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Key NFL dates for 2011

Posted on: July 25, 2011 4:59 pm
Edited on: July 26, 2011 12:11 am
Posted by Will Brinson

Earlier today, Josh Katzowitz published part of a letter that obtained regarding the NFL's schedule. The NFL has made the 2011 NFL schedule "officially official" now. And we've got it below for your consumption. Note that at 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, July 26, teams can begin trading. Also remember that much of this is subject to the ratification of the CBA and the NFLPA recertifying, which will take place before August 4.

July 26
At 10 a.m., New York time, club facilities open. Players may report for physicals and voluntary strength and conditioning.

At 10 a.m., New York time, Trading begins for 2011 League Year.

Rosters expanded to 90-man limit.

At 10 a.m., New York time, clubs may negotiate with and sign their own drafted rookies and any undrafted rookie. Clubs may have such players report to the club’s facilities for physical examinations prior to signing.

All 2011 Contracts signed on or after July 26 shall be binding upon the player and the club when signed, but shall not become effective unless a CBA is ratified by the NFLPA (Aug. 4)

At 10 a.m., New York time, Clubs may negotiate with, but not sign, or extend offer sheets to, their own UFAs, RFAs, exclusive rights players and franchise players and other clubs’ UFAs, RFAs, non-exclusive franchise players and free agents.

July 26-27
A Club may require a player to report for a mandatory physical examination in order for the player to qualify for any bonus in a preexisting contract if the “measuring date” for such a bonus has been changed pursuant to CBA Article 11 (Transition Rules for the 2011 league year).

July 27
Camp opens for 10 clubs whose first preseason game is on Aug. 11: (ARZ, BLT, DAL, DEN, JAX, NE, OAK, PHI, SD, SEA)

July 28
Camp opens for 10 clubs whose first preseason game is on Aug. 12: (ATL, CIN, DET, KC, MIA, NO, PIT, SF, TB, WAS)

At 4:01 p.m., New York time, waivers begin for the 2011 league year

July 29
Camp opens for 10 clubs whose first preseason game is on Aug. 13 (BUF, CAR, CHI, CLV, GB, IND, MIN, NYG, STL, TEN)

At 6 p.m. ET, clubs may sign, or extend offer sheets to, all eligible players, in addition to drafted and undrafted rookies. Clubs may have such players report to the club’s facilities for physical examinations prior to signing. Eligible players may visit or try out at any club facility.

Veteran players who sign on or after 6 p.m. ET on July 29 shall be required to report to, and remain with, their clubs, except that, prior to the start of the 2011 league year on Aug. 4, such players may not participate in on-field activities, workouts, weight training or other physical activities, but shall be required to attend meetings, classroom instruction and any other non-physical activities scheduled during the club’s preseason training camp.

The restrictions set forth above shall not apply to drafted or undrafted rookies who are under contract, regardless of the date upon which such players signed their contracts. If any such player is injured as the result of participating in training camp activities, the terms of the player’s contract shall cover such injury whether or not the CBA is ratified.

If a preexisting contract contains a “measuring date” related to Salary and/or the exercise or non-exercise of any club option, which measuring date: (A) was expressed as a calendar date that fell between March 11, 2011 and July 25, 2011 or (B) was expressed solely as being related to a certain number of days from the start of the 2011 league year, such measuring date shall be deemed amended to be 4 p.m. ET on July 29, 2011, provided the player has undergone any physical examination required by the club on July 26 or 27. If the player fails or refuses to undergo such physical, as directed by the club, the measuring date shall be extended by one day for each day the player fails to report for the physical.

July 31
Camp opens for two clubs whose first preseason game is on Aug. 15 (NYJ, HST)
NFL Labor


Aug. 4
First day of 2011 league year at 4:01 p.m. ET.

Top 51 begins at 4:01 p.m. ET

All clubs must be within the salary cap at 4:01 p.m. ET

All 2011 contracts signed on or after July 26 become effective at 4:01 p.m. ET, assuming NFLPA has ratified the CBA

Aug. 9
Deadline for players under contract to report to their clubs to earn an accrued season for free agency

Aug. 11-15
First preseason weekend

Aug. 12
Deadline: if a drafted rookie has not signed by Aug. 12, he cannot be traded during his initial league year and may sign only with the drafting club until the day of the Draft in the next league year

Aug. 13-17
Each club has until five days prior to its second preseason game to provide any tendered but unsigned exclusive rights player or restricted free agent with written notice of the club’s intent to place the player on the exempt list if the player fails to report at least the day before the club’s second preseason game.

