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Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting

Posted on: July 21, 2011 9:40 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2011 10:40 pm
Goodell, SmithPosted by Josh Katzowitz

ATLANTA -- After the vote was tallied and a new CBA had been passed by the owners, a cheer went up inside the Marriott ballroom where the owners had spent the last nine hours of their day. After months of negotiating and another long day of discussing, arguing and compromising, the owners let off a little bit of steam that could be heard outside in the hallway.

A few minutes later, Roger Goodell, flanked by NFL attorney Jeff Pash, Carolina’s Jerry Richardson, Kansas City’s Clark Hunt, New York Giants’ John Mara and Pittsburgh’s Art Rooney, entered the press conference room.

The mood, though, wasn’t quite as cheery.

There were no balloons -- or champagne corks -- popping. It didn’t feel like a day of celebration. It didn’t feel like things would be all right and that life would be good again. It felt a little apprehensive.

And for good reason. The NFLPA hasn’t signed off on the new CBA, and at first glance, the NFLPA doesn’t seem altogether happy with the new document. We might continue to find out just how unhappy the players actually are.

So, yeah, there weren’t a ton of smiles from the Gang of Six who stood behind the podium in front of the assembled media. If they thought this labor negotiation was completely finished, they might not be (probably aren’t) correct.

“They have a real incentive (to ratify)," Richardson said after the presser. "I can’t imagine why they’ve negotiated so hard, and they have received so many things they thought were important, I can’t imagine why they would not. Of course, there is (apprehension). But we’ve done what we’re supposed to do. We’ve done our half. It’s their choice now.”

Latest on Lockout

Those first two sentences from Richardson was a point made repeatedly Thursday. How, the owners reasoned, could the players NOT accept this deal?

“There are very substantial incentives to do so and to ratify and conclude the agreement,” Pash said. “It is a good agreement. It is a fair agreement. It is an agreement that will be very positive for players in many, many ways. … We would expect that those incentives would be responded to.

“I can’t imagine DeMaurice Smith is electing to pay all of those hours for his attorneys to negotiate an agreement that he and his members then decide not to ratify.”

Well, it looks like the decision to ratify might be rejected. If that occurs, we have another, perhaps larger set of problems that could jeopardize part -- or all -- of the 2011 season. Then, money is lost, paychecks aren’t cashed, fans aren’t happy.

Maybe, on Thursday after the owners voted 31-0 to pass the agreement, they knew the fight wasn’t over, and that’s why there were no fist pumps or fist bumps on display. Maybe, as Goodell said, the owners were simply exhausted from the negotiations.

Or maybe they knew something the players and the rest of us didn’t. The thing we’re only beginning to find out. That the hard part isn’t over yet; that there really was no reason to celebrate at all.

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Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting

Loooool what a whining little baby. If you hate the "thugs" so much go watch the WNBA, their arrest records are few and far between. I hope you never make a mistake in your life that causes you to lose your coveted position at Taco Bell, but if you do, hopefully they take you back after you pay your dues. 

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Posted on: July 22, 2011 1:38 am

Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting

Warning the players to re-certify or else? Goodell must really not like money, because trying to make people join or not join a union is VERY, VERY much against labor law. The Anti-Trust laws are still in play!

You don't know what you're talking about.  First of all, if they don't recertify  there can't be a CBA.  Do you expect the owners to start training camps, start spending, become liable for anything that happens to these players with only a promise the players might endorse the deal?  Give me a break.  Second of all Goodell never said once verbally or in writing that the players HAVE TO certify and he didn't warn them. All the league put in writing is a condition of the deal being approved by the union is that certification takes place and the vote is positive within a few days.   Finally, just because there is an anti-trust lawsuit pending doesn't mean the players are going to win that court case.   And most likely before that case is heard there is another court case the players need to worry about.  The owners took them to court saying the union didn't bargain in good faith.  If the owners win that case the owners can use that verdict in the anti-trust lawsuit by stating the players intentionally refused to bargain in good faith with their only goal being to decertify.

Oh one more thing. The above court cases won't be won or lost by anybody in the next month or two.  If the players choose to litigate any further, their is no NFL season and many will go broke. 

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Posted on: July 22, 2011 1:29 am

Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting

"Player personal conduct policy remains the same and can be used to discipline players who violated it during the lockout." ...............................
uh oh

No. This deal was negotiated between the league and the union and its representation, in other words the union's lawyers. 

P.S  My favourite part of the new CBA I read was the personal conduct policy and how the league can discipline the players that did stupid things during the lockout !!!!!  Can't wait to see what Goodell does to Harrison....  LOL 

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Posted on: July 21, 2011 11:44 pm

Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting

Do any of you players really know what you have become?  A league of thugs that go to strip clubs, go to jail, waste their money on women and an entourage....that is the reality of it......I remember when football was football and you played for the love of the game......Not a Michael Vick who killed dogs, not a Plaxico Burress that cant stay out of strip clubs without a gun, not a Pacman Jones who cant stay out of trouble or jail....Can them all and ban them from the league for being thugs....Do any of these guys deserve a second chance?  Look at Pete Rose, was he a thug?  No, he gambled and got banned from the game he loved.  Football players should face the same for the more shameful acts that continue to plague the league.  Dont forget Kenny Brit....oh no, my god, why do we support these idiots in the NFL....I am ashamed to love the NFL

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Posted on: July 21, 2011 11:30 pm

Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting

Lets face it, the pla;yers are greedy and overpaid as it is....the Rookies making too much money for not even a single performance in a leage that they cant handle....this is not college football, it is the is time for the replacement sure there are many out there that would gladly take their salaries and positions... Hey players, without the NFL and owners, you would be nothing....ownership has to make money too since they are supporting you.....quit being greedy .....dont make the NFL another GM by making labor demands that willl eventually drive them in the ground.

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Posted on: July 21, 2011 10:48 pm

Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting

Anyone who thinks they will spend their money better because they aren't spending money on bookies, pools, FF, etc is just a gerbil on a wheel.

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Posted on: July 21, 2011 10:28 pm

Atmosphere anything but festive at owners meeting





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