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Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

Posted on: July 16, 2011 11:14 pm
Edited on: July 17, 2011 12:26 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Saturday was a "great day" as far as the NFL labor situation was concerned; there weren't serious issues to bridge, because, after all, the "legal and financial teams" could handle everything that remained.

Right? Well, maybe. Now it appears there might be a little more ground to cover than initially thought.'s own Mike Freeman reported  on Saturday that "there are still points to be resolved" with respect to a new CBA. Freeman noted two in particular: workman's comp and rollback benefits (those that were lost last season). Turns out there might be more.

There are also issues relating to whether the NFLPA will actually become a union -- it's currently a trade association -- and there are issues on how the named plaintiffs in the Brady v. NFL case will be compensated when it comes to free agency.

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As you'll likely recall, when Reggie White and other named plaintiffs fought for free agency, they were compensated by avoiding any franchise tag issues. Now, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and the rest of the plaintiffs named in the antitrust lawsuit against the NFL want the same thing to happen.

Presumably, one of the issues that needs to be resolved involves whether these named plaintiffs, which includes rookie linebacker Von Miller, will be given special consideration. They'll likely need to be given something, or else it might be difficult for them to file a Voluntary Dismissal and end the lawsuit against the NFL.

There is also a report from ESPN that the franchise-tagging system as a whole is problematic in negotiations.

According to this report, the players don't want to allow teams to continue to use franchise tags over-and-over again on a player. Obviously, teams prefer the lack of liability involved in a long-term deal to a franchise tag.

These issues aren't dealbreakers, per se, but they are problematic. Can teams live with a one-time shot at franchise tagging a player? Can the named plaintiffs deal with only having to be tagged once if it settles the lawsuit? Or will they demand perpetual freedom from such contract issues?

Making things more complicated is that while those questions are being sorted out, the NFL and players must figure out a way in which to handle the reimbursement of $320 million (lost benefits) and determine the locale for workers' compensation.

These complex issues are solvable, but they're why it's necessary to keep the champagne on ice for at least a few days and let the negotiations play out.

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Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

Best thing Freeman could do is wait until he understands fully where the negotiations are at and then report on it.
Well said but Freeman gets paid to put words on the web page regardless of the truth or facts behind his words. As a columnist he is insulated from facts and getting it right. He is not insulated from not turning in timely copy. So we get Freeman making it up or getting it wrong far more than getting it right. It is a hard job and only about 97% of the population could do it so a little respect please.

The reality is that Freeman and Will and most others are a mouth piece for the players' union. He is easily the most blatant that I have read, constantly undercutting the owners in every column. This story is about pressure on the owners to cave on remaining issues. Will quotes Freeman because it looks authoritative to quote another and because requires him to do so. It is too transparent of all of them. It works for a few but most fans have listened to enough lies from the players that have now been exposed to tune them (and Freeman) out.

Will there be a new CBA in time for football? Would you walk past $900M (preseason revenue) lying on the ground and ignore it? Of course there will be football, on time and everyone claiming a win. It is the known outcome from the beginning. And the NFL gets even more press than usual during its dead time. Think they learned that from LeBron and company last summer?

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 11:25 am

Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

Anybody else think the media is complicit in this BS by the 'union' and the owners? We have 2 out of three media clowns saying daily...a deal is almost done. They have been saying this for about a month now. Now, every other down, some other media clown says a deal is not close, while others say "there are still a few issues to resolve." This has been going on for a week or so. These negotiations are supposed to be done in private. The number of media reporting this crap demonstrated there are more leaks than rain coming through a screen door. Which either means there really is no privacy or the media is complicit in this with the owners and players with a nod of approval from the courts. Look at yahoo the past week. On the 13th, Silver says a deal isn't close. The next day Cole says it is. You have bloggers/writers from the same outlet contradicting each other. The media coverage about this is becoming as big a joke as the 'union' that isn't a union and the millionaires and billionaires fighting over how much the fans will get overcharged in the end.

I already cancelled my Sunday Ticket before the beginning of last season. Didn't miss it a bit. Hope more of you do the same. I don't think I'll even play in a fantasy league this year. I encourage you all to do likewise. For those of you that don't completely cut yourselves off from the NFL, I encourage you to cut back in some way and let your favorite team/media outlet or the 'union' know what you have done and tell them it is because of the crap that went on during this off season. To of the leagues I won't be playing in is the one that is run through your service. So you WILL be losing money from me this year.

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 10:22 am

Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

Somebody should give Ellis from "Die Hard" a call. After all, he has been known to "negotiate million dollar deals for breakfast". In fact, I bet he could have a deal done before Hans can count to three.

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 10:20 am

Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

I don't know what all the excitement has been about...did people really think there would be no football this year. It's simple, players "union" are the agents, Smith is nothing but a mouthpiece. Agents will let a lot of people suffer, it will just never be them.

Football right around the corner.

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 10:01 am

Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

What?  Theose greedy white slave drivers are still holding up the reparation checks for all the worker bees, right Adrian Peterson?  How much more oppression must the black man endure?  We have to hurry and get them back on the field, otherwise crime is going to increase, right Ray Lewis?  The America I want to live in is free from you White devils and your proven track record of creating wealth.  In my black run America, ery'one an all yallz honkeys will be shown the promised land, much like Africa is today. 

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 9:50 am

Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

Getting sick of all the back and forth reporting from Freeman.  Hard to believe him when he says its almost over because invariably the next report is theres still aways to go to a deal.  Best thing Freeman could do is wait until he understands fully where the negotiations are at and then report on it.  If he cant get the info then stop giving us your impressions and say you dont know

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 8:58 am

Issues remain before a labor deal is finalized

The Fans?  The fans won't do anything.  Like sheep being led to slaugher, IMO.  We the fans had our chance.  Our chance was when the season ticket renewals went out across the country.  And of course, we the fans sent in our checks to the owners so we could get our seats to watch these greedy players, playing for the greedy owners, and the greedy networks!  The fans.  Do you really think the fans ever entered the minds of this establishment?  I think not.

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