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Marc Bulger retires

Posted on: August 3, 2011 8:34 am
Edited on: August 3, 2011 11:46 am
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Marc Bulger was one of the veterans often mentioned in recent months as possibly landing with a quarterback-needy team to serve as the bridge to the young franchise QB-in-waiting. Instead, after a nine-year NFL career, Bulger has decided to retire.

A league source says Bulger received offers from other teams but chose not to pursue them.

Bulger, 34, played collegiately at West Virginia, and was a sixth-round pick of the Saints in the 2000 NFL Draft. He spent eight years in St. Louis, and in 2002, he replaced an injured Jamie Martin (who had replaced an injured Kurt Warner) and led the 0-5 Rams to six straight wins. A year later, St. Louis was 12-4 with Bulger under center. He started 15 times in 2004, performing well enough that the team released Warner that offseason.

Bulger played in St. Louis until 2009 before serving as Joe Flacco's backup in Baltimore last season.

In June, Warner indicated that Bulger might be happy as a backup given the beating he took in St. Louis as a starter. Warner added that “he can just enjoy life and not have to worry about the pressure of being an NFL starter and everything that goes with it."

Warner made it clear that he wasn't being critical of Bulger, just assessing the situation as he saw it. Turns out, he wasn't far off. But it appears Bulger took it a step further. Instead of settling for a backup gig, he decided to hang it up altogether.

Bulger ends his career with 22,814 passing yards, 93 touchdowns and was twice named to the Pro Bowl.

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Marc Bulger retires

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Marc Bulger retires

Marc Bulger was, in my opinion, an extremely good quarterback.  I dont think he was ever as good as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, but he was close to being at their level.  Bulger played in St. Louis during a time when a QB had about 1 second before getting sacked,  and he did get sacked, a lot.  I would have loved to see Bulger here last year to backup Bradford and show him the ropes.  He was very good, and very accurate, had he played for a team like the Patriots or the Colts, I suspect he would still be playing today.  He was one of the toughest quarterbacks I have ever seen play the game of football, and I can say, I am sorry to see him retire

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Marc Bulger retires

I wish M. Bulger had signed with the Niners so that he could have thought A. Smith  and C. Kaepernick the right way to play quarterback
and if he beat our two quarterbacks out for the starting job then I wouldn't have minded him starting for the team for at least one year
until C. Kaepernick was ready or until we got a better starting quarterback.

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Marc Bulger retires

A truly good QB who suffered from horrible ownership and timing. A QB who kept it professional and never stopped fighting to try and be the epitomy of a team player. I am one Rams fan who will always remember Bulger for being a tough SOB! Sad to see him retire without ever reaching what Rams fans know he could have, had he had ownership support and an O-Line! Thanks Marc!

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Marc Bulger retires

If I was Bulger do not send in the paperwork to the league office. Lets Say the Packer or Eagles only carry two qb and for some reason one of them gets hurt towards the seasons end. I think he could come in and help the team by providing both a veteran qb and playoff game experence that would help them if the back up goes down and at his age he could due this to get what All football players want a super bowl ring.  He was not a flashy qb but a study one even when the rams were falling apart.

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 5:23 pm

Marc Bulger retires

I disagree with the comment that Bulger was boring. He was the the back-up to the the most preachy and boring man in the NFL (K. Warner), so people obviously thought he must be even more boring. He was just unlucky that the team fell apart at the time he took over, just as a well-trained monkey could have quarterbacked the greatest show on turf.

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 3:40 pm

Marc Bulger retires

Bulger is retiring because he made a fortune in the NFL and doesn't need to play anymore, good for him.  Too many qb's ( Favre) hang on for what seems to be forever and get nowhere fast.  Bulger is going to ride off into the sunset with his milions and live the life of a king. His last contract alone was 65 million dollars.... he's all set.  

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