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Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

Posted on: July 21, 2011 10:29 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2011 11:04 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

The steady, optimistic road towards labor peace came to a pessimistic pile-up when the NFL owners ratified (their own) proposal to settle the labor situation and the players decided to not to vote on the proposal during their conference call with team reps on Thursday night.

It was an absolute about-face for labor negotiations that seemed to be wrapping up earlier in the day, but given the way events unfolded after the NFL's decision to ratify a proposal the players allegedly hadn't seen, the lack of a vote shouldn't be shocking.

All reports indicate that the players will vote, but that they want to understand the full ramifications of the NFL's proposal before doing so.

In fact, many a player rep said the players hadn't even seen the NFL's proposal, including Panthers rep and punter Jason Baker.

"Once we do [see the proposal] we will take the necessary time to make sure the players understand the facts, then make the appropriate decisions at that time," Baker said, per Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

And some optimism among players still remains, like

"We are going to get a deal done," Jaguars linebacker Kirk Morrison said on television late Thursday night.

But it's also clear that the decision to ratify a proposal the players weren't aware of didn't sit well with everyone on the NFLPA side -- look no further than some of the comments players issued to's own Mike Freeman.

"Contrary to reports out there" there is no vote scheduled Friday, player rep George Wilson said, per Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal. "This is not Armageddon.

"This is nothing more than an attempt to get the fans to turn on the players."

That's exactly why we predicted this morning that public pressure would flip squarely to the players if the owners ratified a proposal today. We just didn't think it would all shake down like this.

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Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

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Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

IRREGARDLESS .... you made no sense in your retort .. the palyers are greedy thugs .. end of discussion .. as for me .. I am proud of my accomplishments both professioanl and personal ... I am proud to hold a VP position in one of North America's top 50 organizations ... I love my family, my career, those I work with, and those with whom I take part in recreational activities .. thinking that statement is quite concise .. what the hell were you bmumbling about on and on ...

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Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

OK lets split the total pot - that includes the player endorsements - now who is voting yes
The players want the owners half but they keep all of there Endorsements. 

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Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

These greedy, cry baby players need to realize that they "work" for the should not come down to lets vote, if the players dont like then they can kick rocks and let the people out there who would jump at a chance to play in the NFL for a fraction of the pay play some damn ball.  This is rediculous i would rather see a bunch of replacement players out there right now.  At least we know they would be playing for the love of the game, and not how big of a paycheck or compensation they can get.  LETS PLAY SOME DAM FOOTBALL!!!!

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Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

This appears to be a somewhat naive and biased statement.  It is difficult to 1900 players in the room to negotiate with the 32 owners, especially when you have legal counsel interferring on each side.  However, there are player reps that have been present for long negotiating sessions with the owners and counsel from both sides.  The players as a whole seem unorganized and poorly represented.  The idea that players are saying "We haven't seen the proposal" is assanine and clearly misguided.  If they have not been updated and have "no idea" what was in the offer or proposal, they have no further than to go to their "leadership", Mr. D. Smith and raise hell.  Player reps have had difficulty getting accurate information from him because he is a lawyer that is trying to "play the game."  Unfortunately, the fans are tired of hearing the players and the owners go back and forth.  Stop the "public outcry" that you were "wronged, mislead, etc," review the damn proposal and vote one way or the other.  But for Gods sake, stop whining and crying to the media like a bunch of spoiled brats.  You were blessed with the physical gifts to play a game and get paid well for it.  I applaud and agree with you getting your fair compensation for being elite entertainers but please stop the crying to the media.  Keep your "business" private and let's get this overwith.

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Posted on: July 22, 2011 10:34 am

Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

Seriously? The players have not seen the deal? Do they not have representation in the dicussions? Were player Reps not involved in all of this? I have to say, I dislike D. Smith more and more each day. I hear all the reports saying its a power play by the owners, in reality it is definitely a power play by the players and their rep! This entire thing has gotten way out of hand! As much as I miss and love the NFL game I would almost like to see the owners roll up the sidewalks and say ok no NFL this year! 2011-2012 season is officially cancelled and see what kind of reaction the media gets from the greedy players!!!

