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Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

Posted on: July 26, 2011 10:23 am
Posted by Will Brinson

The NFL's trading season, per the official 2011 NFL calendar, officially opened at 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday. But there are already some names (Kevin Kolb!) on the trading block; go ahead and add Kyle Orton of the Broncos to that list.

That's because the Broncos reportedly put Orton up on the block, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post. Klis writes that Denver will "begin the business" of the NFL's season by putting his name out there and will be "entertaining offers for Orton" per sources.

However, Klis doesn't necessarily mention precisely what the Broncos would want in return -- we've previously heard they think he's worth a second-rounder -- but he does say if they don't get the proper value in return they won't bite.

In other words, despite the fact that Tim Tebow's been organizing workouts with receivers this offseason, and despite the reports that the starting quarterback job is "his to lose," well, he's probably still going to end up competing with Orton up until the start of the year. (And, yes, technically Brady Quinn.)

There's definitely a market for quarterbacks out there, but two things really pop out about the way Denver is handling this situation. One, even in Madden, players aren't thrilled with their front office when they're publicly lobbed on the trade market like a piece of meat. And while I understand Denver is all about transparency and yet hasn't said that they'll trade him, come on -- you don't publicly shop a guy for mediocre value and then expect him to come back and be all smiles and sunshine.

Secondly, everyone realizes this is John Fox coaching this club right? John Elway might be in charge of the player and personnel moves, but if we're talking about a Fox-coached football team, you have to remember that this is going to be a run-first, keep-it-safe offense.

And while Tebow might very well be able to play the role of game manager for Foxy, it would be somewhat surprising to see the coach entrust his first year on the job to someone so young.

That being said, if the Broncos can find someone willing to give up a second-round pick for Orton, Fox may not have a choice.

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Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: July 26, 2011 6:40 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

Next, doesn't his abilities and his drive remind you of other QBs?
Not quality ones, and certainly not Elway.  Not sure how old you are, but I watched Elway in college.  The first thing that comes to mind his his rifle arm.  The "Elway Cross" that receivers got when they'd let the ball get into their forearms instead of catching it with their hands.  Elway had picture perfect mechanics, a rifle of an arm, and came from a pro-set offense with a legendary QB coach and offensive mastermind.  None of those things are in any way similar to Tebow. 

Please don't try to say Elway and Tebow are both running quarterbacks.  Tebow ran more often in his three starts last season than Elway ever ran in a FULL season in his career.  Elway was a mobile quarterback, not a running quarterback.  There is a massive difference.

Elway was also a pampered, spoiled brat who did an "Eli Manning" before Eli Manning did it.  Maybe getting paid all that money to play minor league ball for the Yankees while he was playing QB for Stanford led to that, but his character doesn't remind me of Tebow either.  At similar points in their careers, Tebow comes off as a man of character where Elway came off as a ridiculously talented punk.

Absolutely nothing about Tebow reminds me of Elway. 

Since: Oct 9, 2007
Posted on: July 26, 2011 6:35 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

I think it's hilarious that just because Fox is the Head Coach that suddenly Denver's offense will be ultra-conservative and run the ball the majority of the time.  Well, newsflash: Denver's OC from last season is STILL in the house.  Fox is a manager, and he'll direct most of his efforts towards helping the defense get squared away.  As a result, I predict he will let McCoy call the offense.  While I expect a more balanced attack from McCoy, I don't see it as being as conservative as many think it will be.  I expect, instead, that they will expand on what they did the last 3 games of 2010. 

Tebow's upside is much higher than Orton.  If Fox really wanted a "game manager" he would keep Orton.  However, Fox actually wants a "gamer" at QB and prefers "someone who will execute under pressure in a game." That tells me that his offense will be prepared to take some chances, and he wants his QB to be able to convert them.     

Since: May 27, 2011
Posted on: July 26, 2011 6:26 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

all good points about Elway...supposed to be a slam dunk stud and 

also remember he threatened to go play baseball for good if drafted by the Colts...

anyhow, he totally sucks his first year in the league...and then what happens...

you never with the strike over, we'll all find out about Tebow in a few months!

everybody wins there!


Since: Dec 13, 2009
Posted on: July 26, 2011 6:15 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

When Tebow was drafted Orton felt he could be traded.  How could he not feel that with all the hype of this "franchise" player.  That is my first point.

Next, doesn't his abilities and his drive remind you of other QBs?  Remember Elway?  A spoiled Stanford brat that wouldn't go to Baltimore.  Then he had a horrible debut in the NFL.  To a career that led to back-to-back Lombardi Trophys...back-to-bac
k.  Now, he is back in direct contact with Tebow.

