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Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year

Posted on: June 28, 2011 2:56 pm
Edited on: June 28, 2011 3:44 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Although news broke Monday that Terrell Owens underwent ACL surgery that could keep him out of action for six months and could possibly lead to his retirement, his agent Drew Rosenhaus insisted today Owens should be ready to play by August.

"All the retirement talk is nonsense," Rosenhaus told ESPN, via USA Today. "There's been no discussion about that, and this injury is not a big deal."

Owens' ACL injury
An ACL injury not being a big deal? That’s almost as ridiculous as saying Terrelle Pryor is a surefire first-round NFL draft pick.

Rosenhaus didn’t want to talk about how the injury occurred -- which might mean the rumors that Owens injured himself while taping a new reality show could be true -- but Rosenhaus reiterated Owens, after undergoing the surgery in early April, will be ready to play next season (this, of course, assumes anybody wants him).

"The old injury has been repaired," Rosenhaus said. "He is many months into recovery and doing fantastic. No predictions on training camp, but he comes back fast from injuries. I won't rule him out of anything. He will be a starting receiver for someone this year."

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Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year

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Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year

With all due respect, given his past history, I would not want the Dolphins to pick him up.  With coach Tony Sparano's job on the line, we don't need the type of attention and locker room (potential) problems he brings.  In addition, the Dolphins problems are not at the wide receiver postition.  There is room for improvement, but we have talent in Devone Bess, Mike Hartline, and Brandon Marshall.  However, the Dolphins have much more pressing needs.  We need to sure up the interior of our offensive line, improve at running back and quarterback.  The first two were addressed in the draft and we still have Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown, but the results remain to be seen on the draft picks, except for Mike Pouncey.  He should be solid.  Quarterback:  Chad Henne.  He  needs to throw to the open receiver and stop thowing picks.  The last thing he needs is a big-time receiver in his ear telling him to give him the ball every down.  T.O. has talent, but teams have had trouble with his personality. Still, I wish him well--on someone else's team.

Thanks for reading this and.....Go Dolphins!!

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 3:40 am

Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year

ready by august?????
August of 2012 maybe.
As someone who's undergone two ACL surgeries and played football. I'd say thats pretty much impossible I don't care how good of shape your in.  6 months just to heal, and then another 6 months just to start feeling comfortable with it to move and cut like your old self.
Rosenhaus is just looking out for number one, bet the guy has never broke a bone or pulled even so much as a hammy.

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 2:44 am

Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year

This is non story ! TO will start somewhere he is a athletic freak ! And to the hateraides out there he can start on a contender a be a weapon or a guy who helps a other reciever get open because corners have to respect him. He is the second best Wr to play this game , work ethic is second to none he loves his body being in shape and pushing it to the max! Randy Moss no doubt should be the 2nd best of all time but that can not happen when you only play the downs the ball is coming to you. TO has had highlight blocks in his career maybe not Hines Ward style but he has been one of the better blocking wide outs. Drew just talks he has money to make that what he does best but do not count TO out one but the man played on a broken leg in the super bowl and was still killin it out there!

DA One and Only Shadow_Boxer!!!!!

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 1:45 am

Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year

I think he comes back too. TO may drop balls, but he is not the quitter Moss is. That and he kept his mouth in check with the Bengals. He's still better than a lot of WR's out there and if a team is serious about putting the best players on the field in each position, there's a spot for TO somewhere. Dolphins could use him, look at the problems they have there at the WR position.

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 1:04 am

Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year


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Rosenhaus: T.O. will be starting WR this year

As much as a douche Owens is, I wouldn't bet against him coming back as a number 2 WR on a team like Carolina or Cleveland once he recovers from this surgery.  Of course that's if someone wants ot put up with him, which in the past has been very few teams, in fact truth be told, the Bengals were the only team that wanted him last season.  To bad he wasn't a nice guy like Steve Largent or Isaac Bruce, guys who just showed up to do their job, and the only time they got attention was when they were on the field and the only time they made any type of statement saying the ball needs to be thrown their way was when they were in the huddle and new they could beat the corner back that was covering them.  Imagine if Owens was like that, just a guy with great talent showing up to do his job instead of also being a attentions whore, he would be known as one of the greatest all time wide receivers, and a forsure first ballet hall of famer.  He has unbelievable stats and has played the position very solid for a long time, but no one thinks about that when his name is mentioned and they never will, and that is all the great T.O.'s fault and no one else.

I actually think this time off will help him and that if he is able to play this season, he will probably show up on a team that is looking for a little help to get in the playoffs or even in the playoffs. 

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