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Smith points finger at Fox for dwindling output

Posted on: August 7, 2011 11:28 am
Posted by Ryan Wilson

It wasn't long ago that the Panthers' Steve Smith was considered one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the game. In recent years, however, his output has fallen off a cliff. He hauled in 78 passes for 1,421 yards in 2008 only to see his yards receiving drop by 439 yards from 2008 to 2009, and it dropped another 428 yards from '09 to '10 (to a six-year low of 554).

Smith's dwindling production coincides with Carolina's three-year slide from playoff team to one of the worst outfits in the league. Also not helping: the revolving door at quarterback; Jake Delhomme was released after the 2009 season, and Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen combined for two wins in 2010. Now it's only a matter of time before 2011 first-overall pick Cam Newton finds the field.

It's a culmination of all these things, as well as the conservative system former head coach John Fox seemed to favor -- not Smith's age -- that had everything to do with decidedly pedestrian numbers. At least that's the story Smith's telling.

"I respect coach Fox and I respect the offensive coordinators that have been here," Smith said, according to the Charlotte Observer. "But at the same time I'm a wide receiver. Run blocking is not my forte.

"It is nice to have layers, have multiple sets, not to just be stacking to one spot for 70 plays," Smith said of Carolina's new offense now under the direction or Rob Chudzinski. "I get to line up in different spots. It's just refreshing. It's not saying, 'Well, we're going to move you around,' and then never do it. Here they're actually saying it and it's happening. It's not just me. It's other guys as well."

The Panthers are making a conscious decision to move away from Fox's run-first scheme. Last week the organization traded for former Bears tight end Greg Olsen, and Newton wasn't selected first overall to hand the ball off.

"The quarterbacks are doing what has not been done around here in a long time. The philosophy in years past has been not to screw it up," Smith said. "And here it's put your foot down on the gas pedal and go hard. So I like that."

One of the liberating things about going 2-14 in 2010 is that there isn't much pressure on the Panthers in 2011. New head coach Ron Rivera isn't yet on the hot seat (though we imagine it's only a matter of time), and expectations couldn't be lower. In that sense, it's a great time to be a Carolina fan. (Okay, that was a bit much, even for us.)

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Smith points finger at Fox for dwindling output

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Smith points finger at Fox for dwindling output

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Smith points finger at Fox for dwindling output

The original Cleveland Browns went to Baltimore and won a championship there.  The NEW BROWNS Didn't come into the league until 1999.  So before you run your mouth look it up.  Totally different team.  Just the same name.  Different Team, Different Owner.  Just the name is hardly the same. 
What does that have to do with anything?  The "former" Browns never went to the Super Bowl either.  That's why I said what I said.  The expansion makes no difference.  That's like saying the Baltimore Colts and Indianapolis Colts are the same team.  Go to Baltimore and say that to an old Colts fan and he might punch you in the face.  Same thing in Cleveland, tell them that the Ravens and Browns are the same.  Trust me, I know Baltimore football heritage.  I lived in Maryland for 13 years of my life, most of it without Baltimore football outside of the CFL Stallions (who wanted to call themselves the Colts, but were threatened with a lawsuit from the NFL.)
You haven't seen him play.  While you may not agree You will see.
You haven't seen him play either and you've already annointed him as the best thing since Joe Montana.
HOMER TALK???  William, Kalil, Gross, Beason, and Smith Pro Bowlers. Johnson, Davis and Anderson on defense, Olsen, Otah, Stewart, Wharthon solid up and coming players.  Throw in Gamble, Hardy and Martin from the Defense and Schwartz, Gettis and LaFell from the offense and we have named over 3/4 of the team.   That is EXCLUDING Cam Newton who will be Rookie of the Year..   While you say who... Remember J. Richardson made Fox play the young good players last year.
So Fox was made to play the young, good players and they still ended up 2-14 and with the first overall pick?  Yeah, they are great.  Like I said, homer talk.  Cam as ROY?  More homer talk.  I never said Cam won't be good or great, but the fact that you've ALREADY said he'll be great without him even throwing an NFL pass makes you a homer, plain and simple.
Don't Hate....
Nobody's hating.  Be objective about your team instead of wearing blue and white glasses.

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Smith points finger at Fox for dwindling output

Let me have a sip of what Davethepanter is drinking, some mightly fine Koolaid!

The Panthers are and will be down for at least a few years, or until they realize they made a huge mistake taking Cam Newton.

Not hating Davethepanther, just talking you off the ledge.

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Smith points finger at Fox for dwindling output

lets see here, dave the panther, ahhh carolina fan, no homer here!  love the optimism, hardly objective.  Good luck to you. 

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Smith points finger at Fox for dwindling output

WAAAAAAA! Im a WR and all I want to do is catch the ball......joker

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