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More proof that Tebow won't be Broncos' starter

Posted on: August 10, 2011 12:11 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

A brief recap of the Broncos' 2010 season: They won four games. Josh McDaniels was fired after 13 weeks. First-round pick Tim Tebow started the final three games for an injured Kyle Orton, and went 1-2.

Then the lockout happened, followed by rampant speculation that Orton would be traded and Tebow would assume his rightful place under center (or, more likely, in the shotgun). And up until a week or so ago, that seemed to be the plan. Then the Dolphins couldn't pull the trigger on an Orton deal (making fans -- and for different reasons, Chad Henne -- very sad), the Broncos had a depth-chart change of heart, and now Orton is the starter in Denver and Tebow has been reduced to battling Brady Quinn for the No. 2 job.

Still, for as much as Dolphins fans wanted Orton, Broncos fans seem just as enamored with Tebow. "My last goal playing quarterback is to win over the fans," Orton said Monday, according to the Denver Post. (Note to Henne: this is what you say to the media, not some variation of, "Yeah, that really hurt my feelings.")

ESPN's Rick Reilly writes that Tebow isn't ready for the starting job.

"He's a great young man who is really working hard," Broncos Executive VP of Football Operations John Elway told Reilly. "But he didn't get an offseason to work on [playing from the pocket]. He didn't get much of that in college. And it's a completely different thing than the shotgun. Plus, he's only had the one season. But he's an amazing football player. I'd never give up on Tim Tebow."

Well, that's great news. Weeks after it appeared that it was Tebow's job to lose, not only did he lose it, but now Elway won't ever give up on him.

Either way, Orton's the Broncos' starter. The depth chart tells us as much, but according to Reilly there are other indications, too.

“The other way you know it’s over is that Orton is talking to Tebow again. He didn’t talk to him all last year. He told people it was because Tebow was a ‘rookie,’ but it was more than that. Tebow, ever gracious, kept talking with reporters every day. A lot of the players thought he should’ve stopped, in deference to the starter, Orton, who was getting scrums one-tenth the size.”

As PFT notes, the locker room is firmly behind Orton. Even though the fans appear to support Tebow.

"My first goal is to win over my teammates, to win over my coaches, and I think I'm well on my way to doing that," said Orton on Monday.

"I'll tell you this, just my nature, I am very much a people pleaser," Tebow said last week. "I like making people smile."

Apparently, those people don't include the Broncos' front office and coaching staff making out the depth chart. Or Merril Hoge.

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More proof that Tebow won't be Broncos' starter

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More proof that Tebow won't be Broncos' starter

So stats are all that matter now?? Winning doesn't make a QB good right??? As long as they have nice stats he doesn't need to win right? That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Tebow proved in only 3 games that he was better and that he could win. All orton did was try to stuff his stats. That's all orton us is a stat stuffer. Orton is a loser. He's garbage. He hasn't proved anything. Stats don't mean jack if you aren't winning. Orton may be good for fantasy football, but not real football. Stats deceive. And people who believe stats make a QB good are morons and don't understand real football

Since: Mar 15, 2011
Posted on: August 10, 2011 4:57 pm

Trade Tebow

Elway needs to trade tebow to a team that can use him in their system.  Elway's system at denver is not a good fit.  Elway can get a couple of draft picks if he makes an early trade.

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More proof that Tebow won't be Broncos' starter

Not sure why some people make it sound as if Orton is not a good qb or that he doesn't deserve to be the starter. Yes, the Broncos only won 4 games last season but did you guys look at Orton's stats? I had him and Aaron Rogers on my fantasy football league and after week 3, Orton was my starter until he got injured. Yes, he is that good, maybe not on the win-lost column but as far as stat wise, he was doing better than Rogers in most weeks. I thought for the Broncos wanted to trade Orton was pre-mature. Tebow hasn't proven anything yet, he deserve to be the #2 guy in Denver for now.

Go Colts !!!


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Posted on: August 10, 2011 3:37 pm

Tebow will eventually start

Tebow will get his chance sooner or later.  Now that he knows what happens when a player is too truthful with the media, he will edit his comments more.  Then, the same media that vilified him for his statement will vilify him for being "dull."   Now, all he has to do is learn, wait, and bide his time.  A second-string QB is always one play away from being the starter, and it's not like Orton has ever really set the world on fire.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 3:11 pm

More proof that Tebow won't be Broncos' starter

Tebowa Career ended when he left Florida, Great college QB But he will never be a good NFL QB.
If the Broncos start Tebow over a proven player in Orten they are on Crack !! LOL!

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