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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

Posted on: July 22, 2011 5:59 pm
Edited on: July 22, 2011 6:59 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The sexual assault case involving Broncos CB Perrish Cox was a nasty affair even before the judge in the case unsealed the court documents. Now that the Denver Post has picked up the arrest affidavit, the stench doesn’t revolve only around Cox anymore.

It’s spread to two of his teammates as well.

The victim in the rape case told officers that she thinks she was drugged the night she partied with Cox, WR Demaryius Thomas and DB Cassius Vaughn, and she didn’t realize she had sex that night until she discovered later that she was pregnant -- allegedly with Cox’s baby.

CoxIn the affidavit seeking Cox’s arrest, the woman said she had about four drinks the night of Sept. 5 and believed she passed out at Cox’s apartment because she had been drugged. The woman said she had been kissed and fondled by Thomas that night as well, but he had left before she fell asleep.

Thomas later provided DNA evidence to police that proved he wasn’t the baby’s father, and Vaughn, who was living with Cox at the time, also was proven not to be the father.

Originally, Cox’s lawyers had argued that the documents should not be unsealed, but the judge who ruled on the matter wrote: "Concerns about the potential harm to the right of the Defendant and the People to obtain a fair trial, should the affidavit be released, can be addressed through certain preventative measures taken during the trial process. Public policy weighs in favor of access to and the release of the record as opposed to the continued sealing of the document.”

Earlier Friday, the Colorado Supreme Court chose not to review the appeal by Cox’s lawyers, and thus, the affidavit was released today.
Cox, who is out on bail, faces a maximum life sentence for the two felonies.

To check out the 13-page affidavit in PDF form, click here.

UPDATED 6:56 P.M. ET: According to Fox 31 in Denver, the accuser ended her pregnancy.

Also, the Broncos have released a statement on the Cox matter: "The allegations involving Perrish Cox are extremely serious and troubling to our organization,” the Broncos said in a statement Friday afternoon. “We will continue to monitor this situation very closely."

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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

My last comment was meant for BEESLY BRUINS not meant to offend anyone I just dont think the comment and its content should go unchecked

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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

I havent been on this site very long and most of the comments and blogs  I have read have been very insightful and educational. At the very least interesting. However sir, This comment has no place here as far as I am concerned. The racist name you use so freely should have disappeared long ago and has for most of the civilized world. You would most likely choose your words more wisely if you were not hiding behind a computer screen. Please show some respect.

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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

I will not comment on the wether these players are guilty or not. What I do want to point out is the impact these type of things have on the young fans. Who not only look up to and admire proffesional athletes but also try to emulate them. Proffesional athletes have a responsibility to their sport the community they live in and to their fans. to keep themselves out of situations where they can even be accussed of this type of activity. All to often we see these situations wether they be sexual in nature, drugs, or even dog fights. Of course because of the stardom of these athletes they are highly publicised. Aside from the actual victoms in these crimes who endure hardship and pain their are many other victoms <i.e. our youth> young fans.

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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

holy shit cbs should really start having a  iq test before you can sign up the lack of reading on these sites is just a damn shame! read the fing pdf file on the case! it explains alot of what you talking monkeys are blabbering about its attached right to the story!

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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

to bradincanada, I came to conclusion that it is a Black/white thing because Smith has yet to do anything for him to referred to as a Thug.. So unless you have some unreleased information, there is no reason to call him a thug... So there is no thug thing in regards to him... He's a good lawyer who has kept his promise to help the retired players, while helping the current players as well..  Far from a thug... Maybe in Canada thats the definitiion of a thug but not in the rest of the world.... My comments very clear and make sense, if you can't understand them I guess you aren't as smart as you think you are... Its not difficult...

As for the 2 allgeged criminals, I will leave the name calling to you... Thug or sex fiend, they aren't convicted of a thing yet so I will let you jump the gun on that one...

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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

What a pathetic POS.  A young man who is in great shape and has a bunch of money but he can not get some without drugging the woman and then having sex with a limp non-responsive woman.  That must have been just slightly better than his blowup doll.

Big bad football player whose teammates should beat him up just for being pathetic.

I hope the woman gets some money and Perrish Cox gets locked up.

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The real crime.....

here is what saddens me more than this guy getting aquitted for rape:

Even if the Broncos cut him, he will still get a chance with one of the other teams.
And, if there is not a single other team out there willing to offer this guy a shot, the NFLPA will file a collusion lawsuit against the owners for black listing their member. Not to mention the $hit fit that his agent is going to be having if no teams are willing to work with his client.

filth breeds filth, and the NFL has more stench about it than any other its individual members or pieces.


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Stench of Perrish Cox case spreads to two Broncos

Before anyone else makes anymore stupid comments regarding this case, I would strongly urge you to read the affadavit first.  I think it's pretty clear what went down that night.  Cox and Thomas roofied these 2 girls in the VIP and took them and had sex with both of them.  Maybe not Che since she was on the rad, but they could have still forced oral sex on her.  Cox can't go back now and say it was consensual sex.  He and Thomas both declared the victim was passed out and denied having any sexual contact with her. 

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