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Pash: HGH testing is coming, players support it

Posted on: July 22, 2011 12:24 pm
Edited on: July 22, 2011 12:38 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

There may not yet be an agreement between the owners and players on a new collective bargaining agreement, but NFL attorney Jeff Pash says that the league not only plans to institute random blood testing for human growth hormone during the 2011 season, but that the NFLPA fully supports it.

"We expect that we will have testing for HGH," Pash told the New York Daily News. "I think that both sides believe that's important for the integrity of the game and that we should continue to be leaders here. I think that's a view that's strongly held by the players as it by us.

"How soon can it happen?" Pash asked. "Some issues needed to be worked out. It will take some time to get that ramped up, but we would hope that it could be ramped up by the start of the season."

In the past, players have opposed blood tests. Former NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw said in 2006 that "It is invasive, and too many things can go wrong with this … You can call me back and tell me where you have a reliable test. A urine test. Then we'll have something to talk about. I'm not interested in turning my players into pin cushions."

And former NFL tight end Mark Breuner, during a 2010 interview with the Washington Postcalled the process "extremely invasive ... We have one of the most aggressive, productive drug-testing policies in all of sports. To go to that extreme, I'm not sure that's good for the health of an athlete."

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Pash was asked if he believes HGH is widespread among NFL players. "I'm not saying it is rampant in the league," he told the Daily News. "But what I am saying is we should be leaders in ensuring and doing everything we can to promote the integrity of the game and the health of the players, and they agree with that and we agree with that."

In March,'s Alex Marvez reported that Dr. Gary Wadler, who has worked closely with both the World Anti-Doping Agency and White House Office of Natural Drug Control Policy, applauded the NFL's decision to make HGH testing mandatory as part of its labor proposal to the NFLPA. Wadler also said any protests from athletes about the blood work required to conduct the test "border on the nonsensical."

"I'd be very disappointed if the NFL does not get in lock with the rest of the world -- and this goes for (Major League) baseball as well -- and employ blood testing," Wadler said at the time. "Any concerns the athletes have of a needle ... It's almost comical to think a 300-pound athlete is afraid of a little needle prick."

It appears that the NFLPA will not vote Friday on the new CBA, which means we'll have to wait at least one more day to find if, as Pash suggests, the players are on board with random blood tests for HGH.

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Pash: HGH testing is coming, players support it

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Pash: HGH testing is coming, players support it

Can you see it know,the NFL wants to start testing for HGH,then if im the player who is taking the test i wouldnt EVER let the trainers in the locker room shoot my ankle,knee,shoulder,wrist, shoot it up at halftime with a piankiller so i can get back on the field.The other problem with this test is that if it goes through to a vote, it will pass, and the NFL will be filled with a bunch of slow and smaller people.The way i look at it,if the NFL wants to enjoy the success of their product,let them all shoot up with steroids and HGH and take away all the so called saftey rules,protecting the QB and the defensless person and let them all kill one another, should make for great TV.

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Pash: HGH testing is coming, players support it

its like all drug testing, the ones who protest HAVE a reason to protest. you pay me $5 million a year, i'll take a blood test everyday- with a smile on my face!

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Pash: HGH testing is coming, players support it

LOL   The players as a whole don't care about being pricked a little by a needle a couple times a year.... that's not the problem at all. The only reason they are fighting the needle as a way to be tested is because they know the second the NFL does this they'll be a record amount of suspensions in the NFL and a lot of missed paychecks.  They know there isn't a urine test available for HGH and the NFL, as powerful as it may be can't use what isn't there.  Eventually there will be a dependable urine test for HGH.... when?  I don't know because nobody knows.  Could be a year, 5 years, 10 years.... who knows.  But whatever it is the players are in no hurry to rush that along by allowing the league to test them using needles....

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