectations. He can't lead an offense very effectively and would not be suprised if a new guys is brought in to compete for the starting job. I can see Marc Bulger, Jake Delhomme, Matt Moore or even Donovan McNabb being brought in to compete with Henne and winning. Regardless, he is on an extremely tight leash right now.

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