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Fisher thinks Young 'can learn from mistakes'

Posted on: July 20, 2011 6:19 pm
Edited on: July 20, 2011 6:38 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

New Titans head coach Mike Munchak made it clear earlier this offseason that Vince Young's career in Tennessee is over, and that will become official once the lockout ends.

“That was a decision made months ago and nothing that is going to happen personnel-wise, or how the draft goes, is going to change that,” Munchak said in April. “It wasn’t just a Jeff Fisher decision -- I think people kind of have that feeling that, because it happened back then, we could change our decision. We are standing by that decision. What’s been done is best for everybody.”

Young may have never fulfilled his promise as the Titans' franchise quarterback, but he won't be out of work long. The Dolphins and Eagles have been mentioned as possible destinations, although concerns about Young's maturity remain, especially if he's not the clear-cut No. 1 QB -- and at this stage of the proceedings he most certainly won't be.

But the man responsible for benching Young in Tennessee on a handful of occasions has now come to his defense. Perhaps time away from the game has mellowed Jeff Fisher, who was fired by Titans owner Bud Adams back in January. Or maybe he thinks Young would have more success with another franchise. Either way, he spoke about it during a recent appearance on NFL Network's Total Access.

"Keep in mind, he won a lot of games for our organization and led us to the playoffs," Fisher said of Young, according to's The Huddle. "He's a tremendous player. He's certainly got a great deal of ability, and he's a rare athlete, and he's a good teammate. And hopefully he can learn from this experience and get that (next) opportunity."

This is the same Jeff Fisher who didn't appear to be much of a Vince Young fan while they were both in Tennessee. Or, at the very least, didn't have enough confidence in Young's abilities to not bench him in Week 2 of the 2010 season for the now-retired Kerry Collins.

"A lot of the really good quarterbacks had a defining moment, you know where it just got hard on 'em -- it just gets hard -- and I think that's what happened with Vince," Fisher said.

"I think he had a defining moment, and it just became overwhelming to him. And I know he's had a chance to step away from it now, and I know he's one that learns from mistakes. If given the opportunity, he'll learn from this past one."

While it's a virtual certainty that Young will be with a new NFL team in the coming weeks, whether he can become an above-average NFL starter is another matter. Maybe the cliche holds true in this instance -- a change of scenery will do him good. Or maybe he'll just be the same player, just wearing a different uniform.

Fisher, meanwhile, sounds as if he's up for coaching again at some point in the future. "I want to get back in the X's and O's," he said. "I want to get back and see what people are doing and put your systems together and just kind of study the game. So this fall will be a great opportunity to do so."

And if the coaching thing doesn't work out, he can always join Jon Gruden at FFCA.

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Fisher thinks Young 'can learn from mistakes'

I agree with both you guys.  Vick always had superhuman talent.  In terms of sheer athletic ability he's always been in the top 5 of the league, and if you average it out for say 6 years or so he's probably the most athletic guy since usually the others are RBs or someone who has a shorter career and declines quicker.  The exception would be Charles Woodson who has had a long career, but he doesn't really rely on his athletic superiority anymore and hasn't for awhile.

The problem with Vick was always mental.  Going to prison apparently woke him up and knocked him right off the ladder.  So last year we got a guy with ridiculous talent that tasted the top and now had to go back to work from the bottom, with most people writing him off and doubting him.  Pretty much a perfect storm.  He got an injury to the guy in front of him, seized an opportunity, and didn't look back.

VY and Cam just are not near that level.  Vick is one of those rare players that you can shut down for 90% of a game, ease up a little bit, and then get crushed in the final 10%.  You get that type of athlete once a generation in each sport.

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Fisher thinks Young 'can learn from mistakes'

Pretty much agree with your assesment of M. Vick, Is he the best QB in the NFL? I would have to flip a coin between him and 3 other QB's, but I would say he has the best over all talent of the top QB's in the NFL. I am just afraid with his style of play he won't last long. He takes a lot of chances and get's hit like a RB does, how long can he do that. QB's have to depend on their leg strength as much as they do their arms and if he starts getting banged up just a little on his lower body it could effect his throwing ability. I hope he is able to play for a long time, just kind of have my doubts he will servive the punishment.

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Fisher thinks Young 'can learn from mistakes'

This may be unrelated to the story above directly, but this story of Vince Young is about to be re-played in Carolina. Cam and Vince were both exceptional college football players / athletes. But get this....  Michael Vick is the reason both got drafted so high. 

Lets's be real, Michael Vick, (Dog killer or no dog killer) is in the 1%. He is in the same class as Barry Sanders, Reggie White, LT, Jim Brown....  The absolute most freakishly talented athletes ever to live.

Cam Newton and Vince Young are just good athletes. Good athlete does not an NFL quarterback make.... unless you are a 1%'er like a Mike Vick.

Sorry Carolina....  You're faqd.


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