Third point is, comparing the QBs around the league is not the issue.  How a team can make the best use of talent is the issue.  Denver's "3 Amigos" were not the fastest guys on the field.  The Steelers Bradshaw won with a variety of "above par" talent and not just Terry Bradshaw.  So, let's see how Fox manages the team calls with Elway's talent evaluations.    

Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:40 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

And yea, that was bad grammer on my part earlier =)

Only because I love irony - I get annoyed when people make a thread about the quality of a poster's skills instead of the top - I can't help but notice grammar is misspelled. ;-)

Have a good one.

Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:37 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

So, I'm just saying the kid deserves a shot at the starting job giving his end of eyar performance as he can't improve and develop the leadership needed without playing.
I've been posting in two threads, so maybe I haven't been clear.  I agree it makes sense for Denver to start Tebow in 2011.  I see that decision as kind of a no-brainer, in fact.

In addition, based on the 13 touches you came up with in games he didn't start, that's 4 TDs produced by a rookie on those touches and I also think some were short yardage situations to get a 1st down so that eliminates a few chances....I'll take that based on the limited opportunities.
I can see why you would.  I'm just a lot less impressed.  Some Broncos fan said he was usually inserted within the 5 yards line.  3 touchdowns on a dozen rushes inside 5 yards is pretty forgettable - there are probably 30 other quarterbacks in the league who can get those numbers.  Add in one three yard pass when the defense is expecting a run and I'm still not impressed.  You'd have to expect AT LEAST those numbers and hopefully more from a guy who relies so much on his legs.

Is this man love for Orton or just straight hate for Tebow?  Just curious.....
Neither.  I thought I'd been pretty clear.  In my opinion, Kyle Orton is the better quarterback right now and probably underrated.  Tebow is Denver's hope for the future and has the potential to be a good quarterback.  My issue is with people trying to make them out to be similar based on numbers (then misrepresenting the numbers) and with those "guarantee" Tebow will succeed because he works hard.  When you actually watch both guys play, I don't think they're close at this stage.  Orton is superior at the essential skills of a quarterback, Tebow has a skill that Orton doesn't - the ability to make a play with his legs when his protection breaks down.  It will be interesting to see if Tebow ever becomes an elite quarterback.  If he does, there will be a lot of people patting themselves on the back for the "guarantees" they issued years earlier, reveling in their own glory despite having had no analytical basis for their prediction.  And though I think his ceiling is in the "good, not great" range, if he happens to become elite, I'll be happy for the guy - I like to see any guy overcome his defiencies to excel. 

Since: Jan 18, 2007
Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:35 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

I'm not delusional for wanting Orton over Romo, Eli Manning, Cassell, or Cutler.  Romo is better than Orton easily, but he's coming off an injury.  Any other season, I would take him over Orton.  Cassell was only slightly better statistically than Orton, but the Chiefs actually have a running game!  I'm not convinced he's actually "better" than Kyle Orton.  I need more proof.  Just for the record, statistically-speaking, Orton last year was on par with Cassel the year he started in New England and should've gone to the playoffs.  Starting 3 less games.  Just saying.  =)  Don't get me started on Eli Manning.  Turnover machine who's had one really good year (2009 - 93 passer rating) and had a great defense that peaked at the right time.  Cutler?  C'mon, man.  He had a lower passer rating and nearly twice the interceptions as Orton in 2 more starts with a better running game.  I don't trust him driving for the win in the 4th quarter at all, and you shouldn't either.

Romo is clearly better, but I would feel more comfortable with Orton starting right now after that injury.  Delusional?  No, sir.  Not me!

Since: Mar 10, 2008
Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:19 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

Finally Brady Quinn will get his chance.  Orton to soon be out of the way and Tebow should never had been an option as he is no where near a NFL caliber QB.

Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:19 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

Husker, you are crazy if you would rather have orton over romo, manning, cassell, and cutler.  You must be delusional!
Why?  Because he doesn't agree with you?  None of these guys are dynamic quarterbacks.  Romo has proven to be anything but a winner, Eli Manning is anything but a passing machine.  Cassell and Orton are pretty similar.  Cutler is, well, Cutler.  Since every one of these quarterbacks has obvious warts, it's not exactly crazy to pick one of the five as better than the others.  I'd argue they're all so similarly skilled that if you removed Orton from the mix and asked a dozen guys to pick their guy from the other four, you'd get multiple votes for each QB. 

It's not like he's taking Jamarcus Russell over Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.....

Since: Nov 1, 2006
Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:12 pm

Report: Kyle Orton on trading block already

@Dr. Wup

'love the various opinions though guys...good fun'

Couldn't agree more. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's nice to finally be able to talk football knowing that it's just around the corner.

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