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Raheem Brock, restaurateur, explains arrest

Posted on: June 21, 2011 1:18 pm
Edited on: June 21, 2011 2:00 pm

Posted by Ryan Wilson

And the Raheem Brock saga continues.

The Seahawks defensive end was arrested last Thursday for walking out on a $27 restaurant tab. We later learned that Brock's party was asked to leave the Copa Banana, the restaurant in question, because a member of Brock's party brought food in from another establishment. So Brock left without paying his tab, and the Copa Banana called the police, who arrested Brock after finding him at another restaurant nearby.

Now Brock tells TMZ that he did not, in fact, walk out on the $27 tab. Instead, he insists the arrest was a misunderstanding brought on by a sudden hankering for cheesesteak.

To the details:
…[T]he drama began after Raheem, his cousin and a female friend went to the (Copa Banana) restaurant to order some food Thursday night. Brock says after the group placed the order, Brock's female friend decided she would rather get a cheesesteak from a place across the street ... so she and Brock walked over while Raheem's cousin waited at (Copa Banana). But when they returned to the Cope ... the waitress wouldn't let them bring the cheesesteak inside.

Brock says his group canceled their food order and left ... thinking everything was cool -- until the cops arrived to the scene and told Brock he'd been accused of running out on the bill.  Brock says he offered to pay $40 for the $27 bill ... but the manager refused to accept payment. Raheem was then arrested on suspicion of theft of services and resisting arrest.
Brock adds: "While I was in 'cuffs, I explained to the manager that I own restaurants ... and if there's a policy about paying for food that hasn't come out ... then it should have been explained to us before we left."

It certainly sounds plausible, and perhaps it really was a misunderstanding. Of course, PFT's Michael David Smith makes a good point: "We’re only getting Brock’s side of the story here, but his side of the story sounds pretty reasonable. The restaurant has declined to give its side of the story, in which Brock may not sound so reasonable."

In any event, it's better than blaming an anonymous Facebook hacker.

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 2:22 pm

Raheem Brock, restaurateur, explains arrest

His explanation seems reasonable, not sure why the manager didn't just take the $27 (he offered $40) and let it be, sounds like the manager had it out for the group.  I am pretty confident that maybe the people Brock was with ran their mouth/mouths and maybe that is why the manager didn't accept the payment?  Not sure, but this definitely seems to be something minor blown out of porportion.  I am guessing both sides are to blame, Brock and his party probably didn't like being told they couldn't bring the other food in, maybe said somethings that were not so nice.  The manager obviously had it out for the group when he would not accept the payment from Brock. 

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 1:54 pm

Raheem Brock, restaurateur, explains arrest

Brock offered $40 on a $27 bill, for food he didn't get.  Yet, the mgr refused.  Sounds like the CB was trying to get some free press.  So sad it turned out negative.... NOT! 

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 1:50 pm

Raheem Brock, restaurateur, explains arrest

One thing to add is that i've read quite a few comments saying, "how dare he take its competition's food in another establishment." I say every one of you are hippocrits, because i dont' know a single person who hasn't gone with a group who wanted to eat at one place and decided they didn't want to eat there, ran to another place and wanted to sit with those same people so came back. Happens 10 times a minute around the world, especially if you have kids, they never want to eat whats in front of them cause the burger is better on the other side of the street! (numbers are based on obsurdity of rationalization.

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 1:46 pm

Raheem Brock, restaurateur, explains arrest

Ok so my only beef with reporters on this subject is that these days blame is getting put more individual people instead of who in reality appears to be at fault. THE RESTAURANT OWNER/MANAGER kicked him out of the store, THEN CALLED THE COPS. Brock was at an establishment only a short distance away.

Most importantly, Brock had no problem talking about it, whereas this Manager won't say a word???!!!! To me that shows that it was petty and there really wasn't an issue, besides the fact that the manager kicked people out who hadn't recieved their meal and wanted them to pay for it. If the Restaurant manager was willing to make a statement and prove me otherwise then i'd be more skeptical of the whole thing. But as in the court of law, NO CONTEST MEANS GUILTY!

Cops shouldn't be making an arrest on a 27$ tab, that is ridiculous and just by that i will never eat there, congratulations at losing customers!

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