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Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?

Posted on: August 2, 2011 2:33 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

The Raiders made a splash by giving linebacker Kamerion Wimbley a five-year, $48 million deal on Monday, though when we wrote about the deal, we expressed some concern that it could end up costing the team the services of tight end Zach Miller, especially after their franchise-tag flip-flop.

Miller's been visiting the Seahawks (and therefore cranking up a little west-coast drama, as they currently employ ex-Raiders coach Tom Cable) but, according to Raiders radio guy Greg Papa, via the San Francisco Chronicle, the black-and-silver is about to bring their tight end back.

"Zach Miller will be back with the Raiders," Papa said, per Vittorio Tafur. "Al Davis didn't just give Kamerion Wimbley $29 million to lose Zach Miller to Tom Cable."

Papa also said that he expects an announcement to come on Tuesday.

Miller's easily the top free-agent tight end remaining on the open market, and landing him would be a coup for either Oakland or Seattle, both of whom could use an extra safety blanket for their shaky quarterbacks on the roster.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson, per our Raiders Rapid Reporter Eric Gilmore, noted as much on the radio Monday night.

"Zach was a Raider last year, we want him to be a Raider now," Jackson said. "That thing is going to come to a head here soon. It has to. I feel good about where we are and, hopefully, he'll get back to us, we'll get back to him, and we'll try to get something resolved."

Based on Papa's claim, that resolution could come sooner than Jackson might have expected.

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Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?

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Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?

Hey Durax, from your spelling I take it you are a Raiders fan.

As for the questions.  Both of our QBs mostly stood on the sideline last year.  They could be ok, they could suck.  But you have to think they have every chance to succeed with all the weapons they now have at their disposal.

The "defence" is coming along great actually, thanks for asking.  Although, if we end up trading Carlson for Osi, it will be even better.  Then maybe we could trade the Raiders Balmer for a #1 and we can have Andrew Luck next year too.

Are you kidding?  The Seahawks won the division last year and won a playoff game.  I didn't notice the Raiders in the playoffs.  Maybe they were in the UFL playoffs, but I don't think that was on tv. 
When was the last time the Raiders had a winning record?  Was it 2002?  Man, that is a long time to suck every single year. 

You said this, "Yes I liked Cable but we were not winning, but noticed he not ur offensive coach"  Allrighty, I'll try to descipher it.  Are you saying that you noticed that Tom Cable is not the Seahawks O coordinator?  If so, good job because that is true.  While I'm sure that Cable would have liked the promotion from Raiders head coach to Seahawks O coordinator, that would be kind of a fast move up the ladder, don't you think?  No, he's only up to O line coach at the moment.  Maybe in a couple years when our O coordinator has a head coaching job, Cable can move up to O coordinator.

And thanks, I think we will keep Gallery. 

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Posted on: August 2, 2011 7:48 pm

Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?

Hey SeaDonkey, from your monicker I take you are a Seahawks fan.

Couple of questons

Whos your QB and what did he do last year?
Hows the defence coming along?

Until you post a season where you wipe your feet on your division do not take the piss.

Yes I liked Cable but we were not winning, but noticed he not ur offensive coach, plus you can keep Robert Gallery.

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Posted on: August 2, 2011 7:17 pm

Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?

No...the author did not mean the old Raiders....because the old Raiders are a bunch of losers! What happened is that you have people making claims about something they know nothing about all in the name of being the one with the "inside scoop" and trying to make others believe that they know what they are talking about. Did you know that Greg Papa's source for the Miller signing was none other than Mike Lombardi? Mike Lombardi is a joke. He told the whole world that he was going to be the 49ers next GM...he wasn't. He told the whole world that Nnamdi Asomugha was going to sign with the Texans...for sure...he didn't. He also said that Miller was going to resign with the Raiders....he didn't. When Papa says something it's usually true. But this time he looked like a fool and it's all due to Mike Lombardi.

When Mike Lombardi next tells the world that the Raiders are good enough to get to the Super Bowl.....will people listen?  I know he used to work for the Raiders, but isn't a paid sports analyst suppose to be objective?

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Posted on: August 2, 2011 5:32 pm

Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?

One problem I see with this article is that Zach Miller has signed a contract with the Seahawks. Maybe the author meant back with the old Raiders, like Tom Cable and Robert Gallery.

Thanks for the good players Al, now you can quietly go back to 4-12.

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Posted on: August 2, 2011 4:15 pm

Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?


Solid write up, but it does seem like you are missing a few key facts in your summation... Such as:
- It was Hue Jackson's offense that got the Raiders (and D-Mac) off the ground last season... Not Cable's... In fact they even had a bunch of new plays that moved them away from Cable's zone blocking scheme.  And guess what... THEY WORKED.
- Nnamdi leaving is why the Raiders will be able to land Routt, Wimbley and Zach Miller.  Plus... How has that Nnamdi led Raider team fared over the last 4-5 years?  Not so hot huh?  Hmmm.
-This is a business, yes... But you are talking like Zach Miller is simply looking for the MOST PAY NOW and boom... that's where he will sign on and go.  Not so.  Though Zach Miller may be the top Free Agent TE available... He's also on one of the only teams (the Raiders) that would give him the chance to be the offense's featured Pass catcher, a la Antonio Gates/Chargers or Dallas Clark/Colts.  His pay day right now is not at max potential.  He needs to catch a double digit TD season and break that 80 grab mark to land Tony Gonzalez money.  So he has to make a decision on which location give him that option best.  Jason Campbell, though not Tom Brady, has shown a consistent afinity to throwing toward sure handed TE's. (See Chris Cooley's numbers during Campbell era)... I would expect a shorter term contract for Miller (like 3 years, maybe even 2) but with a nice little guarantee.  ($10M or so.)  He's still trying to compile that type of season that gets him to that 5 year, $25M guaranteed type of range.  That hasn't happened yet.

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Posted on: August 2, 2011 4:01 pm

Zach Miller about to be 'back with the Raiders'?

I agree with your comments about Routt being over paid but he did have a carreer year last year.  I'm not saying that justifies the huge bonus check but if he keep up his stats from last year, (second best DB in the league behind Revis in terms of thrown at and WR receptions). 
If Z. Miller goes, the Raiders are in trouble, thats all there is to it they need a safety net for J Campbell.  Speaking of which, he did a lot of good things last year, if he can do it this year (new coach, short off season.....if....) and build off of his success I think he will suprise a lot of people and so will the young receiving core, go L Murphy!!!  Edwards is an interesting pick, it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

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