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Game-day rosters expand to 46, no third QBs

Posted on: July 22, 2011 2:08 pm
Edited on: July 22, 2011 2:32 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

The owners and players haven't yet agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement, but they have reached a consensus on this: the NFL Management Council has informed clubs that game-day rosters will increase from 45 to 46 players, and the emergency third quarterback designation no longer exists.

In practice, this means that teams will now dress their No. 3 quarterback as an active player or, take their chances with two QBs and use the roster spot for depth at another position. Which, save the rare occasion, isn't much of a rule change at all.

But as PFT's Michael David Smith points out, the emergency quarterback rule did come into play during last season's NFC Championship Game between Chicago and Green Bay. After Bears QB Jay Cutler left early in the third quarter with a knee injury, and with backup Todd Collins struggling, head coach Lovie Smith benched Collins for No. 3 QB Caleb Hanie.

At the time, the rules prohibited the Nos. 1 or 2 QBs from returning to the field since Hanie had played prior to the fourth quarter. To his credit, Hanie played well (and Cutler's knee injury was severe enough that he couldn't have played even if he wanted to), but the Bears still lost. Now with the new rule in place, the third quarterback can enter the game at any point without restriction.

In related roster news: according to a Thursday report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn, an NFC personnel executive said that his team has been told that training camp rosters will be expanded from 80 to 90 players. 

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Game-day rosters expand to 46, no third QBs

With a short training camp and loss of an exhibition game or two, expansion of the rost from 45 to 46 is weak.  The owners are responsible for this lockout.  If they are gonna kill players, I gues that is their perogative.  If the owners had any spine, they would increase the rosters to 52 players for the first half of the season and then reduce it to 47 for the last half.  The player injuries are going to happen early in the season.  With 52 players, they will have substitutes already familiar with the playbook.  Otherwise they will have to pick through the free agent market and  bring in guys who have to learn their roles and the resultant lousy football.  If a left tackle is gone for the season, I wouldn't want my team to hire some plumber to protect the blind side of the QB.  Owners are pennywise but pound foolish.

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Game-day rosters expand to 46, no third QBs

one idea that i would put in is floating the PUP list. if a player gets hurt say week 10 with an 8 week injury, they usually put him on ir. but if you float it, put him on PUP for six weeks , then bring him back for a playoff run. yet another reason i should be the commish!

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Game-day rosters expand to 46, no third QBs

(and Cutler's knee injury was severe enough that he couldn't have played even if he wanted to),
What a stupid line.  Of course it was severe enough that he couldn't play, otherwise he would be playing.  Did you not notice that he started the game, has been hit repeatedly and injured throughout the years, and waves off coaches that try to take him out so that he can keep playing?

No of course you didn't, because you don't watch football.  I remember Cutler tearing a finger with a very painful injury, Shanny trying to take him out, and Cutler just waiving off medical staff and huddling the Broncos.  I've also seen this guy get crushed with ridiculous David Carr level JACKED UP! hits routinely on the Bears but keep playing.  You pussies in the media don't know shit, it's easy to question toughness when to you challenging yourself means typing on a keyboard when you have a cold. 

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