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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

Posted on: August 15, 2011 1:49 pm
Edited on: August 15, 2011 4:17 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Aaron Maybin was waived by the Buffalo Bills on Monday afternoon, the team announced. Maybin was taken with the 11th overall pick in the 2009 draft. And if there was ever any debate about him being a tremendous bust, well, that debate is over right now, regardless of what happens the rest of his career.

Also Google, would like to weigh in, before we continue with said debate:

And, as we know, Google doesn't lie.

Neither do the stats -- in two years with Buffalo, the Penn State product has recorded exactly zero sacks, one forced fumble and logged 15 tackles in 27 games.

Bills Preseason

That Maybin was let go now is actually a good thing, though. Buffalo is acknowledging a clear-cut indication to move forward with the franchise and not dwell on past (although not-too-distant) mistakes.

Maybin's been completely embarrassing as a football player thus far in his career, but that doesn't mean he won't latch on somewhere.

As we've seen with Vernon Gholston -- and many others before him -- there's ample availability for second chances in the NFL.

Just for fun, here's the next ten players that were taken after the Bills nabbed Maybin: Knowshon Moreno, Brian Orakpo, Malcolm Jenkins, Brian Cushing, Larry English, Josh Freeman, Robert Ayers, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Pettigrew and Alex Mack.

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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

EXHIBIT A From 8/27/2011 @


"Linebacker Paul Posluszny had six tackles in his first game against the Bills since signing with Jacksonville in free agency last month. Though Posluszny was beaten by Jackson on a 30-yard catch up the left sideline in the first quarter..."

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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

Worst run franchises in the NFL? That's easy 1 - Bengals, 2 - Raiders, 3 - Redskins, 4 - Bills.
"I am looking for another team in the mean time. Any suggestions?"
Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a No-brainer!

I will have to agree ith you at number 2. Al Davis and his Raiders are pathetic. They are the only franchise that gives the Bengals a run for their money. I can't say I'd argue with the Redskins at #3 either. Snyder has spent a fortune and has nothing to show for it. Maybe this year Shanahan will get things going, but I'm not holding my breathe.

The Cowboys? That's a tough sell. I did enjoy watching them back in the day when Landry was coaching Roger and company. And their run with Aikman was entertaining, but now I can't say I enjoy their play of late. I am leaning towards a team with some of my homeboys on it (Kentucky) like, Indianapolis (Tamme, hometown boy) or Green Bay (Cobb). It's hard not to admire the job Manning does year after year even though he attended the dreaded U of Tennessee. And Green Bay is the class of the small market teams. Rodgers is amazing. But it is so far away, I'll never get to see them play in person. So Indy is looking like the leader for now since they're within a reasonable driving distance from me. But they need to shore up that defense if they are going to get back to the Super Bowl.

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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

putting the jags at 4 is ridiculous...

san fransico, washington, tennessee, denver, oakland, Arizona, (outside of 2-3 warner years,) detroit, carolina, and st louis (and prob more) have all been worse run than the jags in recent years..

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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

Broncos shouldn't get a free pass on that draft either.  They had (I think) #9 and #18 and chose Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers.  Ok picks but sad when they could have got players like Orakpo, Cushing, and Freeman.  I remember I was screaming at the TV when they took Knowhon when Orakpo was right there.  Remember we traded Peyton Hillis because we had Knowshon?  Josh McDaniel's you were the biggest idiot coach to ever come into the league you freaking ego maniac hoody wannabe.

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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

Small market teams do exist in a salary cap league. They just do not last for very long as they move when they got bought out or shut down. How many people have speculated where the Bills end up moving (Toronto, San Antonio, Los Angeles, etc...) when Ralph Wilson dies? Does anyone think that they stay in Buffalo when he dies? Why is that? The stadium is there. The fan base is there? Why move and why those cities? Because those cities can sustain an NFL franchise. The Bills generate no outside revenue with merchandise like a lucrative market team like Dallas does that brings money to the organization. No billion dollar stadium in the Bills future when the local economy can barely help pay for upkeeps. The fact is the Bills are not a very profitable team and they are run dirt cheap. They pay for the cheapest coaches and staff and never pursue the big name free agents. They try to run an NFL team with a bargain basement mentality. I just happened to be born there and am a devoted fan, but I know the days of having a home team to root for are truly coming to an end unless someone buys them and keeps them in twon like what happened to the Sabres.

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Aaron Maybin released by Bills

Not knowing who that was directed at as several people have made the comparisons between Orakpo over Maybin with the Bills, which I felt the Bills always shoudl have drafted Orakpo, this is what their idiotic Jauron reasoning is. They felt they were good with the 3-4 with Schobel at DE and a quick LB getting pressure in pursuit. "THEY" thought Maybin was a more natural LB as he was undersized at DE and Orakpo was the prototypical DE due to his sheer size. They did not give him the credit he deserves as they and the experts did not think that he could play LB. They looked at just raw potential with Maybin's speed and they made the mistake of thinking he had more upside. Orakpo was a DE coming out of college and the consensus was that no matter who drafted him, he would be playing that position. This was most definitely the thinking in 2009 and people can't revise history now. He would have flopped in our 3-4 scheme because he would not have been utilized as an OLB if they drafted him. He would have been plugged in at DE, especially when Schobel retired and with our anemic pass rush and run defense, he would not have been dominant like he is now. In the Bills system, he would have flopped and he would have been cut or underutilized. He would have succeeded elsewhere like I said previously and that is a case of a great player not in the right system.

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