Aug.  18-22
Second preseason weekend

Aug. 20
Deadline for signing of offer sheets by restricted free agents

Deadline for June 1 tender to unrestricted free agents. If the player has not signed a player contract with a club by Sept. 3, he may negotiate or sign from Sept. 3 until the Tuesday following the 10th week of the regular season, at 4 p.m. ET, only with his prior club

Aug. 24
Deadline for old club to exercise right of first refusal to restricted free agents

Aug.  25
Deadline for June 1 tender to restricted free agents who have received a qualifying offer for a right of rirst refusal only. The prior club shall be the only club with which the player may negotiate or sign during the period from Aug. 25 until the Tuesday following the 10th week of the regular season.

Aug. 25-28
Third preseason weekend

Aug.  30
Possible roster reduction from 90 players to 75


Sept.  1-2
Fourth preseason weekend

Sept.  3
Signing period ends for unrestricted free agents who received the June 1 tender.

Roster reduction to 53 players

Sept.  5
Deadline for June 15 tender to restricted free agents. If player’s qualifying offer is greater than 110 percent the player’s prior year’s Paragraph 5 salary (with all other terms of his prior year contract carried forward unchanged), the club may withdraw the qualifying offer on Sept. 5 and retain its exclusive negotiating rights to the player, so long as the club immediately tenders the player a one-year contract of at least 110 percent of his prior year’s Paragraph 5 salary, with all the terms of his prior year’s contract carried forward unchanged.

Sept.  8-12
First regular-season weekend

Sept.  18-19
Second Regular Season weekend

Sept.  20
Deadline at 4 p.m. ET for any club that designated a franchise player to sign such player to a multi-year contract or extension. After this date, the player may sign only a one-year contract with his prior club for the 2011 season, and such contract may not be extended until after the club’s last regular-season game.

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Since: May 4, 2008
Posted on: July 25, 2011 8:46 pm

Key NFL dates for 2011

To be honest, they talk about winnersand losers over this lockout....I don't see any winners. Owners and players have put themselves in a bad situation. There will be huge issues for both sides. Players getting hurt, wrong decisions, rookies losing all kind of money and that is not the worst for them(rookies are really in bad shape0, because they have to make the team! Veterans being dropped and only signed after the year started. I know all this happens but it will happen more , much more this year because of limited tie to make decision. But I'm ready for some footballllllll

Since: Dec 7, 2008
Posted on: July 25, 2011 7:44 pm

Key NFL dates for 2011

I totally agree. Time to prove you appreciate the fans whom are the reason you make all the money in the first place

Since: May 11, 2008
Posted on: July 25, 2011 7:30 pm

Key NFL dates for 2011

Dear Mr. Goodell and NFL Owners,

We the fans have put up with all this crap for the last several months. The NFL likes to tell us how much they appreciate the fans, well it's time to put up or shut up. We have proposals of our own.

1. Broadcast ALL home games sold out or not. 

2. Give away footballs during the games without fines to the players, such as: A player scores and tosses the ball up to a fan. A player gets knocked out of bounds and can toss the ball into the stands. 

3. Remove the net behind the goal-post so all extra points and FG attempts will result in a fan getting a football. MLB gives away an average of 60 baseballs per game. I think the NFL can afford a few hundred dollars worth of footballs per game.

4. The NHL has three stars after each game and they sign sticks and give them to the fans. The NFL could have several players sign footballs after the game and toss them up to the fans. They could even have a raffel during the game using seat number so fans in the nose bleeds could get a football as well.

5. Broadcast 2 games at 1pm on Sunday and 2 games at 4pm on Sundays, EVERY Sunday.

6. broadcast live radio feeds of games and charges for them, allow those radio feeds to be broadcast for FREE as they are in the local markets anyway.

7. Stagger the broadcast times so there are not 12 games starting at 1pm on Sunday. Fans would have a better chance to catch more action live.

Thank you for your time,

The Fann


Since: Nov 7, 2009
Posted on: July 25, 2011 7:09 pm

Key NFL dates for 2011

Kudo's to that, A long time coming and it's finally here!!!!!!!!!!

Since: Jun 20, 2011
Posted on: July 25, 2011 6:27 pm

Key NFL dates for 2011

General Managers get paid millions of dollars. The next week will showcase which one's actually deserve all that money and which one's don't.

Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: July 25, 2011 5:50 pm

2011 National Football League Calendar

Was the date of the Supplemental Draft in here and I just missed it?

Since: Mar 29, 2011
Posted on: July 25, 2011 5:50 pm

2011 National Football League Calendar

this is what its about YES.......

Since: May 31, 2007
Posted on: July 25, 2011 5:35 pm

2011 National Football League Calendar

From 6:00 PM on Friday through the end of the weekend is going to be absolutely insane in terms of free agent movement, I bet.

Since: Nov 6, 2006
Posted on: July 25, 2011 5:20 pm

2011 National Football League Calendar

Front Offices are gonna be BUSY the next few weeks.

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