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Report: PHI wants Haynesworth, WAS won't cut him

Posted on: July 7, 2011 11:45 am
Edited on: July 7, 2011 11:55 am
Posted by Ryan Wilson

We mentioned in Tuesday's Hot Routes that Albert Haynesworth had a suitor. New Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn was Haynesworth's position coach in Tennessee and, according to a Yahoo source, Washburn's "convinced he can get the most out of Haynesworth," and that "he wants him badly."

Now, via the Philadelphia Sports Daily's Tim McManus, the feeling's mutual: Haynesworth reportedly wants to come to Philly.

"It would be his greatest chance to rise amongst the elite a final time," McManus wrote Wednesday. "The 6-6, 335-pound tackle would be reunited with defensive line coach Jim Washburn and have a chance to play the type of ball that got him the seven-year, $100 million contract with the Redskins in the first place. Haynesworth is interested in attacking the quarterback; Washburn wants his linemen to do just that. Their final year together in Tennessee, such harmony resulted in 8½ sacks and three forced fumbles."

And then Haynesworth signed with the Redskins, where careers go to die. That's not to say he's without blame; in fact, you could make the case that the circumstances Haynesworth finds himself are mostly his doing. Still, that doesn't change anything; Washington got virtually nothing for their eight-figure investment, and even though it's clear the two sides would be better off without each other, that might not happen anytime soon, at least not without the Redskins getting something for their trouble.

A source tells McManus that “They are not going to cut [Haynesworth]. If the Eagles or anyone else wants him it is going to have to be by trade. Because if they cut him, that’s giving him his way.”

We wrote last month that the Redskins front office suffers from the sunk cost fallacy, an economic theory that says that GMs and coaches are unwilling to cut their losses with underperforming or overpriced players because they're the ones most attached to the investment (which is now a sunk cost). took it a step further: "New managers are not beholden to their predecessors’ sunk costs, and are freer to make rational decisions."

Which led us to write at the time: "Unfortunately for the Redskins, Allen -- who inherited Haynesworth from Vinny Cerrato -- hasn't followed that advice. Presumably because in the back of Allen's mind is the fear that if he cuts Haynesworth, not only does that mean tens of millions of dollars down the drain (sunk cost!), there's the chance that another team will sign him, and worse, he will play well."

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora said weeks ago that the 'Skins "should have taken a fifth for him last offseason and ended the circus then.”

Of course, this is the same outfit that not only traded within the division for Donovan McNabb and gave him a contract extension during the 2010 season, but benched him nine weeks later for Rex Grossman. As it stands, Washington will be lucky to get a fifth-rounder for McNabb.

The lesson: Don't spend lavishly on players who don't fit your system (this should be obvious, we know). And if you do, you can't be afraid to unload them to the highest bidder, even if it's less than market value. (The very same market, ironically, you inflated by overpaying for said players in the first place.)

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Report: PHI wants Haynesworth, WAS won't cut him

After Mike Shanahan talked all that crap about how Albert Haynesworth is lazy and all that and still the Redskins want him even if he under performs or gets in trouble yet for them. That's way the Redskins and there fans will always be Losers.

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Posted on: July 9, 2011 8:47 pm

Report: PHI wants Haynesworth, WAS won't cut him

Hahahaha...either way the Cowboys can't lose. Either he stays on the Redskins and destroys that team from within or he goes to Philli and destroys that team from within. Win win baby.

Since: Mar 16, 2010
Posted on: July 9, 2011 2:51 pm

Report: PHI wants Haynesworth, WAS won't cut him

open your eyes idiot. He's a lazy self centered POS! He has a much better chance of landing in jail, then landing in a pro bowl.

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Posted on: July 9, 2011 1:33 pm

Redskins Heaven

How sweet is that? They can get rid of the single biggest headache on their squad AND saddle one of their own division rivals with his lazy and self centered attitude.  Take the dollar loss and make your team a winner.

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Posted on: July 9, 2011 11:06 am

Report: PHI wants Haynesworth, WAS won't cut him

I'm not made at Haynesworth for not wanting to play nose tackle so hie career can be cut short. I mean how many 100 million dollar nose tackels are there in the league. He is a proving player. Yes he is a bit dysfunctional at time but if you know how to work with Haynesworth he  can be a dominating force in the nfl.

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Posted on: July 9, 2011 9:52 am

Report: PHI wants Haynesworth, WAS won't cut him

If “Fat Albert” had a professional bone in his body, he would be dominating in any scheme with his combination of size, strength and agility. The idea that "Albert Buttersworth" should have the right to dictate the defensive scheme he will play in in return for the $100 million dollars he signed for… is absurd and asinine at the same time. If ole boy had performed and stayed out of trouble, a worthwhile trade would be doable but because he’s destroyed what little market value he had left at this point, the redskins would be rewarding him for under-performing if they cut him at this point. If Shanny was trying to prove a point to “Haynesworthless”, its time to throw up the white flag and acknowledge enough is enough already. Lets cut ties to this very troubled individual who masquerades as a professional football player on occasion, as soon as possible. As a matter of fact… a 7<sup>th</sup> round pick works for me but if that’s the best we can do… I would trade his sorry ass to the coldest city in America. Especially!!! if they play a 3-4 defense… When the lockout ends, I say put him on the first thing smoking to Buffalo and let’s see how much he enjoys his nights out on the town up there north of the Adirondack mountains. Payback's a b!t@&

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 9:57 pm

Report: PHI wants Haynesworth, WAS won't cut him

Haynesworth is a douche bag. If any of you have a doubt of his character please rewind and review last year. He has a bunch of talent but easily can become a cancer in the locker room. The system in Philly might work for him, but if I was a GM, and I am the GM of my own couch, I would pass on this idiot. Charactor does count and Haynesworth can't count to two. Someone will sign him cause all these idiots find homes. I look forward to the day where the actions of these athletes prevent them from having the honor of playing. Alas that is not today.

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