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Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

Posted on: August 13, 2011 6:53 pm
Edited on: August 13, 2011 6:57 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Plaxico Burress, since being released from prison and signing with the Jets, has gotten plenty of media coverage. But he's about to get more, as he'll appear on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" this Tuesday.

And it'll be interesting to see the public spin that comes out of the show, considering the sort of quotes that were culled out and spread amongst the media Saturday morning.

"I came out from a little holding cell to the arraignment, and I sat down with [attorney] Ben [Brafman], and he was like, 'We’ve got a problem,'" said Burress, via Jenny Vrentas of the New Jersey Star-Ledger. "I said, 'What are you talking about?' He said, Mayor Bloomberg just went on TV and said you should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

"And you know what I said after that? I said, 'Who's Mayor Bloomberg?'"

OK, so lack of political knowledge isn't going to kill Burress' Q-rating, but the image he has of himself and how he's viewed by the public might.

"I don’t take no [expletive] from nobody," Plax tells Gumbel. "You’ve got to earn my respect as a person. You got love for me, I got love for you."

Of course, these quotes are inherently out-of-context to a degree; that's the nature of a preview. What Burress says likely does reflect that sort of attitude. And perhaps the quotes, which are designed to draw in viewers (well done, HBO) are part of a bigger story arc.

One line in particular echoes a sense of change for Plax.

"Yeah, I’m the guy that shot myself," Burress says. "People always ask me, 'Would you change that situation?' Hell, yeah. Nobody wants to go to jail. But the person that I am, and where I’m at at this time, I wouldn’t change the person."

See, that's a pretty important part of changing the person that you are now -- the willingness to not change the past and move forward with your life.

So while maybe Burress isn't as profoundly aware of what his every word means to the general public like Michael Vick, there's a good chance he's just being brutally honest in the HBO segment.

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Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

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Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

Thanks OLIVEJIM. Finally someone with some common sense. Taking out the fact that he shot himself, he has every right to protect himself.  Now carrying a gun in sweat pants, probably not a good idea. Shows he didnt know the law in New York because he doesnt even know who the Mayor was.  But he has the right to be dumb. Hes playing football, not trying to cure cancer. He has paid his due for his bad decision that night. He can probably help a team for a season or two still, even if it is running corner routes to the back of the enzone.

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Posted on: August 14, 2011 4:35 pm

Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

If Plaxico would have shot someone else instead of himself, he would have never spent a day in prison.  He would have done like Ray Lewis, and blamed one of his posse.  They are usually so dumb, they don't know what's going on, no way.

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Posted on: August 14, 2011 4:07 pm

Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

The guy is a butterfingers......I'll never forget the first year Houston was in the league, they walked into Pittsburgh and beat them up big....largely because Burress dropped at least 4 passes....the Jets can have him

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Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

Im not a Burress fan at all...never particularly liked him as a football player. I am a white male in Memphis, TN and a huge Buccaneers fan...there is no loyalty to Burress here at all. With that being said, the man shot himself and went to prison for 18 months. There was no other victim of this crime and that weighs heavily with me. Yes, there sure could have been but there wasnt. He served his time, he is now released and free to do and say what he wants. I believe if you or me had the exact same situation happen to us, the charge would have been reduced to a misdemeanor with some petty county jail time. I believe because of his status as an NFL player, the powers that be in the political and judicial world saw an opportunity to "get tough on crime" How many other self inflicted gunshot wounds  has the Mayor of New York made a quote to the press about? If the answer is, every single time it happens, then Im way off beat and apologize. If the answer is, this is the first and probably only time, then my point becomes validated. As for his comments to the press, the greatest freedom we have is the right to free speech. As for his attitude, thats on him. If he wants to be a "thug", let him be one. Its his choice, not yours. We all have choices and we allhave to deal with our own reactions to our actions.

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Posted on: August 14, 2011 9:51 am

Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

He hasn't changed at all.  He didn't practice with the Giants and he isn't practicing with the Jets.  He will miss their first preseason game due to injury.  He will definitely do something to get in trouble again.  Next time jail time will be more.

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Posted on: August 14, 2011 8:40 am

Plaxico Burress discusses prison on 'Real Sports'

what he did was stupid, but it was a mistake, unlike the dog killer he paid his dues at least in my mind. 

remember dk the dogs didn't get a second chance

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