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Report: Agreement could be reached by Friday

Posted on: July 10, 2011 6:35 pm
Edited on: July 10, 2011 7:14 pm
Goodell, SmithPosted by Josh Katzowitz

In one of the most optimistic interviews we’ve heard since the lockout began, ESPN’s John Clayton, speaking on ESPN 980 today, said he was “98 or 99 percent” sure that a tentative deal between the NFL and the NFLPA would be done this week.

“We’re in really good shape,” Clayton said. “We’re down to one main issue, which tis on the rookie (wage scale). I don’t think, in the end, they’ll blow the entire season worrying about the fifth year of a rookie contract. The economical issues seem to be in very good shape. They’ve got most of the other stuff done.”

By saying “most of the other stuff” is done, Clayton is claiming that the owners and the players have figured out how to split the $9 billion in revenue. If that’s true, then obviously that’s huge because that was the biggest sticking point between the two sides. It’s been thought that if the two sides get a handle on that major issue, the rest of the negotiations would fall into place rather smoothl.

According to Clayton, the two sides won’t get together until Wednesday night or Thursday of this week, but that’s because apparently they don’t have too much more to talk about.

“The way things went last week, even though there was some bumpiness and some major disagreements, I think Friday is when they’ll get a deal done,” Clayton said.

But that’s not to say it’s only a matter of a few days before the lockout is lifted.

“A lo of things still have to be written,” Clayton said. “A lot of lawyer talk has to be done. A few more things have to be navigated. By Friday, they’ll wake up fresh and get the rest of this stuff done.”

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Report: Agreement could be reached by Friday

What makes the minor leagues better than the big show?  The NCAA has a terrible championship system making most games meaningless to watch.  Once someone loses 1 or two games they play in a bowl game just like all but two other teams, thats NOT THE CHAMPIONSHIP.  Tell me the significance of the or the Autozone Liberty bowl?  tell me who played in both of those last year.  thats right u dont remember because the ncaa is disorganized and lacks uniformity.  You have powerhouse conferences that could have two teams playing for the national title but because they have to play a conference championship game to eliminate one of them, another school from an obviously weaker but major conference gets to get their ass wooped in the ncaa's biggest game.  its stupid.  The majority of these kids wont play in the nfl or wont make it when they get there because the nfl has a skill level far superior to college and thats why people pay the big bucks to go watch the best play the best.  so again, why is the ncaa better?

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Report: Agreement could be reached by Friday

lets play some football aready!!!my money league is drafting in sept,so we can see where all of the players sign.let just get this done plz.

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Report: Agreement could be reached by Friday

In other news, all 32 teams have announced increased ticket prices for next year.  Owners and players both agree the new CBA and ticket prices will benefit the fans. 

One player, under condition of anonymity, told us: "Once we realized the owners planned on increasing revenues by ripping off the fans more and that we'd actually be making more money than before, we just didn't see the point of worrying about the percentage of the revenues we were getting, I mean I'm so filthy rich I can't even spend all this money anyway."

An anonymous owner echoed similar thoughts: "The key to everything was convincing the players that the fans would just keep paying higher prices and not complain.  We also explained that in general, the best way to make money is to just rip off the poor and middle class, but just confuse them a little.  I mean that's all the government ever does, the fools still seem to think we have two different parties and that they somehow behave differently, it's an absolute riot!  Once I pointed that last bit out we all had a great laugh and the ice was really broken, and it was easy to get an agreement."

Expect a terrible article from Doyel and Freeman, or rather several terrible articles, in the near future.

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Report: Agreement could be reached by Friday

go raiders

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Report: Agreement could be reached by Friday

Who cares NCAA football is much better

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Report: Agreement could be reached by Friday

smoothl?  who edits this stuff. cbs has no editors, or they suck... any way are you ready for some football?

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