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Posted on: July 22, 2011 9:40 am

Union At Fault

DeMaurice Smith and the Union are at fault here. This is a typical exanple of a union negotiation where union leadership communicates poorly with its membership and then when its time to come to agreement has to go back and educate its people in order to move forward. Several of the players, including Drew Breeze have commented about how Smith has kept them in the dark and has not been forth-coming with answers to their questions. You've got players complaining at the last minute because they are only now being told how all this will really effect them. On down the road when this whole dispute has become a part of history, it will be looked at as one of the last straws that helped eliminate unions in this country.    &nb

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Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

So - let me just make sure I have the facts straight. The owners and the Player reps/lawyers/whoever worked together to negotiate a deal. They came to an agreement, the owners voted on it and ok'd it, and now the players refuse to vote on it because they haven't seen it? That sounds to me like the players don't trust their own representatives.

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Posted on: July 22, 2011 7:49 am

Players decline to vote on NFL proposal

@bradincanada - Personal attacks will get you no where. I am confident in the company I work for, but I'm also not afraid to negotiate and stand up for myself; which is likely why I am respected by my bosses. The "yes sir, right away sir" guys never make it very high up.

You should work harder at trying to appear as something you clearly are not. Reread this, and pretend someone else wrote it, and you will see your own foolishness.

Your inaccurate portrayal of NFL athletes as talentless peasants outside of football aside, I do agree that most would not be millionaires without the NFL. That is true. But what does that prove? If you took the mic away from musicians they would likely not be a bunch of millionaires.

Have you ever studied history?

If you took the camera away from actors they would likely not be a bunch of millionaires.

Have you ever attended a Broadway play?

Entertainers get paid for their entertaining ability. NFL Athletes included. They are all just folk, folk with a special skill set that allows them to entertain the public, but still just folk.

It that from some liberal handbook? "We are all just folk." Seriously, you prove you know little of the situation with each passing comment.

Some are thugs, others are nerds with comic books, some love to settle down with a good book, and still others are just happy riding their riding lawn mower on the farm (here's looking at you Favre). Their errors in judgment are more publicized because they are more publicized as a group. I bet if you took a random batch of 2,000 people from your area you could find some drunk drivers, wife beaters, and illiterates (or nearly so) right along with those scholars, thinkers, and church-goers.

The smell of desperation. Those people are not public role models made rich by being priveledged to play a kids game.

I get that you project your own frustrations of life onto the short-comings of others, and that the wealthy entertainer is an easy target... but let it go man. They are all just folk. For better or worse, they are not how you perceive them.

You really think you come of as something with the just folks line don't you. You look desperate. They are not just folk. That is childlike naivity. And it's a desperation move to play I'm rubber your glue by accusing others of what you are doing with your frustration and blaming more successful people for being the business owners.

That is a total non-sequitur from the point, however. The point is that the Owners used shady business tactics (again) to try and gain public favor and force the deal on the players without them having the chance to read through it.

No. The lawyers were fully aware, and players are using a continuation of shady tactics in attempt to get more than they have agreed to, again. Projecting you frustrations in life to this situation again.

Fortunately rational fans and media members are seeing through the farce the Owners put on today.

No. Idiots and people with an agenda is misrepresenting what happened if they are siding with players.

They may have got you hook, line, and sinker... but they didn't get everyone.

Because some people are stupid and angry at their you, and are stupid pocket socialists like Ratto.

As Ratto pointed out in his article here on CBS, the ruse worked at first but as people actually looked into what was really going on they saw the truth.

And Ratto is a complete moron that couldn't understand no-bake cheesecake instructions. He is paid to say stupid things to get a response. What is your excuse?

And the truth is, it was an underhanded move by the Owners to try and sway public opinion and force the players' hand.

  No, the truth is that you don't understand the situation, and are angry at your job.

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